So on Saturday (I think. It was a long week), the USA Pro Challenge was a 115 mile ride from Loveland to Fort Collins - We set up the New Belgium van on top of a mountain with lovely views of a verdant valley and popped open a huge cooler full of free beer (which people LOVE - who knew?) to wait for the race to come by.

I was kind of excited to have my first completely unobstructed view of the bikes (most of the other spots had been either rainy or crowded or too far away from the shade), and I staked out a spot on the warm asphalt so I could get some shots. I snapped as many shots as I could and was pretty sure that I had some great group shots and some great shots of some of the individual riders (not that I could tell any of them apart, they’re all white dudes in spandex and colorful helmets).

Here’s where I tell you that bike race fans aren’t exactly soccer hooligans, but they wait for hours to see about 2 minutes of bikes whizzing by, and there’s not always much to do except drink beer, so they can get a little rowdy when the riders come by, they “WOOOooooo”, they shake cowbells, they smack thundersticks, they wave flags, and some of them run alongside the bikes cheering them on… And some of them wear cutoff jeans with no regard to their franks and beans. And as I’m flipping through these pictures, I don’t see the bikes, I don’t see the magnificent views, all I see is some ginger dude’s balls, peeking out from under the fringe at the bottom of his shorts.

Thanks, ginger dude, for showing me a whole new side of cycling!

Getting ready to head out to the first stage of the USA Pro Challenge (sidenote: Aspen is stupid beautiful, if you are super rich, or you can get a beer company to pay for you to be here, I highly recommend it) #nbbprochallenge #aspen #bike