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Some fun facts about the Marquis de Lafayette!

1.) He was, like, really tall. (He was around 5'11, which was like NBA status back then.)

2.) He was skinny too.


4.) He was very punctual, and hated being late.

5.) Most people just called him Gilbert du Motier.

6.) Most people who knew him said he was very polite and never used crude or foul language

7.) He looked up to George Washington and saw him as a father (his real father died when he was very young and was also a soldier, as were most of his ancestors).

8.) He looked up to him so much that he named his son Georges Washington.

9.) He was advised to name his daughter something French and named her Marie Antoinette Virginine (spelling might be off). He named her after Washington’s home state, and really only referred to her as such.

10.) When he was 8, he tried to fight a wild hyena.

11.) He spoke Latin!

12.) He was very passionate about social justice and fought in both the American and French Revolutions (even though he risked being killed during the Reign of Terror because of his noble status).

13.) He loved America so much that he requested the American flag be flown over his grave (and I believe it still is to this day!)

14.) He lived to be 77 with a big family.

Will of a rower

As a philosophy major who aims to specialize my masters in human free will and addiction, I have formed my opinion to believe that people do have will power. My coach always states that rowing is 90% mental and 10% physical, but I disagree. Rowing is 10% physical, 10%mental, and 80% pure exercised Will Power. When a rower gets on that erg, or gets in a boat, they fully understand what is going to happen. When they arrive at the breaking point, the point when medical professionals declare is the same as two full NBA games back to back, there is an inner strength that is not mental at all. Instead of listening to the mind, which is screaming to stop-demanding that you quit breaking your body in such an unnatural way, the rower grabs a part of their Will deep inside of them; this indomitable part of a person is the same part that allows super human feats to occur…the same part that gives a rower the power to go beyond what should be physically possible. So when that rower is pulling their last few strokes of their race and they are in so much pain they can’t even cry out, understand that they are fueled on the part of a human being that few people are ever able to even touch.

That’s not the end though. No, for you see unlike any drug man can make the Will of a human is infinite, and the power achieved from it doesn’t ever become less of a thrill. This means that every time the rower grabs hold of it and feels the power and the success that comes from their Will, they become hooked a little more. That’s why rowers keep going, keep rowing and erging. That’s why the pain doesn’t stop them, us, you, me; that’s why we take every stroke as if it’s our last, not because we think it may actually be our last, but because the power of the human Will is only attainable once the body passes it’s breaking point. Thus, every stroke passed the breaking point is another shot of this infinitely suppliable drug that is freely accessible, as long as the rower can reach the point of no return.