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After their lovemaking, Jarrod and Niara take a shower and fall back into bed. Niara waits until he’s asleep, waits until morning comes. Then she slips out of his bed, finds her clothes and makes her way downstairs.  She reaches the front door and gives a frustrated sighs, remembering that she had no clue where her cell phone was. Or even what Jarrod’s address was. How was she going to get home? 

Niara mutters: I’ll walk if I have to. I can’t fall under this man’s spell. Not again.

She tries the front door, and is startled at Jarrod coming up behind her. He leans against a foot against the door, looks down at her with fury in his eyes.

Jarrod angry: And history repeats itself. You leave me in bed to run back to Zeke.

Niara: He’s my husband, Jarrod.

Jarrod: A husband you hate. I can see it in your eyes when you’ve said his name.

Niara: It doesn’t matter. I have a reputation to uphold in San Myshuno. I’m a married woman, a mother of two. I may not love my husband but I’m not going to cheat on him with-

Jarrod sneers: With what? A famous athlete? 

Niara: Exactly. An NBA superstar who has groupies all over the place. I’m not the one.

Jarrod low: Except…this time…you WILL be the one, Niara. I lost to Zeke years ago. But I don’t lose anymore. Not at basketball, and not with you. 

                                       CHARLEY BORDELON WEST

In Queen Sugar, an OWN Network original series, one of the first characters we meet is Charley Bordelon West. The intelligent, confident, mother and sister married to NBA superstar, Davis West. Charley is perfect both in the media and at home. Perfect family, perfect home, perfect life. Her humble roots growing up in Saint Josephine, Louisiana seemed to be far behind her. However, it all comes crashing down when it comes to light that her husband not only cheated on her but may have committed a rape. On top of all that, Charley’s father, the rock of their family, passes away.

Charley, who presents herself as steadfast, is rocked to her core. How does a woman who lives her life so publicly go from what many would see as the top, back to where she started? There is a scene in the show where Davis’ accuser reveals the true nature of her relationship with him. Queen Sugar is full of commanding scenes. The show itself is extremely powerful and there is no doubt about that. Yet, this scene, took the wind out of me. Charley sits at a table across from her husband’s accuser who plays a taped conversation between her and Davis. Charley sits there, unable to breathe and abruptly apologizes to her husband’s accuser. You can watch the scene below:

Charley not only stood up for Davis and stood against his accuser, she was ready to start a war for him. Davis was not only her client but her husband. This was two-fold. She was working to save his career and their lives. The image of this black woman standing strong on both fronts was delicately weaved. After Charley gets to the elevator she calls Davis a monster and realizes he made her just as horrible a person. I remember watching the above scene and getting incredibly angry. I was upset at Davis but I was mostly upset and hurt for Charley. Her entire life had become about Davis. In that moment, it seemed to hit her that it wasn’t the same for him. Davis gave no thought to how this would affect his family. Then again, maybe he did. After all, they have a teenage son and a public life. Maybe she would do like the other NBA wives and stay.

When Charley told Davis she was done with their relationship, she meant it. The only man she ever loved and knew was Davis. Now, Charley has the new responsibility of helping to maintain the family farm. Charley also needs to repair what appears to be a strained relationship with her siblings. Charley is a complex character and one of my personal favorites. The first season we saw Charley lose what she thought was the great love of her life. We also got to see Charley fight for the Bordelon name and for a better relationship with her siblings. Charley also started falling in love again. Many things can be said about Charley Bordelon. One thing is true, Charley is evolving and it is amazing to watch.

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im really lanky and tall and everyone makes fun of my long ass limbs, heres some things i’ve been called by people: tarantula, daddy long legs, big ol limbs, girl on stilts, longcat, giraffe, tall gay, stretch, large shake, Eiffel tower, empire state nerd, human centipede, big bird, tree, big foot, the bean stalk, two people in one big coat and NBA superstar. also when i was wearing heels one time a lady thought i was a drag queen.

in case any of y’all still wanna complain abt bein short

Eight Famous Scorpios

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor
Kendall Jenner, model/reality TV star
Russell Westbrook, NBA superstar
Katy Perry, singer
Hillary Clinton, government official
Drake, rapper
Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, rapper/music producer
NBA Superstar Stephen Curry Opens Up About His Life As A Dad
Riley's dad — and, oh yeah, NBA Champion and league MVP — dishes on his dadding life.
By Mike Spohr

Loved this interview

During the playoffs you brought Riley into the press room with you after a few games and she really stole the show. Most people thought it was great, but some were critical of you. What did you think about that?

“I was kind of caught off guard when I heard some people thought it interfered with media getting their job done or just didn’t like me involving my daughter in the spotlight. But I wanted to bring my daughter with me and have that bonding time with her. Obviously, she took over with her personality, which is exactly how she is 24/7, but I’m never going to apologize for that.”

Did you expect her to steal the show?

“No! I just thought she’d hug on me and listen to me talk, but as soon I started going she took over. My whole family and I enjoyed every minute of it because that’s exactly how she is at home, and it was cool to see her in front of that many people feeling comfortable.”

He also tells a story about Riley throwing up all over him while he was at a shoot lol.