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Luke Walton (on ESPNLA 710) talks about the research the team has done on past NBA rookie point guards to have a better understanding on how many minutes to give Lonzo Ball.
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What if the stars of today could go back in time and guard their younger selves? Thanks to modern technology that’s possible. Check out these incredible images that show our current favourite players colliding with their humble beginnings. 

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An Inspirational Story by Ms. S

Last night Steph Curry, NBA MVP for the past two consecutive seasons, took the last shot of regulation play, right at the buzzer. He missed.

He went to the bench looking so crestfallen I actually felt sorry for him. He had just returned from over two weeks out with a knee injury, the second injury he has sustained in this playoffs. He could be forgiven for missing his shot.

Then the overtime period began. And Steph took over.

He did not come off of that last shot whining. He did not come out flailing, or flopping, or fouling or fighting. He came out winning. Score. Swish. Bam! Curry knocked down 17 points in that additional five minutes of play and took his team to a 3-1 series lead over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Let this be a lesson to us all. We are in a pretty vital last few minutes here at the end of the school year. It all comes down to this: all our work, all our struggle. We could let our setbacks truly set us back, or we can play like winners.

We can shout triumphantly, “I’m back,” and then back it up with our actions.

It is not too late.

But we cannot sit around feeling sorry for even a second. We have points to score.