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Happy Birthday to 3x All-Star, DeMar DeRozan! 🎉 August 7, 2017!

[ReLive Toronto Raptors Star’s Top Highlights!!]

Some of you might remember my LAST NBA Finals mix featuring Lebron and the Cavs winning his first title in Cleveland. Well, it’s only right I make a sequel. This time featuring a new champion and a new artist for it’s soundtrack, NXWorries, the duo of Anderson.Paak and producer Knxwledge. Their recent album “Yes Lawd”  is actually one of my favorite projects out in 2017.

As for Curry and Durant, they aren’t that bad of a duo either.

This should be good one.


These kids Gordon and LaVine put on a SHOW last night! One of the most entertaining dunk contest duels I’ve ever witnessed to date, probably the best overall dunk contest in many years.

I think everyone’s favorite dunk HAS to be when Aaron Gordon decided to take a seat 8 feet in the air LOL (stop the madness!!).

I don’t think he necessarily got robbed because Zach had incredible dunks all around as well, but I think it should’ve been a tie at least. One thing’s for sure though, us viewers were the biggest winners.

Check out the highlight mix here


Hey guys, just finished creating my first ever mix, would be awesome if you could check it out



I made a Carmelo Video