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Please note that my translation might not be 100% accurate. >< This is 61~100 answers of UNIQ and also the last part. Please take credits when taking out~ ^v^

61. Before going to bed, what’s on your mind?
Sungjoo: Future
Seungyoun: What I’ve learned today, what I want to do that day, what I’ll be doing tomorrow
Yixuan: Today, I worked hard too.
Wenhan: I don’t think of anything
Yibo: What should I wear tomorrow?

61. What color “Love” is to you?
Sungjoo: Red
Seungyoun: Every color
Yixuan: Rainbow
Wenhan: White
Yibo: Pink

63. If you have a one month rest, what do you want to do the most?
Sungjoo: To go travel with my family
Seungyoun: Go home, play with friends, make music
Yixuan: Travel
Wenhan: Sleep for few days and go travel with my family
Yibo: Shopping, go home and travel

64. UNIQ who’s living away from parents. When a member is sick, what food are you guys think of?
Sungjoo: Suyuk that my mom makes
Seungyoun: Food from home
Yixuan: Gyoza that my mom makes
Wenhan: Chicken soup
Yibo: All delicious food

65. While eating meat(kogi), who grills meat the most?
Seungyoun: Manager-hyung
Yixuan: Manager-hyung
Wenhan: Manager-hyung and Seungyoun
Yibo: None.. but It seems like it’s manager-hyung

66. Country that you would love to travel the most?
Sungjoo: New york
Seungyoun: I want to go everywhere
Yixuan: Greece, China, Yunan province
Wenhan: In winter, Akita-ken (Japan)
Yibo: Dubai

67. Your personality?
Sungjoo: Lively!!!!
Seungyoun: Positive? Lively?
Yixuan: Lots of tolerance and understanding
Wenhan: Honest
Yibo: Chic

68. When learing other language, how do you study?
Sungjoo: Watching Chinese martial arts drama
Seungyoun: Play a lot with a friend who’s from that country
Yixuan: Drama and watching a movie
Wenhan: Watching movies and talking with the locals
Yibo: I watch a lot of drama and talk a lot

69. Instrument that you play?
Sungjoo: Djembe, piano, guitar
Seungyoun: Piano, guitar, drums, recorder
Yixuan: Guitar
Wenhan: Piano, (?), guitar
Yibo: None

70. If you can try acting, what role do you want to do?
Sungjoo: Spy
Seungyoun: I’m okay with everything
Yixuan: Warrior
Wenhan: Action-scene
Yibo: School’s ulzzang (best-face) who’s cool and dances very well haha

71. In your trainee days it must’ve been really hard, was there a happy moment?
Sungjoo: When being praised in evaluation time
Seungyoun: When we are finally preparing (?)
Yixuan: Hearing a praise in evaluation time
Wenhan: When playing basketball with the members
Yibo: Nothing was hard for me. It was a~~~lways a fun time

72. Message to yourself 10 years later and 10 years ago?
Sungjoo: 10 years before- Sungjoo, hurry learn how to sing! 10 years later- Oh you sang with Bruno Mars?
Seungyoun: 10 years before- Seungyoun-ah things you’re doing before and now do it happily. 10 years later - Seungyoun-ah, are you happy? Do what makes you happy
Yixuan: 10 years before, stop wandering and believe in yourself. 10 years later- How are you these days?
Wenhan: 10 years before- You’re too young. 10 years later- You are amazing/cool (handsome)
Yibo: 10 years before- Work hard. 10 years later- Still working hard

73. What recent popular (a craze) 2 words that you know?
Sungjoo: Chara chara eat and hororok~ (should I even translate this. XD)
Seungyoun: ….. I don’t know
Yixuan: 我只想安静地做个美男子 (I just want to be a quiet handsome man?)
Wenhan: 任性 (?)
Yibo: 无聊 呢 你 (I’m bored and you? sorry I don’t know chinese)

74. What is member’s existence to you?
Sungjoo: Family
Seungyoun: Family
Yixuan: Family
Wenhan: Family
Yibo: (someone) I can’t live without

75. Hair color that you want to try?
Sungjoo: Silver
Seungyoun: Rainbow
Yixuan: Gray
Wenhan: White
Yibo: White, Red

76. What is your blood type?
Sungjoo: A
Seungyoun: O
Yixuan: I don’t know
Wenhan: A
Yibo: B

77. The place in your new office (company bldg) that you want to introduce/show?
Sungjoo: Practice room
Seungyoun: Practice room
Yixuan: Practime room, VIP Lounge
Wenhan: Second floor of practice room it has big sofas
Yibo: Practice room

78. Best word before the word UNIQ?
Sungjoo: Billboard number 1, UNIQ
Seungyoun: Artist
Yixuan: Your UNIQ

79. Favorite lunch menu?
Sungjoo: Omlette
Seungyoun: But… I like everything
Yixuan: Fried egg and tomatoes, tteokbokki
Wenhan: Beef, pork, chicken
Yibo: I like everything

80. What do you do before going to sleep?
Sungjoo: Watch drama
Seungyoun: Earplugs
Yixuan: Reading, write journal, and thank
Wenhan: Prepare bed, shower
Yibo: Play computer game

81. Moment that made you feel happy recently?
Sungjoo: When seeing the fans who supports us
Seungyoun: When doing something I want, when performing
Yixuan: When seeing unicorns
Wenhan: Time being with the members
Yibo: When practicing. It’s tiring but It makes me happy.

82. If you have a cellphone, what would you name your members?
Sungjoo: BroWenhan, BroYibo, BroSeungyoun, BroYixuanhyung
Seungyoun: Yibo- Mudani (peony), Sungjoo- Kidung-hyung, Wenhan- weird but funny hyung, Yixuan- Hyung-moni
Yixuan: Wenhan- Real man, Sungjoo- Kidung, Seungyoun-Swag Cho, Yibo- Chic Wang
Wenhan: Yixuan- Xuan, Sungjoo- Kidung, Seungyoun- Kiyomi, Yibo- Y.B
Yibo: Yixuan- Xuan eomma, Sungjoo- Kunkidung, Wenhan- Sanai (Man), Seungyoun- 96Leo
(Kidung, kunkidong means big pillar)

83. Stress reliever?
Sungjoo: Watch drama, read book, play basketball, play games, ride boards, exercise
Seungyoun: Do what I want to do, exercise, focus on the things I do
Yixuan: Listen to music, watch movie, write lyrics,
Wenhan: Exercise, health
Yibo: Play

84. Before going to stage, what do you do?
Sungjoo: Clear throat
Seungyoun: Play with everyone
Yixuan: Stretching
Wenhan: Push-up
Yibo: Give strength to each other

85. When going out, what beauty item that you always carry around?
Sungjoo: Mist
Seungyoun: … Cho Seungyoun?
Yixuan: Face mask
Wenhan: Moisutrizer
Yibo: Nothing in particular

86. What are you most afraid of?
Sungjoo: Sudden accident
Seungyoun: Before, It was death. But these days, nothing.
Yixuan: When dongsaengs does aegyo to me
Wenhan: Bugs
Yibo: Dark, bugs

87. Something you collect?
Sungjoo: Bruno Mars hats
Seungyoun: Shoes, hats, clothes?
Yixuan: Fan mails/letters
Wenhan: Basketball shoes, NBA team book
Yibo: Hats, shoes

88. Secret joke/word that only members knows?
Sungjoo: Kim Pig
Seungyoun: I don’t think there’s any
Yixuan: UNIQ private language (mix languages)
Wenhan: Using 3 languages
Yibo: I don’t think there’s any

89. Out of the 11 practice videos, which one is your favorite?
Sungjoo: Battle scars singing video
Seungyoun: 6th video (Rack city)
Yixuan: The very last dance video
Wenhan: Last video
Yibo: My (dance) video

90. Are you guys dieting?
Sungjoo: Yes
Seungyoun: Hmm.. that.. (Only Sungjoo hyung and Wenhan hyung does)
Yixuan: Yes
Wenhan: I’m controling
Yibo: Not yet

91. Favorite character?
Sungjoo: Avengers’ wolverine
Seungyoun: Luffy, Simpsons, Spongebob, Crayon Shinchan
Yixuan: Doraemon
Wenhan: Wolverine, Kakarrot, Sendoh Akira, Crayon Shinchan
Yibo: Spiderman

92. Gift that you want to give to your parents?
Sungjoo: Designer bag for mom, wrist watch for dad
Seungyoun: Be filial
Yixuan: Be filial
Wenhan: My growing-up self
Yibo: Happiness and a beautiful home

93. When sleeping, what do you dream about the most?
Sungjoo: I dream but easily forget about it
Seungyoun: I don’t dream that much these days
Yixuan: Traveling
Wenhan: Jumping
Yibo: I don’t dream these days and even if I do, I easily forget about it.

94. Out of 5 members, who jokes the best?
Sungjoo: Seungyoun
Seungyoun: Sungjoo-hyung, Yixuan-hyung?
Yixuan: Me
Wenhan: Yixuan-hyung
Yibo: Seungyoun

95. Compared to others, I can’t do this?
Sungjoo: Nothing
Seungyoun: Nothing
Yixuan: Aegyo
Wenhan: Give up
Yibo: Nothing

96. Food that I’m good at cooking?
Sungjoo: Rice crust
Seungyoun: If there’s recipe, I can do it
Yixuan: Gyoza
Wenhan: If it’s just a simple one, I can do it
Yibo: Nothing

97. Favorite song to sing?
Sungjoo: Bruno Mars- When I was your man. Kim Bumsoo- Please. Kim Jinho- Family photo
Seungyoun: I don’t have any. It depends on the mood. Ballad.. rap like this.
Yixuan: Listen to mom (Chinese song)
Wenhan: Meaningful song
Yibo: Loyal

98. Any pets?
Sungjoo: None
Seungyoun: None
Yixuan: None
Wenhan: Dog (in Hangzhou)
Yibo: None

99. What do you do when you can’t sleep?
Sungjoo: Watch drama
Seungyoun: Just close my eyes and think
Yixuan: Watch movie or write lyrics
Wenhan: Watch movie
Yibo: Play computer games

100. Where will you 5 be spending the 100th day?
ALL: Practice room