Meet Steve. Not only is he a master at swooshin hoops, he also has chest hair that grows in unusual patterns but it gives him the premium Daddy look. He also got some scruff scruff action going on in the beard area. This cropped image of Steve Nash inspires me to be a better person and I hope his holy power has touched your soul as well.

American and terrestrial sports in general are too much like enslavement.

You got the owner (massa), the GM (the overseer), the coach/manager (slave driver) all working, profiting and exploiting their, in most times, Black players (the slaves). 

The draft is like the auction block. You pay for the slaves that will make you the largest sum correct? In these times, the player (slave) who will draw the most product (fans) to your stadium (plantation), have the largest yield (merchandise) and perform their duties in peak physical condition (why the youngest men are A-grade quality).

But the Black players who play for them are wealthy right? Wrong. In the NBA you have 60% broke within five years of retirement. In the NFL, you have 78% bankrupt after two years. 76% of NBA players are black. 66% of NFL players are black. The other side after calculation ostensibly adds up to those “free negroes in the North.” Who ends up with the money? White bankers, jewelers, car dealership owners, bar and restaurant owners, and other capitalist vampires. 

Black people are not taught to finesse the capitalist system because we are its contingent exploitation. It cannot work unless black and brown people remain indigent and miseducated. 

It is of apical importance that Black children are taught to NOT grow up to become involved in professional sports. But to be engineers, physicists, historians, teachers, librarians. That they are taught ownership and the importance of Black wealth.

Black Power.