Little PSA

So I never really wrote these kinds of posts before, but I felt obligated to do this. After some messages exchanges with some anon regarding my Frisk and Chara’s gender, people messaged me telling me the amount of hate that they were getting for giving their interpretations of these characters gendered identities/pronouns.

I am really saddened for this. People refusing to rp and unfollowing blogs with gendered Frisks and Charas? Making events where gendering these characters is NOT allowed as one of the main rules? People receiving anon hate? Jumping at people’s throats when they see something they don’t agree on?  People being called out? No, this is not OK.  Policing people’s interpretations and art is not OK.

We’re all for equality, we’re all tolerating differing opinions, we’re all for inclusion, isn’t that ut’s main message? People are being forced to change their own interpretations of Frisk and Chara out of FEAR.  (me being one of them)

Just let people have fun, let people express themselves freely, let people interpret Frisk and Chara how they want.  This has reached the point of fear mongering.

I am not attacking anyone here, contrary I just wish people would get along. What I am saying is, please, don’t be mean, and just let’s get some beer. K?.(or tea or whatever)

And for those who’ve been bullied, thanks for your messages, stay stronk, lil Hawk loves ya <3


Title: Ame to Kiss | Candy and Kiss | 飴とキス
Author/Artist: Akihira Shiro
Rating: PG

Summary: Ever since he was a child, Maeda Taiki looked plain and shabby, and has never been popular. For these reasons, he wanted to at least have a good sense of fashion as an adult. So before he knew it, he became a shop attendant at a fashion mall. He has now found someone that he likes…. an employee at the fashion mall’s main department, Yagii Haruhisa. Not only is Yagii kind and handsome, he’s friendly with everyone he meets. He’s someone that Maeda simply can’t help but admire. However, Maeda is aware that he doesn’t stand a chance of loving someone like Yagii… That is, until an awkward question from Maeda causes Yagii to steal his first kiss?!

Download/Read Online: Here

Note: Okay chapter 3!! I literally just finished typing this a while ago /pants/ so I’m glad I made it on time!!! Again, Yagii is not yandere lmao. Ugh no more drafts… need to prepare more chapters… 8 more days to go…! Will I even survive? Who knows…. _(」∠ 、ン、)_

“Street Performer Ayu”

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Clothes have no gender. But clothes have no inherent gender expression, either.

You can rock a floral dress and be androgynous as hell, no matter how you wear it/what else you wear with it.

You can wear a tux and be feminine like there’s no tomorrow. No matter how you wear it/what else you wear with it.

Your bright red lipstick can be the epitome of your masculinity. No matter how you wear it/what else you wear with it.

You can be ill at ease with any of these terms describing you and/or find them still too binary for you. No matter what you wear.

You get to decide how you want your gender expression to be caracterized. You. Only you.


Amazing Day in the crowd - August 23

re: exorsexism discourse

im desi. my culture has a non-conforming gender (hijra) but i don’t identify with that label. so i’m obviously not going to use the word binarism to describe discrimination against my specific identity, which doesn’t have anything to do with colonialism. that’s why I think a word like exorsexism is needed. 

Nosebleed Club News

Aug. 23, 2016

  1. If you’d like, please also tag your book reviews with #nosebleedclub ! A new school year draws near, and I think a bunch of us would appreciate book recommendations for non-school-related reading. :)
  2. We’ll also be starting up Nosebleed Study Group again this fall. Through this, we will encourage focus, time management skills, organization, prioritization, etc. and share useful resources including study tips, where to buy cheap school materials, how to stay organized, and more. We’ve already got a great tag going from last year, and we hope to add to it–definitely tag your study strategies, physical and mental health tips, and photos of your study space/bullet journals/etc. with #NosebleedStudyGroup! We’re also accepting any suggestions for how to make this more helpful for you all.
  3. A bit further ahead–NaNoWriMo