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This is going to be a mess but I’m just really excited about this. Please excuse my shitty screencaps. Someone’s probably pointed this out already but I only just now made the connection so hear me out……

I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me this palette wasn’t intentional.

I know the blues aren’t exactly the same and I totally understand your disbelief. It could be just because Max obviously likes blue; it’s all we see him in throughout the show. My point is that he’s the only camper wearing light blue.

(Space Kid is wearing dark blue so I am aware that Max isn’t the only one wearing blue.)

It doesn’t end at the blue though. The yellows on the staff and Max’s outfit, are practically the same.

I know it could be a coincidence but now that I’ve seen it and stared at it, I can’t shake the fact that they designed the costumes themselves. Max chose those colors, even if it was subconsciously.

so today, i was going into my gender studies class as this girl was coming out. we kind of bumped into each other and she pointed at me and went “YOU! I KNOW YOU!” really loud. i froze, and was like “uh?” cuz i literally did not recognize her at all. She then asked me if I was dating a guy named Alan, to which i said yes. I was thoroughly freaked out at this point, but didn’t think too much on it. And then she went. “Did you date this guy named Eric a few years ago?” And my heart just sank because this is a guy who was very horrible to me and who i STILL get asked about, even though I haven’t talked to him for nearly four years. 

Anyways, I said yes, and she completely baffled me. She told me that when she was twelve, her grandma made her go to Eric’s birthday party. She didn’t know anybody there and she felt really out of place so she was kind of left alone. I was fourteen at the time so this was literally six years ago. Well apparently I had been sitting on Eric’s longboard away from everyone and watching everyone play volleyball because Eric had ditched me and nobody was paying attention to me. But then I turned to her, invited her to sit with me, and we talked for a long time. I ended up telling her that we should be friends and we exchanged instagrams and I kept her company for the whole night. She told me that I was the only person at the party who was nice to her and that she really appreciated that and always thought very highly of me after that. 

Six years later, she STILL knew who I was, and she even recognized me enough to stop me and introduce herself to me again! It was… such a strangely therapeutic experience because you never know how much you impact someone’s life, and to hear that I did something for her that stuck with her all these years literally means the world to me :’) and this is why you should be nice to everyone you meet, because they could remember you years later for something you’ve done for them.

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People need to stop telling me to be reasonable when I have every right to be fucking furious.

I’ve heard it so many times: “calm down. Let’s be rational. It’s not worth getting angry about.”

Don’t people understand how invalidated these kinds of statements make me feel? How belittling they are? It is perfectly okay to be livid when someone says something homophobic or racist or sexist or awful about someone or something I care about. Or when someone says something mean about me and tires to pass it off as a joke. You’re supposed to be my friend, on my side. You have to trust me to express that anger. You should be okay with me coming down on some asshole in a righteous fury and telling them off, and you should know me well enough not to worry about me cutting them into ribbons with my pocket knife and then spraying police-grade mace into the wounds. You should let me rant without trying to “reason” with me. Because my feelings are reasonable. My anger is reasonable. Acting otherwise makes me as a person feel shitty, and someone who cares about me shouldn’t make a situation worse by undermining how upset I am.

I heard a metaphor for consent today that I really liked.

Consent is like tea.

Let’s say you ask your friend if they want tea, and they say yes. You go to the kitchen to take the time and make it for them. When you come back and they say they don’t want it anymore, do you just pour it down their throat anyway? No

If you come back from the kitchen and they fell asleep, do you pour it down their throat anyway? No

If they were drinking early and passed out on the floor, would you pour it down their throat? No

Do you get angry at them because they don’t want the tea and just pour it down their throat anyway?? No!

People can revoke consent at anytime. If you respect that in the aspect of tea why don’t you respect that when it comes to sex?

uifdbfjnds i’m a bit late saying this but thank you guys for 16K!

i know things have been a bit slow/meh on here and honestly ive been in a sort of editing/giffing rut which i’m hoping I get out of soon bc hoo boy this is annoying but i’m super grateful you guys stick around through these periods. and i’m even more grateful that you guys still interact with me and like what i make. i love you all so damn much and i hope that’s always present

i didn’t think i’d ever get past like 10 followers and i don’t know how it got to this point, but im incredibly honored. thank you s o much for everything you do and for everything you’ve done <3