I’m watching brutalmoose stream Nancy Drew and he has a tamagotchi named Frank!!!! That’s so cute!! But the REAL QUESTION is…… do u think asagao Ian would trust Hana to babysit Frank while he’s busy lmao


i do own more than one shirt i swear. alternative title: my hair becoming more unruly in chronicle order

the six selfies thing tagged by @knifedagger thank u cole!

idk whos done it and who hasnt so??? i tag @arht @nasagay @transdraco @chilltm @ufolandings @hyorinsbf only if u want to though

❝ cute MUGSHOT. ❞ sam remarked after she paused browsing through the newspaper. soft pink lips curved into an entertained smirk as she looked up at them. ❝ too bad it’s in the NEWSPAPER though. ❞

based on this !!

    mika huffed as the knocks on the door got louder and louder. “what the fuck do you want?” he snapped as he opened the door. “i haven’t even been making any noise so why the fuck are you here?”

          he’s completely off his ass drunk – and perhaps a little bit high. no surprise, this is typical for rocky fowler. it’s a rare day when he comes home sober. he nudges his glasses with his knuckles, pushing them further up on the bridge of his nose before sprawling himself out on the living room floor. the soft tones of smooth jazz playing in the background. the aroma in his apartment is a mixture of incense, weed, and tequila. his aroma, however, is smoke and beer. “you ever think ‘bout fuckin’ someone your own age?”