nb ranger

NB Power Rangers

It’s Nonbinary day and that means all your faves are nb

  • Trini - Genderqueer She doesn’t like labels other than “queer.” Her gender is queer, her sexuality is queer, her body is queer, her soul is queer. She’s known this ever since she was a kid and is unapologetic about who she is
  • Billy Cranston - Autigender He was scrolling through some autism community blogs when he discovered this term and ding light bulb! He’s always had a difficult time connecting to binary genders, so when he realized that he didn’t have to and that his gender being linked to his autism was good and valid, it was the best epiphany ever
  • Jason Scott - Agender Here’s the thing about being around other queer and trans people, it makes you question your own gender and queerness. Jason’s never connected to traditional masculinity but femininity seemed just as foreign. A few months after being a ranger, they start to talk to their friends about their gender feels and comes out as agender with a preference for they/them pronouns
  • Kimberly Hart - Transfeminine demigirl She came out as a trans girl in the first grade. As she got older, she realized her gender fluctuated towards and away from womanhood pretty regularly. Her parents have taken her to Pride every year since she was six and she’s not sure how to tell them that now that’s she’s 17 she wants to do Pride with her friends and party, and explore beyond the family friendly zone
  • Zach Taylor - Genderfluid transboy He steals clothes from the other Rangers to fit his expression of the day - no he does not care that he’s taller than most of them. He’s written and self-published three volumes of poetry, most of them are about his experience as a trans Chinese-American (a lot of them are about his Mom though).


Tommy Oliver - Two-Spirit When Tommy was born, their Grandmother predicted that they would be Two-Spirit, their parents didn’t pay much attention to the idea at first, but as Tommy got older, it became more and more clear. Their identity as a two-spirit native person is extremely important to them, and they do a lot of work to promote queer acceptance within native communities and native rights in America.