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7 times they noticed. (1/7)

(bc I need to make up for the langst I posted last night so here’s so comfort and a little bit of hurt. This is just Shiro’s, the other ones will be up soon. The only warning is a depiction of a panic attack.)

1. Lance winced as Shiro cut into him with words like he was expertly wielding Keith’s bayard. He would’ve found it funny how dad-like he was being, except: a) probably would cause Shiro to bail him out more, and b) it wasn’t very funny at all.

“Don’t you see how childish you’re being! This isn’t just serious, this is a matter of life or death, and your antics cannot get in the way. At the end of the day, do you want to be responsible for someone’s death?” The question sent a wave of nausea through Lance, and he was almost pulled off his feet by a wave of static that clouded his mind as something inside his chest burst. He grabbed his chest in alarm. His breathing was quickening. His chest was on fire. Oh god. Oh god. He curled inwards. Trying to protect himself.

“…” He tried to speak but no words came out, just harsh breaths as he lent against the wall, staring upwards through tears at Shiro who was frozen in fear.

“…Lance? Oh. Um… fuck.” If Lance was in any state of mind, he would have never let Shiro go for swearing in front of him, but as it was, it made Lance’s breath speed up. Shiro approached him like he would a possible hostile alien, slowly and with his hands outstretched. “Okay, Lance, if you can, put your arms around me and follow my breaths. Is that okay?” His voice was low and non-threatening, and in response Lance nodded slowly. His hands shaking as Shiro sat next to him, putting his hand on Lance’s arm. Shiro started taking audible, slow breaths. Lance winced as this effort made his breathing uneven, alternating from barely controlled slow breaths to shaky shallow ones.

“Thanks.” He choked out. Shiro shook his head.

“Don’t talk, just focus on the breathing.” Lance had enough humour to roll his eyes at him, and melodramatically breathed in and breathed out, causing Shiro to laugh, before his smile melted into a concerned frown.  “I’m so sorry Lance.”

“Don’t be. You’re right, of course.” Lance looked down, not willing to meet Shiro’s eyes.

“Just because you were goofing off doesn’t mean I should have said that. It was way out of line. I just –” Shiro trailed off.

“I’m scared too.” Lance responded quietly. “I know. I know that this is a life-or-death thing, but I just can’t think about it. I’m not like you, or Keith, or Allura. I have to distract myself. If I think about for one second someone else dying on my account I just –” Lance’s breath started to quicken again, and Shiro stopped him, beginning the audible intakes and exhales of breath once more. Lance found his voice again. “You’re good at that. Unsurprisingly.”

“Well, thank Coran actually.” Shiro smiled as Lance scoffed. “No really, apparently they’re quite common for Alteans as well as humans. I still get them occasionally, but they were really bad when, you know…” Shiro trailed off before gathering his thoughts once more. “Listen. Are you alright?”

Lance laughed nervously.

“Yeah, of course buddy, don’t worry about it.” He patted Shiro’s arm, got up from the ground and started to walk away when he felt Shiro’s metal arm on his shoulder.

“Really. We all deal with trauma differently, and I’m worried. These coping mechanisms are all fine and good until they start hurting you and other people.” Shiro was staring down at him and Lance shrunk under his worry. Of course Shiro was worried about the others.

“I’m really sorry I’ve been a pain.” He laughed, rubbing the back of his head in a mockery of sheepishness. “I’ve been distracted but don’t worry, to quote our lord Efron, I’ll get my head in the game.” Shiro’s frown did not disappear. “Seriously, dude, don’t worry.” Lance smiled.

“Just, if you need to talk, please do. Whatever problems you have are important, not just for the team’s performance, but for your health as well. Okay? And if you can’t talk to me, talk to Hunk, or Pidge, or even Keith.” Shiro insisted, gesturing emphatically as Lance rolled his eyes. “Please.”

Lance’s face softened, his mask melting away.

“I’m just so scared. What if I never see my family again?” His already tear-filled eyes began brimming once more. “And I’m so scared that I’ll mess up everything, I mean, how the hell can I compare to you guys? Keith’s an amazing combatant, Coran and Allura are the best at strategies, you’re a great leader, Hunk’s an awesome engineer, and Pidge is just a genius!” Shiro stared at Lance as tears spilled down his cheeks.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t notice.” He pulled his hands over his face. “God, and I’m supposed to be the leader.” Shiro straightened up, looking at Lance. “I can’t express how sorry I am. I forget, I suppose, that you’re children. But know we’re all terrified; and know that we couldn’t do it without you. Because your joking does help, Lance, it breaks the mood and reminds us why we’re fighting - for our humanity. You’re important.”

Lance stood in shock. He wiped the tears off his face.

“Gosh Shiro, you’re such an old man!” He started laughing.

Shiro crossed his arms and stared at Lance. His frown didn’t reach his eyes.

“Come on you youngin, we’ve got training to do.” He walked out of the room, shaking his head. Lance smiled. Maybe things were alright, even if he was just saying it to pacify him. Still. It counted.


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#SanversWeek Day 7: Soulmate AU

So this was supposed to be a short meet-cute minific no more than 600 words and it is instead the potential start of an entire au that I want to write because god I love this Idea. 

On their 13th birthday they started wearing long sleeves, stopped talking to their best friend, Vicky, about soulmates, started scouring the internet, and got very, very afraid. Alex Danvers, on their 13th birthday learned something they hadn’t ever considered. Their soulmate is either a boy named Margaret Sawyer, or a girl.

Meanwhile 14 year old Maggie Sawyer is staring at everything she owns laying on her front lawn. Her parents are shipping her to Midvale to live with her aunt, because Maggie couldn’t hide those curly letters that make up Alexandra Danvers, forever. Not when she was constantly wanting to trace the letters hidden under her hoodie sleeves.

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1) Tess Asplund, Borlänge, Sweden - 2016 (Photo - David Lagerlöf)

2) Jasmin Golubovska, Skopje, Macedonia - 2016 (Photo - Ognen Teofilovski, Reuters)

3) Unknown, Santiago, Chile - 2016 (Photo - Carlos Vera Mancilla)

4) Saffiyah Khan, Birmingham, England - 2017 (Photo - Joe Giddens, PA)

5) Danuta Danielsson, Växjö, Sweden - 1985 (Photo - Hans Runesson)

6) Amanda Polchies of the Elsipogtog First Nation - 2013 in Rexton, NB (Photo - Ossie Michelin)

7) Bernadette Devlin, Ulster - 1972 - (Photo - Victor Patterson)

8) Unidentified Ethiopian-Israeli woman, Tel Aviv - May 2016

9) Ilesia Evans, Baton Rouge, LA (Photo - Jonathan Bachman, Reuters)

10) X’Oyep women trying to expulse soldiers from the Chenalhó’s displaced people camp, Chiapas, México - 1998

— from a thread started by @_Xas_

its 2 am and i still cant sleep so im thinking about trans will and either nb kayla or transfeminine austin like…. im emotional.

will jumps at any opportunity to be an older brother to other trans kids at camp but this is different because he already is their older brother… austin coming to speak to him in private and asking if he still knows how to do make up (“i never did, so no… i know some people who might though”) or kayla comes up to him in the middle of practice and says loudly that they’re going by they/them pronouns now, please tell everyone you know!! and no matter what will just goes with the flow, as present and calming as the gentle warmth of sunlight.

he’d do anything for his little siblings - the way lee and michael did for him, once upon a time.

Different Ways Of Using Multiple Pronoun Sets
  • People can use whichever pronouns come to them first 
  • Different people use different pronouns for you (Example: Annie calls you she while Jenny calls you they) 
  • People alternate between pronouns 
  • You use a pronoun necklace/pin/etc. 
  • You wear different styles of clothing for different pronouns (Example: When you wear skirts, you’re a she, and when you wear pants, you’re a they) 
  • You wear a clothing item or color to signify your pronouns (Example: When you wear a green bow, you’re a she, and when you wear a red bow, you’re a they) 

anonymous asked:

You're doing that "would I date you" thing right? Well here goes. I'm a 5'7 pan, nb with longish brown hair, with red tones, emerald green eyes. I'm Hella pale and have a couple freckles on my face, I also wear glasses. For a first date, I'd probably suggest a picnic in a local park. I'd let you wear my flannels and hoodies, and I make killer sugar cookies, if those are appealing.

You’re so precious! Yes!

Those letters I wrote for you, lahat yun, nakatago sa notes ng phone ni mama. Ang lakas ng loob ko na icopy paste lahat ng sinasabi mo dun, hindi naman kasi tinitingnan yun ni mama. Almost half of it, pinag-effortan kong gawin from words to masterpiece. Yung tipong I would run from school to NBS at 7:45pm just to buy art materials and do some artworks though knowing me, I’m not really into arts, hindi ako artsy pero para sayo, ginawa ko yun. Ang epic ng lahat ng watercolor background, sobrang fail ng calligraphy, walang kwenta yung usage of words pero one thing is for sure, ginawa ko yun with all my might. Minsan nga mas inuuna ko pa yon kesa sa mga homework at projects ko at inaabot ng alas-dos ng madaling araw, may tulog pa naman ako kasi panghapon ako nun. Ngayon, sa tuwing nababasa ko lahat yon, I can’t help but cry. Hindi ba dapat? Nakakamiss kasi eh. Nakakamiss lahat. Nakakamiss ka. I don’t know why, pero bigla ka na lang nawala. Sana nag-explain ka muna diba? You can cut me with the truth than comfort me with your lies, kasi tatanggapin ko naman. Pero wala eh. Sana naman diba? Sana..

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5'7" nb trans-boi. 7 tattoos, pale af but cute as heck. Play lots of tabletop games, like magic the gathering, and other board games. I have a black cat, I'm depressed and anxious as all get out, and I have a potty mouth

forgive me if I’m mistaken (you do call yourself pale), but why are you calling yourself a “boi” if you aren’t black?
I also have anxiety and depression, and tabletop games remind me of my shittiest acquaintances unfortunately lol

Utsman versi Modern

“Hidup ini tidak boleh sederhana, hidup harus hebat, kuat, luas, besar dan bermanfaat. Yang sederahana adalah sikapnya.”

“Khairunnas anfauhum linnas, sebaik - baik manusia adalah yang bermanfaat untuk orang lain”

Alhamdulillah, ada hal yang menjadi tren akhir akhir ini di dunia internasional yang saya amati. Bagaimana para filantropis dunia, pengusaha - pengusaha muda, kaum - kaum muda terdidik sedang memiliki visi baru dalam hidup untuk membantu sesama dengan apapun yang mereka punya. Pun hal yang sama merebak di Indonesia.

Menjadi menarik, karena hasrat untuk memiliki pencapaian kekayaan yang menggunung mulai diseimbangkan dengan kepekaan sosial untuk membantu sesama. Disisi lain skill dan kelebihan lain yang dimiliki pun jadi ajang untuk di “donasikan” tidak hanya untuk prestasi pribadi tapi juga untuk mengubah peradaban dan masa depan menjadi lebih baik. Seperti halnya Bill Gates dengan foundation-nya yang membantu begitu banyak orang di dunia ini untuk mendapatkan pendidikan, memberantas malaria dan HIV, dan proyek - proyek “menyelamatkan dunia” lainnya. Atau Bono (U2) yang menyumbang dana fantastis untuk melawan HIV/AIDS. Well, rasanya tidak perlu saya bercerita banyak tentang Bill Gates ataupun Bono.

Saya ingin bercerita tentang seorang taipan dari Perancis, yang namanya termahsyur kembali ketika saya masih berkuliah di Perancis. Rachid Nekkaz, ia rela membayar setiap denda yang dijatuhkan pada para muslimah di Perancis karena memakai “niqab”. Bahkan ia meneydiakan jutaan euro dan disediakan untuk itu. Belum lagi ketika tragedi “Charlie Hebdo”, menyadari fitnah yang akan menimpa kaum muslimin tidak hanya di Perancis namun juga dunia, maka Nekkaz menawarkan membeli 51% saham perusahaan majalah satir tersebut dengan harga yang fantastis, Rp 10,25 Miliar. Menurut saya ini adalah perlawanan yang menusuk namun sangat - sangat elegan ketika yang lain hanya bisa berteriak dan mengecam. Melawan namun dengan meninggikan kehormatan kaum muslim.

Sehingga, dari sana saya berpikir sosok seorang sahabat Rasulullah SAW yaitu Utsman bin Affan RA. Sehingga, akankah jiwa - jiwa Utsman bin Affan menjelma pada kaum kaum muslimin modern saat ini? (sambil berdoa, Allah juga sudi untuk memberikan sedikit keutamaan Utsman bin Affan RA di diri saya yang hina ini.)

Malam ini saya teringat kisah - kisah pengantar tidur masa kecil saya, didendangkan Ayah dan Bunda. Salah satunya tentang Utsman bin Affan RA. Bagaimana Utsman bin Affan RA menjadi taipan namun sangat dermawan. Hidup dengan kesederhanaan, kelembutan dan rasa malu yang tinggi. Bahkan Rasulullah SAW sampai berkata dalam suatu kesempatan, “tidakkah aku malu pada orang yang malaikat pun malu kepadanya?”. Dalam suatu kesempatan lain, Abu Sa’id Al - Khudri berkata, “aku pernah melihat Rasulullah SAW, menengadahkan tangannya (berdoa) dari awal malam sampai akhir malam sambil berkata “Ya, Allah aku ridho terhadap Utsman. Maka Ridhoilah dia”.

*Dari kitab al-Bidayah wa an-Nihayah, hal. 214, Ibn Katsir, adapun total sedekah Utsman RA diperkirakan 200.000 Dinar ( ± Rp 388 Milyar), belum lagi sedekah lain (yang tercatat) berupa pembelian lahan untuk sumur Rumat senilai 20.000 Dirham, hibah 950 unta untuk perlengkapan perang Tabuk, aset tanah (dhiya’) dan kuda yang jumlahnya amat sangat banyak (Tarikh Ibn Khaldun, Jil 1). 

Keadaan ummat islam saat ini membutuhkan figur Utsman - Utsman lain, yang tidak lalai terhadap kebutuhan ummat, keperluan dakwah, dan tidak terlenakan dengan harta pribadi. Yang pandai dan ulung dalam mencari rezeki dunia dan tidak mengorbankan taqwa, yang meletakkan kenikmatan duniawi sebatas ditangannya namun akhirat yang selalu ada dihatinya, yang rendah hati dan pemalu bahkan malaikat pun sampai malu, yang bersedekah dengan tanpa keraguan pun tidak mempertimbangkan nominal, sebatas mengharap Ridho Allah. Karena saya berpikir pertarungan terbesar yang kita hadapi sekarang bukan dengan pedang dan senapan tetapi dengan pemikiran, ide, otoritas kekuasaan dan itu semua bukan produk “murah”.

Sehingga untuk menutup tulisan ini saya perlu kembali meresapi kalimat yang selalu diucapkan dalam tiap sholat “…Tunjukkilah kami jalan yang lurus,  Yaitu jalan orang-orang yang telah Engkau beri nikmat kepada mereka; bukan (jalan) mereka yang dimurkai dan bukan (pula jalan) mereka yang sesat". (Al-Fatihah ; 6 -7)

*NB : Masih ada “asset berharga” Utsman RA yang dikaruniakan Allah kepadanya, yang besarnya  2 x “sebaik - baik perhiasan dunia” (istri yang sholehah). Utsman dijuluki sebagai Dzun Nurain (pemilik dua cahaya) karena tidak ada orang yang memperistri 2 anak Rasulullah selain Utsman. Pertama, Utsman menikah dengan Ruqayyah binti Muhammad, dan setelah Ruqayyah meninggal, Utsman menikah dengan Ummu Kultsum binti Muhammad.

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I've been going back and forth between Zayn's leaving being a stunt and not, and because of your blog I'm now leaning towards it being a stunt. But I'm wondering, what exact thing made you sure it was a stunt? And when do you think he will return?

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your message.

I think I’ve been sure that it was a stunt since the first twitter ‘fight’ and the response from ‘Louis’ within 1 minute of an article being posted by the Irish Mirror the following morning. 

Because all that whole fight did and all ‘Louis’ actions did, far from be a hero for the fandom as some seemed to think he was, was draw attention to the fight to ‘I won’t mind’ and a real and surefire way of introducing Naughty Boy as a key player in the stunt.

Before then I was leaning towards it being a stunt mainly through reading people’s arguments and beliefs on here that none of this rang true. 

Even before then though I didn’t think it a stunt, as early as a couple of hours afterwards and Liam’s twitlonger and ‘For the time being’ that gave a sense that Zayn leaving wasn’t permanent though in those early days after, while I didn’t think it was a stunt I felt that they were implying he’d back after a good break.

Added to the above, how about:

1. Louis 1/5 on his twitter account. Its never changed and Louis of all people, the Louis painted to us in those twitter fights would have changed that, but he hasn’t.

2. Niall background picture still with Ronnie Wood, still with OT5. 

3. The inconsistent ‘on message/off message’ thoughts of Simon Cowell re Zayn leaving ‘it was a shock’ ‘oh no it wasn’t’ ‘i tried to talk him out of it’ ‘i was stunned’ its not panto Simon.

4.  Constant from the very early days sad OT4 narrative in the media and even in the articles that haven’t mentioned ‘ot4 are so so sad’ i think i’ve seen one article that mentioned OT4 without mentioning Zayn and believe me I’ve read loads of them.

5. The facebook/website thing - only the week before last did they take Zayn down from the band section of the website after the media drew attention to it finally.  The facebook statement being hidden.  I’ve just had a look and its still hidden. A company worth its salt and with a band member leaving would in this day and age get rid of all trace of that person within hours.

6.  The second twitter ‘fight’ with added Zayn and extra special media attention for NB. 

7.  MIC Righteous/NB No Type Leak twitter arguments and the former following LT plus Krept and Konan weighing in and even Zayn too.

8. Zayn removing the 1d from his name.  I think and someone correct me if I’m wrong but he’s preceded a lot of these things and I’m talking about the twitter fight too with a cryptic message.

9. Photoshopped merchandise. Still selling programmes with OT5 on tour.

10. Zayn at the Asian Awards - complete with Simon Jones and Shareena (the latter may be his employee but she is strongly linked with Modest albeit mainly through Zayn)

11. Preston and his dramatic tweets and yet we’ve seen him with Louis and Zayn since doing his job.

12. The Niall ‘Mark Jarvis’ shock horror tweets. Now this could be authentic though way OTT but though Mark didn’t go with them actual on location with the tour, he worked with Harry at the very least while they were on tour at home. So seems a bit extra.

There’s so much i’ve probably missed, just the general behaviour of people around 1d. They’ve always been shady but recently its been on another level. Any number of those things separately would be weird but altogether, something’s up surely?

Liam on the Late Late Show and his mannerisms. The fact that he, the one most visibly affected by all this when the tour restarted in Cardiff, was making jokes about it and always kept bringing up Zayn, i said this before, he’s not insensitive, he wouldn’t make those jokes in my opinion if he didn’t think Zayn was coming back.  The unprecedented reporting of trends relating to Liam being sad about Zayn and Zayn coming back tweets (not once, but twice).

As for when he’ll return, the logical time would be asap or at some point early on in the US tour for ticket sales.  But while Modest are involved and muddying the waters, logic goes out the window so…your guess is as good as mine.  Sorry this is so long but hope this helps a bit.

areyougoodwithyourhands replied to your post: areyougoodwithyourhands replied to you…

I know he’s been above Harry by a lot with the elounor break up but no THAT much fuck

I pulled this like two months ago, but. For comparion’s purpose.

March 22:  Eleanor/Louis break up announced on the 21st.

March 25: Zayn leaves.

March 31: 1st Louis and Naughty Boy Twitter feud.

April 15: Louis and Liam write with Jamie Scott and make fun of Niall on the 13/14th, Louis is papped leaving a club with multiple women.

May 7: 2nd NB/Louis feud.

Compare that to this.

Like. DAMN.