Did anyone else notice how they did these two scenes?

The scenes were timed one after the other, back to back and appeared to be very similar and mirrored. In literature, this is often interpreted as the author trying to create a comparison between two sets of characters or situations.

Both Edd/Eddy and Nazz/Kevin here are positioned in a similar way, have similar facial expressions/reactions to the situation, and both are scenes of conflict/reconciliation between the two characters.

Setting - both are done in an almost romantic sunset/twilight setting, which is contrasted with the dirty, muddy surroundings of the swamp - representing the situations they find themselves in.

Eddy and Kevin have something in common - they are both putting on a facade and trying to be cool, but are also both driven by selfish actions - with Eddy it is scamming, pranking Double D and trying to be like his brother. For Kevin, it is his bike and his desire to find the Eds.

Edd and Nazz also have something in common - they are both frustrated at their respective friend about their selfish behaviour. They are both finally learning to stand up for themselves and want a change in the behaviour. They both appear to love the attention and physical contact they want when they finally get it.

Interestingly, the difference between these two scenes, couples and scenarios, other than the sex of the characters involved, is that Eddy is finally learning from his mistakes - Kevin is proven not to be by putting his bike first again. Eddy also seems to be increasingly comfortable with this physical contact and emotional connection, while Kevin seems awkward, unsure and doesn’t respond in the same way as Eddy. Kevin “doesn’t get her”, but Eddy understands Double D completely.

It’s for this reason that while the romantic focus was more prominent and obvious with Nazz/Kevin, the connection between Edd and Eddy is deeper, and more meaningful despite being portrayed more subtly.