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I Heard Some Crazy Thoughts on Earth

By Splungonius Moonk 

Many Galactic Citizens are curious about the inhabitants of the Federation’s newest acquisition, Earth. The planet’s dominant species are an odd bunch with a history marred by violent conflict over trivial matters such as “who has the best god,” and “who owns the black ground sludge that powers everything.” 

For the good of all Galactic citizens, and my own curiosity, I immersed myself amongst the humans, all while using my Glaarg-given telepathic abilities to eavesdrop on their thoughts. The results of my research were intriguing, but I was left with more questions than answers.

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Kevin and Nazz enter the factory well after Ed and Eddy have left.

See, if Kevin didn’t have that bent tire they would have gotten to the factory in a heartbeat and captured the Eds.

Okay, I just realized that Kevin and Nazz came through the door that the Eds didn’t batter through. Was it really unlocked the whole time? The Eds were quite excited so they may have automatically believed that it was locked. If this is true then it add to my theory that this factory was abandoned.

Kevin has to take his bike inside. Well, maybe I would too considering they’re in an area which is unknown to them. You never know what could be out there, Like the possible killer who Eddy may have inadvertently killed in the woods.

Upon Nazz questioning the rubber snakes Kevin shushes her. Or rather he says, ‘shup’.He practically told his girl friend to shut up!

And Nazz is completely head over heels by this.

She likes being talked down to? Or she thought it made Kevin look really cute.

What does Nazz find so attractive in Kevin? They’ve been close friends for a while. I think it’s because they’re able to tell one another about anything as they’re able to relate to having divorced parents. 

Kevin has always seen Nazz for herself. Once he learns that he has feelings towards her Kevin thinks he should act differently. They were never meant to be in a relationship. They were better friends. A relationship may work out later on once they understand love and themselves.

Nazz points out the lit up office. 

Edd left the door open when he emerged from the office. Maybe he closed it offscreen. The only reason it magically closed itself is for Kevin’s cop routine we’ll see in a moment.

“You are so on fire today, Nazz!” Kevin remarks as he playfully and roughly punches Nazz on the arm.

These are my favorite screenshots which really describes how the true Nazz feels.

What did Kevin mean by that?

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