Monster… mass murderer… evil man… deranged… deviate… This is what the mass media claims Adolf Hitler was. It’s imperative to recognize what the truth really is.

This shows the real man on August 7, 1940 examining a knife at the Krupp factory. As his valet, Krause said: “he was the simplest and most undemanding man there ever was. He almost never lost his temper and was actually just a normal man.”


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There also wasn't a war to end the holocaust. WWII wasn't about saving Jewish people any more than the American Civil War was about liberating enslaved African Americans. If the United States really cared about protecting Jewish people then we wouldn't have turned away Jewish refugees or have left train tracks to concentration camps intact. Most politicians, soldiers and citizens(save perhaps ones who were themselves Jewish) didn't see themselves as fighting to protect Jewish people.


It was actually pretty well known that Hitler was committing genocide against Jewish people for at LEAST couple of years before  we “officially” entered WWII.

And there were a LOT of powerful and not-so-powerful Americans that actually supported Hitler and his goals. 

Anyone insisting otherwise is utterly wrong. 

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Gold, Amber, Artwork and Military Paraphernalia: The Continuous Crusade for Lost Nazi Treasures

During World War II Poland and other parts of Central Europe were damaged, and many museums and precious collections were destroyed. Now, explorers are trying to find the places where gold, pieces of art, small planes, military cars, guns, and other artifacts were hidden in 1945. What are some of the legends surrounding these Nazi treasures? Have any of the artifacts been recovered?

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Question for the four! What music would you be listening to?

Dempsey: Would constantly listen to those overly used and crappy party remixes of songs

Richtofen: Would be the biggest Panic! At The Disco fan and know every single song by heart

Nikolai: Would be super into Taylor Swift music, but whenever someone asks about it hide and lie about it

Takeo: Would love some older music like The Beatles and roll his eyes to the music Dempsey and Nikolai listen to

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During WWII, England sent thousands of Nazi POWs to stately homes where they could eat, drink, play pool, and even keep servants. They had no idea that all of the rooms were bugged and many of their fellow ‘prisoners’ were actually Germans of Jewish origin who became spies for the British after being forced out of their homeland. The information gained was so important that the government gave them an unlimited budget. Source