Okay I don’t do call out posts but HOLY FUCKBALLS. Everyone, stay the HELL away from miss-freddie-lounds, they’re very unstable. I disagreed with one of their headcanon posts on Freddie not being a vegetarian (politely, not calling them names or anything that warranted the following interaction) and subsequently got a wall of text calling me an asshole and a nazi fangirl with no life. They also apparently hate Hannigram and don’t seem to think too highly of Bryan Fuller. 

Since I’m German I do NOT react well to people using the Nazi regime to make a cheap throwaway insult, so I reminded them that the Holocaust was a thing, and subsequently got a LOT of hate. I’m talking continuous string of Fuck You’s and accusing me of getting off on Holocaust victims from a secondary account (fannibalcuntbag, though I believe they made it simply to attack me after I blocked them) levels of hate. Don’t interact with them. Not even to confront them about this. Stay safe, and stay the hell away. 

If you’re reading this somehow, miss-freddie-lounds, don’t try to contact me again. I’ll block every single one of your new accounts. I also have screenshots of your messages, so don’t even try to claim that I’m making this up.

jewish men really broke their backs to make their place in the comics industry and make a powerful statement back in the 40´s/50′s and now comic companies use nazi imagery because they think it looks cool. real life nazis are making a comeback and they legit turned heroic symbols into nazi propaganda. marvel and dc really are doing that. wow

  • anti-sjws for the last 10 years: feminazis, feminazis, feminazis, feminazis, nazi nazi, sjw's are nazis, nazi nazi nazi, grammar nazi, feminazi feminazi
  • normal sensible attractive people: these real life people are actually real life nazis and hold nazi beliefs and want to kill minorities
  • anti-sjws: thats pretty fucking fucked up that you just call anything you disagree with a nazi, like i think thats pretty wild of the 'tolerant left' to do

After a year plus of beating around the bush, I’m going to come out and say it. That Kylo Ren stans, Reylo shippers and Kylo/Hux stans and shippers are actual real life Nazis. And I do mean ALL of them. No exceptions. Every single one of them, especialy the ones who go out of their way to write inane posts about how much Finn is a bad guy.e.t.c.

And if you know one of this people in real life, you should know they are Nazis or Nazi sympathizers which is basically the same thing.

The Star Wars fandom need to eject this people from the fandom. They are a cancer to humanity. They deserve nothing but scorn.

fascism doesn’t mean violence yall, it means nationalistic, authoritarian government.

Words have meaning. You can use violence and not be fascists. 

Is someone defending themselves from imminent death a fascist because they used violence? No because thats a fucking ignorant leap.

Defense against oppression is not fascism, defense against authoritarianism is not fascism, fighting nazis is not fascism.

Yall out here glorifying World War II veterans, but as soon as people start punching real life nazis right outside your window, you start callin’ em fascists without knowing what you’re saying. 

You’re erasing history to suit your liberal agenda, violence has always been used to defend others against those who wish harm upon the masses.

“Punching a nazi isn’t the answer”

You’re so right comrade. Punching a nazi may inconvenience him for a few days and scare him away from from publically spreading his filth offline for a few weeks. Informing his boss, neighbours and gym that he’s nazi is likely to rob him of finances and social support and will thus have a much stronger long term effect.

But punching a nazi AND ruining his life, now that’s magic.

“jews don’t want us to call hux a nazi.”

I see a surprising amount of goyim (gentiles, non-Jewish people) saying this, and I don’t know who they’ve spoken to, but here are my thoughts.

It is absolutely okay for Jews to feel uncomfortable saying Hux is a Nazi. Nazis in real life are dangerous and harmful, and some feel it might be trivializing the word to use it on fictional characters who merely mirror Nazis. 

This is why we call Hux a ‘Nazi parallel.’ Hux is meant to evoke Nazi imagery and ideas, and that’s a fact that is true regardless of comfort level with the terms “Nazi” or “Space Nazi” or whatever else.

Personally, I used to be very uncomfortable with just calling Hux a Nazi. I was also worried about trivializing the word, and I still think people with that concern have a legitimate point.

However, I’ve seen people twist the words I said way back when we were talking about this issue to say that Jews just can’t stand us saying Hux is a Nazi– He’s just a fascist! He’s just your average villain! He’s just a child who was abused and deserves pity (?!?).

That’s why I now just call Hux a Nazi outright. I don’t mind if people are uncomfortable with that or like to call him something else– I’d definitely recommend gentiles say “Nazi parallel” over “Space Nazi”, especially if they’re uncomfortable with just calling him a Nazi.

Hux is a Nazi parallel. This is the truth, and this is not what is going to hurt Jews. You do not have to use the word “Nazi” on its own if you would rather not, and you don’t have to use that word anywhere near Hux if you don’t want to– but you have to acknowledge reality.

Please stop responding to criticisms of fandom’s anti-Semitism and increasing ability to humanize/romanticize Nazi parallels with “but Jews don’t want us to call him a Nazi!”

Yes, some Jews don’t want you to call Hux a Nazi. Those Jews have a great point and I have no problem with that. But Hux is still a Nazi parallel, and no amount of semantics discourse is going to change that.

I highly recommend reblogging this post if you’re in the SW fandom, Jewish or gentile. It’s very important to any discussion of Hux’s character, and I’m tired of the same old excuses getting in the way.

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Is it bad that I sorta want Hydra cap? Obviously not cap willingly being apart of it but maybe similar in a way that Clint was brainwashed?

If what marvel was doing was akin to Clint being brainwashed, with a scene where Steve was forcibly mentally overwhelmed via comic book science it would be a different matter, but that’s not what marvel’s doing. What they are doing is monstrous, they are blatantly using Nazi imagery, influences from Nazi propaganda and a complete disregard for everything Cap is meant to be to create a narrative where fascism is the new exciting thing and our hero is and has always been our oppressor. This isn’t darkfic published under heavy warnings on AO3 intended as an exploration of character and morality under stress, Hydra Cap is intended as a deeply shocking and deliberate corruption of a character with incredible meaning to the oppressed, to be sold as the official byline of an influential company. More than that, Marvel is saying one of their historically most moral and justice loving characters is and has always been a Nazi. They have removed a powerful symbol of allyship and told us he was never with us foolish oppressed people anyways. They have made a character steeped in Jewish culture into a Nazi. They have explicitly shown Hydra Cap as “righteous” holding Mjolnir, thats literally saying Nazism is just and explicitly glorifying it. Its telling any white supremacist and racist and Nazi that they are righteous. That is incredibly, monumentally disgusting and inexcusable.

The fact that they have also made Magneto, a holocaust survivor into a Hydra operative is evil. It’s part of an effort to move Hyrda away from it’s alignment to Nazism, which honestly just makes Nazi ideology even more appealing to white supremacists. While they try and distance Hydra from Nazis, they also have really doubled down on their use of Nazi imagery, ideology and rhetoric in Secret Empire. I mean they have Inhumans being put in camps and operatives hail-ing all over the place for fucks sake, marvel it’s not subtle. By attempting to remove the association with Nazis, Marvel is making the ideals of Nazism something exciting, entertaining and appealing to a larger audience. It’s much easier to be a Nazi when you don’t consider yourself one and Captain America is backing you up.

If marvel was presenting Steve as having been brainwashed and his unwilling support of Nazism as a horrifying thing, I still wouldn’t be thrilled, but i wouldn’t be angry and afraid the way Hydra Cap makes me. Marvel is empowering real life Nazis through this storyline, and I can’t think of anything more incredibly monstrous and sinister. 

Don’t support it. Ignoring Secret Emipre’s connection to the rise of fascism in the real world is reckless and ignorant at best.

@marvelentertainment and @nickspencerly have ignored the Jewish roots of the characters they are dealing with with cries of “it’s just fiction, don’t take it so seriously” and “good you’re angry, that means I am successful”. (i am paraphrasing here, their irl replies are much nastier) while either ignoring or revelling in the strong negative effect their explicit support of fascism has.

So Hyrda Cap in fic, before it was canon, with Steve as an unwilling participant is a whole different beast than the canon, loaded with Nazi rhetoric Hydra Cap. I’m not sure it can anymore be considered just to give any support to any form of Hydra Cap, even in fic, even in your scenario. 

Real life Nazis use Hydra symbols and Hydra cap as images to justify their cause! It’s terrifying and marvel doesn’t seem care at all about the effect they are having on real life facism! I’m an art historian i KNOW how powerful images are and this is fucking terrifying especially since the creators are denying the power of their images!

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Have you ever written a similar post about disabled people and the holocaust? If you have, I haven't seen it, and I was just wondering if I missed it or if it ended up not happening on account of being such a tall order.

  1. I have written a lot of commentary about disabled people and the Holocaust, yeah. It may be scattered across many posts, but I can give you a short list of highlights:
  2. T4, the Nazi “euthanization” program, was literally where the Commandant of Treblinka figured out how to kill large numbers of people at a time
  3. Hans Asperger (as in Asperger’s Syndrome) deliberately mis-represented how autism/Asperger’s Syndrome manifested and what its ‘value’ is. The repercussions of this are felt by autistic people to this day. (see: Neurotribes, which details the direct links between Hans Asperger and today’s autism movement and the misconception of autism as a curable disease.)
  4. Since blindness and deafness were considered executable conditions, the D/deaf culture in Nazi-occupied territories, and other subcultures/cultures suffered immensely.
  5. About 200K people were murdered, including people who were starved to death and infants who were killed by starvation or IV drugs.
  6. We were literally called ‘life unworthy of life,’ a mentality which continues to present times. (See: Me Before You and other ‘better dead than alive’ disability snuff bullshit.)
  7. 350K or more women were sterilized (men were not counted) to prevent them from reproducing, because they were ‘likely’ to give birth to defective children. This included D/deaf, blind, epileptics, autistics, and even those who had alcoholic relatives.
  8. There was a public protest and then the program was moved out of public view.
  9. 14f13 was a program which was used to ‘weed out’ those already in camps who were ‘unfit for work,’ and is an example of intersectionality between other groups (Jews, Rroma, LGBTQIPA, Poles, German dissidents) and the disabled. Those who were briefly screened by doctors under this ‘program’ were taken out of work camps and sent to death camps because they were disabled.
  10. Do not think the US was free from blame here. During this time period several states, I know Indiana was one, had laws that made it possible to sterilize ‘the unfit’ without their consent.

Here are some links for your further reading and watching. All of them come with trigger warnings, obviously. Maybe at some point when I’m not so … upset… I can write another post. (contains a large bibliography for further reading) LOTS of resources including a lot on the D/deaf community

Can we talk about how fucking cool Agents of SHIELD is right now?

A few episodes ago, the characters are pulled into essentially an alternate universe where Hydra wins.

And they’ve got this character, who is an actual literal Nazi, directly quoting real life Donald Trump and the alt-right.

Last week, right before dismissing his Nazi council, he straight up said “We will make this country great again.”

And just tonight, after torturing the main character, he turned to his actual, literally a Nazi partner, and said, “She didn’t tell us anything.  We beat her within an inch of her life.  Nevertheless, she persisted.”

This is wild.

Okay so my blog went dormant on the X-Men but now I am RAGE at this bs. You have absolutely no idea who Erik Lehnsherr is if you think he would EVER join fucking Nazis. He spends his life destroying them….he was tortured by them….experimented on….they shot his mother in front of him in order to make him use his power….and you know a MASSIVE part of his character is him hating humans because of what Nazis did in the holocaust and continued to do to people like him. Marvel has fucking lost it

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Hey, in your numbers of abortion post, some Nazi/nationalist reblogged saying they were being replaced (aka they believe that there is white genocide). Do you mind calling the dude out or something, because I can imagine a pro-life Nazi can't literally be a concept that exists? Thank you.

Dear Anon,
I’m not keeping track of the reblogs and am not confronting each nonsense that might be said because it’s a lost cause. I just pray.
Please do confront them yourself as you see them and see fit.

God bless

The more I think of pro-life rhetoric the more I realize how contradictory it sounds to anything pro-Nazi.

Can you imagine the Nazis saying “Every life is precious, even lives of the disabled, even the lives of the unwanted. We’d keep this child even if they turned out to be gay, or were conceived in rape, or had a physical or mental disability?”

These people were all about getting rid of undesirables and degenerates and snuffing out lives that were ‘inconvenient’ to them. If anything, the Nazis would be the biggest promoters of Planned Parenthood in primarily black neighborhoods and auctioning off tissue and organs of aborted babies because it sounds eerily similar to the kind of things that the Nazis actually did.

So I really don’t understand how being pro-life is anywhere near Nazism.

by Henryk Ross

Police in the Lodz Ghetto, run by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland, escort residents for deportation during World War II.

Officially, former Polish press photojournalist Henryk Ross was forced to work by the Nazi regime as a bureaucratic photographer for the Jewish Administration’s statistics department. He took photographs for Jewish identification cards, as well as images used as propaganda for the Lodz Ghetto. Ross, a Jew, was one of at least 160,000 people held in the Lodz Ghetto in Poland, second only to the Warsaw Ghetto in German-occupied Europe.

Unofficially, at great personal danger, Ross documented the cruel truth of life under Nazi rule. In the four-year existence of the Lodz Ghetto, a quarter of its prisoners died of starvation. In 1942, nearly 20,000 were deported to the death camp of Chelmno; in 1944, 70,000 were sent to Auschwitz.

Ross buried his negatives in 1944 in attempt to preserve the historical record of what had happened in Lodz. As one of the mere 877 recorded survivors of the ghetto, Ross returned for the negatives after Lodz’s liberation, discovering that more than half of the original 6,000 remained intact. [x]

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If you support any of those, kindly fuck off