nazi tank


look at where we are again, i wanted to give this another crack at it, as the first one  was more a serious style. I wanted to see how it would look mostly in chibi form. that and the fact i couldnt really draw today, and trying to draw them normal didnt exactly work since they looked like weird personas of other people…

all credit goes to  @incorrectcodzombiequotes


DC Comics’ Bombshells series, written by Marguerite Bennett, depicts an alternate 1940s universe in which DC’s slate of superheroines are presented front-and-center in their own distinctive stories. Here, we see Wonder Woman break open a Nazi tank with her bare hands; Kate Kane, as Batwoman, beat some information out of a Nazi informant; and one thoroughly satisfying display of Big Barda pummeling a horde of Nazis while wielding…another Nazi.

Is Nazi zombies dead?

Well lemme tell you all loud and clear; as long as y'all keep asking me things and as long as I keep thinking of shitty posts, I’ll stay in this fandom no matter how many people remain. I’ll carry this bitch if I have to, but oh boy I ain’t letting it go. These characters, the story and just the overal game means too much to me, too much to just let it slide and disappear. I’ll be the kid squeeling and hugging a pillow when I hear funny quotes, I’ll be the kid crying when I see those ending cutscene’s and I’ll be the kid forever thanking my boys for being there. I know this game has this effect on more people so nah, sorry, as shitty as my posts may be or how bad my answers may get

I ain’t quitting


Guess what really good side story thing from an overrated videogame series I got into
If you haven’t guessed yet it’s Nazi Zombies
It’s consuming my life
!!!!Okay important thing below!!!!
I’m not a Nazi like my god just because just drew one does not mean I support their fucked up garbage and it doesn’t mean I’m a neo Nazi okay
It’s only an interest in history and a video game

•●also credit to the original imagine the squad drawing stuff I guess●•