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Real talk for a moment

I realize that skinhead is a punk movement that when it originated had nothing to do with white supremacy. However, literally anyone identifying themselves as a skinhead makes me nervous instantly. I realize many skinheads are against white supremacy but that doesn’t change the fact that it has more or less been co opted by neo nazis and people trying to reclaim that makes me extraordinarily uncomfortable. This includes the mottos, phrases, aethetic, etc of neo nazi punk groups.

that whole skinheads against racism thing is so baffling to me because like… it’s cool that they aren’t racist or whatever but it seems to me that in this particular situation the first step to take would just be to quit being a skinhead? like… nazis ruined it and you gotta quit being a skinhead now

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Queer goyim don’t have fucking swastikas etched onto them and thrown in their faces at every opportunity. :\

… um, yeah, man, they do. Queer goyim are still targeted by neo-Nazis. I literally personally know skinheads who have targeted queer goyim, and queer goyim who have been targeted by skinheads/neo-Nazis. I personally know a reformed neo-Nazi/skinhead who spent time in jail for exactly that. (He’s since gotten his life together, but yeah, I do.)

I’m from rural Pennsylvania, my friend. I grew up learning to recognize the patches and drawings on jackets and shoelace colors to keep myself and my friends safe when we went to punk shows. Queer goyim are absolutely still targeted, with all kinds of marks including swastikas. 

But seriously, stop moving the goalposts. “Your community wasn’t decimated.” “Actually it was and here’s the proof.” “You aren’t still attacked.” “Yes we are, in fact, it’s still happening, there have been attacks and shootings and here’s my lived experience.”

What’s next? What moved goalpost will be next? Or can we maybe please accept that the pink triangle and the Holocaust had a profound effect on the LGBTQIPA/queer community and move forward as allies who were both injured, rather than fighting one another over whose pain is legitimate and worth honoring?

I can’t believe that I’m still having this conversation. That symbol has been a queer symbol since literally before I was born, and I have a child who’s in high school.


On a warm summers eve on the 16th of August 1995 a 14 year old boy named John Antonin Fritz Hron was out camping with a younger friend named Christian by the lake Ingetorpssjön outside of Kungälv, close to Kode, Gothenburg, Sweden, when he was brutally murdered by a group of neo-nazis.

The nazi group ranged between 15-18 years of age and had been drinking that night, and one 15 year old boy knew John from school where he had bullied, and at one point even threatened to kill him. The group of skinheads started beating and kicking John, wanting him to say that he loved nazis. When he refused, they beat him even more until he gave in. Sometime during the abuse John managed to escape and swim out into the lake and away from the group. They called for John to come back but he wouldn’t answer. The skinheads then turned to Christian and made him call for John and tell him that if he didn’t come back they were going to kill him.

John then made the brave decision that was going to cost him his life and swam back to the shore to save his friend. When he was back on land the abuse continued until John had taken so many beatings he was unconsious, the group of skinheads had testified that among other abuse they had kicked him repeteadly in the head for about 7 minutes. According to the testimony the unconsious John was still alive when the group then threw him into the lake and left him to drown.

Johns obduction report was 13 pages long and the obductionist listed about 120 different external injuries, most on his head.

The four skinheads, all in their teens, were prosecuted for his death in court. One of the perpetrators, Daniel Hansson, who was 18 at the time of the crime, was charged with murder and unlawful coercion and sentenced to 8 years in prison. The 15 year old was charged to 5 years in prison for murder, and the 17 year old had 13 days left until he turned 18 and was charged with aggravated assault and 10 months in prison. The second 18 year old who did not contact ambulance or police and did nothing to stop the assault recieved a 4 month prison sentence.

John Hron was buried at Ytterby church and his headstone has been vandalized multiple times.

can we talk about the extreme differences from original skinheads and neo-nazis????

The Skinhead movement actually started in Montego Bay, Jamaica in the early 1960’s. They were working class, blue collar kids that listened to ska and shaved their heads to tell each other apart from the mods, and rasta’s. The movement filtered over to the UK and then American when white racist assholes started adopting the style and calling themselves skinheads. So now the world thinks all skinheads are racist. Real skinheads are not the neo-Nazi assholes one so often hears, sees and reads about in the media. Many skinheads now, are come from different backgrounds and race, living in California you’ll see latino, black, white, asain skinheads. They choose to be skinheads because they believe in the values of the working class, they believe all races should come together and they like to groove to the ska beat.

I ask that you please refer to neo-Nazi as Neo-nazis fascists or racists or just plain ignorant fucks, but not as skinheads. They are not true skinheads, for they do not connect to the music and culture.