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(So I completely adore you and your blog) I was wondering what's the badge shot? And why use it special? You light up my life by the way

if you’re referring to “THAT SHIT WITH THE BADGE” mentioned in this post then buckle up friend, because the only thing I love more than the badge shot is talking about the badge shot!

The Badge Shot happens around half way through the Dean/Aaron pub scene (in 8.13 “Everybody Hates Hitler” just in case you’re not completely obsessed with this scene like I am) and it looks like this: 

that’s the entirety of the badge shot. the whole thing. but this scene is unbelievable and this shot is the crowning fucking glory.

how many times do you think Dean Winchester has flashed an FBI badge? hundreds of times? THOUSANDS??? and it’s never a Thing. sometimes we see it close up when he shoves it all up in someone’s face, but usually it’s just bish bash bosh badge, put it away, move on. but then there’s THIS, a shot which turns up in the middle of a scene in which Dean is hit on by a dude and DOES NOT SHOOT HIM DOWN.

so Aaron is being cute as shit and telling Dean he thought they had a little eye magic, shared a moment – and Dean realises what’s happening, sloooowly reaches out, pulls the badge towards himself, and closes it. and this stuck out to me from the minute I saw this episode at arse o’clock in the morning on a shitty jumpy livestream. I was WAITING for a gif of him closing his badge to show up. because it’s not just Dean closing a fake FBI badge. that fake FBI badge is Dean’s hunting persona. that fake FBI badge is hunting, full stop. it’s monsters and death and fucking Nazi necromancers but, most importantly, it’s LYING. it’s symbolic of Dean lying, putting on a front, being someone he’s not.

Dean closing that badge in the slowest, most deliberate way anyone has ever closed a badge is Dean consciously choosing to approach this as DEAN, not Agent Bolan (and don’t even get me started on that name choice). this is Dean realising he’s being hit on by a guy and choosing to be HONEST, choosing to be HIMSELF, and to not put on the hypermasculine alpha male hunter front that he usually falls back on.

if he’d just put the badge away — no muss, no fuss, no drawing attention to it — then it wouldn’t mean anything. without this shot, FBI Dean could have said “yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation”, shot Aaron down, left the pub and it would have been 100% believable. but we got this shot. we got Dean Winchester stuttering and blushing and fidgeting with his badge all the way through ”yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation” and the subsequent flirting, fluster, minor panicking, “oh my god what am I doing???”, foot-in-mouthing and bumping into tables is ALL DEAN.

and there’s nothing special about Dean being himself (he’s himself 90% of the time) except for the fact he could have been DONE with this conversation in 1/3 of the time if he’d just stuck to the script, but he CHOOSES NOT TO. it’s ALL ABOUT THE CHOOSING. it’s about Dean DECIDING TO STICK AROUND AND LET A DUDE FLIRT WITH HIM JUST TO SEE WHERE IT GOES. (and, arguably, if closing the badge so deliberately symbolises Dean being honest, but he keeps up the FBI cover then… I wonder… what he could be being honest about…)

if Aaron hadn’t back-pedalled after Dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting?” then you can fucking BET they would have ended up getting cute awkward drinks later and probably having a cute awkward makeout sesh in the car. I mean, if Aaron wasn’t actually tailing Dean and didn’t have a huge golem, but whatever.

(HONESTLY THOUGH, Dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting?” is surprise and poorly concealed interest, so of course Aaron is thinking “oh shit this wasn’t supposed to WORK” and aborts mission pronto and, seriously, Dean’s facial expressions are INCREDIBLE. you can literally SEE him thinking “oh god, what am I DOING, I actually almost WENT FOR THAT, get outta here, Winchester” and it’s superb. he even does one of those calming hand movement things. I can’t believe this scene is real.) 

and, I mean, everything is open to interpretation, but how you can read this as anything other than “Dean gets hit on by a cute guy and is really flattered and flustered and into it and decides to test the water re: burgeoning sexuality in a safe controlled environment and then gets cold feet” and still have it make sense is beyond me.

8.13: Everybody loves Aaron. And his Golem.

After satisfyingly watching a Golem take out a Nazi camp in 1944, we flash to Sam and Dean’s first introduction to the Men of Letters bunker.

*takes a moment to appreciate the fact that this place will come to be their home, only to have it threatened now by the modern corrupted version of the Men of Letters*

Dean switches the lights on, and for once it’s Sam who says “son of a bitch.”

First thing Dean does is claim a dead guy’s robe, while Sam tries to figure out how they even have electricity, or water pressure.

DEAN : Yeah. Yeah, I mean, don’t – don’t get me wrong. [He lifts a scimitar from a display stand.] This stuff is awesome, and it looks like they ran a real tight outfit here, but I’m just saying, you know, don’t, uh, don’t think that they knew some big secrets that we don’t know.
DEAN strikes some poses with the scimitar while SAM’s back is to him. As SAM turns, DEAN quickly straightens up.
SAM : Dean… they were a secret society.
DEAN : Which means that they made crap up and wore fezzes and sashes and swung around scimitars. They probably didn’t even sharp– [DEAN runs his finger along the blade and cuts himself] That’s very sharp. [He replaces the scimitar on the stand.]
SAM : Dean, look, I think we might have something here – something that could help us, help humanity. Henry certainly thought so. I mean, you know damn well we could use a break. What if we finally got one? [They look at each other for a moment, then DEAN looks away.] Are you gonna take off the dead-guy robe?

And ain’t that pretty much what Sam thought about working with the PEOPLE of the modern MoL in 12.14? Thing is, the bunker HAS proven to be something that could help them, over and over again over the last four years. But the bunker itself is a neutral thing. The people… well, they have ulterior motives. They have The Code. And an evil agenda.

Dean returns from checking on Kevin and Garth, and asks Sam if he’s heard from Cas. Sam hasn’t, and Dean is pretty upset that Cas hasn’t been answering his calls.

(heck that doesn’t sound familiar at all, does it… just an earlier incarnation of Dean’s dialed-up-to-eleven worry in s12)

Sam has been researching the Men of Letters, looking for anyone who might still be alive that is even remotely connected to the MoL. He discovers the Judah Initiative, and learns that their last surviving member has just been killed. Dean complains that he just got back to the bunker and they have to head out again to solve that case.

Poor Dean. :P

(and seriously, Pennsylvania, again?)

Sam goes to the library to see the books Rabbi Bass had been studying, while Dean goes to the bar where he died to talk with some girls that Rabbi Bass had apparently talked to quite openly. They thought he was a kook, talking about Nazi necromancers. But Aaron flirting with him from across the bar proves more distracting than the two co-eds.

(like Sam’s doing the MoL side of things in the library while Dean does the hunter side of things in the bar, yes?)

Instead of the ledger he expected to find, Sam discovers a book of birds. Dean confronts Aaron, who uses the excuse that he and Dean had “a moment” to explain why he’s been following Dean around. And we have the most awkward scene in the history of Dean. And it’s grand.

DEAN (on phone) : Huh. Well, uh, the two very hot co-captains of the women’s volleyball team agree that the rabbi’s death was very unnatural. I think we still got a case.
SAM (on phone) : That would explain why I have something stuck to my shoe.
DEAN (on phone) : You being followed?
SAM (on phone) : Yeah, I think so.
DEAN (on phone) : That’s weird. I thought I was being followed earlier. Turned out to be a gay thing.

Well, they were right. Aaron introduces himself, and Dean tells Sam he was his gay thing.

GOLEM : This boy knows nothing, observes none of the mitzvahs, labors on Sabbath, dines on swine.
AARON: Everybody loves bacon!

Even God! Confirmed!

AARON: What, do you two just break in wherever you go?
DEAN : Yeah, well, our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on, just in case this hunter thing didn’t pan out.


Sam and Aaron are both shot with cursed darts, and Dean asks the Golem to catch whoever cast the spell. Killing the Thule (and then burning his body) saved them from the curse.

Poor Aaron though, is confronted by all the stories his grandfather always told him, that he’d always believed were wild fantasy and dismissed as complete nonsense. Finding out that all of it was real, that this was his family’s legacy.

Aaron was utterly unprepared to take it on himself, yet he was willing to defend his Golem when Sam and Dean began researching how to destroy the creature if Aaron couldn’t gain control of it.

Let me lay all of these concepts out in terms of my s12 meta-relevant tags:

Aaron needed to face his past, get to the bottom of how his grandfather’s stories became stories, find another better way to deal with the Thule, by using his words to take control of the Golem that was his family’s legacy.

Yeah, I think that sums things up nicely.

AARON : It looks like I’m the Judah Initiative now.

And Sam accepts his legacy as a Man of Letters.

Round One

So, this is written for @mittensmorgul‘s The Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt. Rules include using the trope “There is Only One Bed” and the Supernatural specific trope “Castiel (for whatever reason) wears different clothes”.

For context, what I wrote for the challenge is set several years in the future. Hope you enjoy.

It occurred to Dean Winchester that it had taken him entirely too much time to realize he’d been played.

In retrospect, it was obvious. Aaron just so happened to be “tired” of hunting down Nazi necromancers at the same time as Sam had forwarded Dean a weird case back in Kansas. Dean had agreed to take it because Eileen and Sam “just happened” to be across the country in the middle of another case. Sam had “accidentally” sent the same case to Claire Novak too, and just forgot to mention it. It was obvious, but Dean had been too distracted trying not to be a bitter ex while working on a case with Cas to notice it.

That, of course, was before Claire had left the two of them in a motel room with a pile of research and only one bed (with the excuse of having gotten a pretty waitress’ number, and… well she had in defense of Dean’s intelligence). She smirked as she left too, to add insult to injury.

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Since You Ask...

“I killed Hitler!” Dean burst out as soon as he heard the familiar gravelly, “Hello, Dean,” on the other end of the line.

Silence. “Adolf Hitler?” (650)

Episode coda for 12x05 The One You’ve Been Waiting For.


It was all Dean could do to wait until they were back at the motel room to call Castiel. “I killed Hitler!” he burst out as soon as he heard the familiar gravelly, “Hello, Dean,” on the other end of the line.

Silence. “Adolf Hitler?”

Dean grinned with pride. “Shot ‘im right in the head. Then burned his body.”

More silence, then finally, “You’re not joking.”

“Course I’m not joking, Cas!” Dean exclaimed, ignoring the snort of laughter from Sam, who was reclined in a chair with an old, dusty book he’d grabbed off the bunker’s shelves before they’d left. “He was reincarnated and I killed him. Crowning achievement, don’t you think?”

“You killed Death, too,” Castiel reminded him. “And reconciled my father and his sister.”

“Hm, you’re right,” Dean mused. “Pretty kickass resume, huh?”

There was an amused huff from the other end that made Dean smile again. His favorite thing in the world was making Castiel laugh, and it didn’t happen nearly often enough in his opinion, though he had been working hard lately to change that.

“You are an extraordinary man, Dean Winchester,” Castiel said, and Dean felt his cheeks heat up slightly. Since they’d gotten together, Castiel had become very open with his praise, and while Dean was getting better at appreciating it, it still made him flustered.

“Yeah, well,” he said, fiddling with the corner of the blanket he was sitting on.

“If I may ask,” Castiel said, “what kind of circumstances led you to kill Hitler?”

“The Thule society,” Dean said. “Y’know, the Nazi necromancers? They apparently stuck Hitler’s soul into a pocket watch way back when and finally found the thing again. They used blood from a girl who’s related to him to bring the genocidal nutjob back, but I shot him.”

“Good job, Dean,” Castiel replied, sounding amused.

Dean smiled in pride. “Thanks, babe.” He leaned back against the pillow and the wall and kicked off his boots. He chuckled. “Not exactly what I was expecting when Aaron called. Though I guess with the codename “Das Blut,” I shouldn’t have been expecting anything less.”

“That is certainly an ominous name,” Castiel agreed. He was silent for a few seconds, then, “Who is Aaron?” There was a certain note in Castiel’s tone that told Dean that this was more than idle curiosity.

“Sound like you’re asking about an old boyfriend, Cas,” he teased, deflecting the question.

“Am I asking about an old boyfriend?”

“What?! No!” Dean sat up so quickly he almost fell off the bed, much to Sam’s amusement.

“Hey Cas, ask Dean about his ‘gay thing!’” Sam called across the room, loudly enough that Castiel could hear him.

“Your gay thing?” Castiel asked. Dean could imagine how he looked at the moment, head tilted inquisitively and eyes squinting in mingled confusion and suspicion.

Dean sent a glare in his brother’s direction. “Ignore him, Cas,” he said. “We met Aaron a few years back. He was tailing me and covered it up by flirting with me. But nothing happened between us, babe, I swear.”

“I trust you, Dean,” Castiel said.

“Good,” Dean said, breathing a sigh of relief. He softened his voice, glancing self-consciously at Sam, who had thankfully returned his attention to his book. “When’re you comin’ home?” he asked, lying back down on the bed.

“Soon,” Castiel assured him. “Working with Crowley is… exhausting. And aggravating. I would like to take a break, perhaps when you return to the bunker.”

Dean smiled, relieved. “Can’t wait to see you. Miss you so much, sunshine.”

“I’ll be home soon,” Castiel said again.

“I know. I trust you too.” Dean paused and a grin broke out on his face. “Can you believe I killed Hitler, babe?”

Castiel’s tone was amused when he replied. “You’ve said. Would you like to tell me again, Dean?”

Dean sank farther into the bed and pulled a blanket over his torso. “Well, since you ask…”

Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father? It sucked.
—  Jun Kurosu, when he tries to explain his parents’ true nature

Carrying on in the season eight shadow watch following this post, I found a possible candidate for the shadows in Everybody Hates Hitler.  The Shadow Orcs in LARP and the Real Girl were said to be very good at hiding, which is a skill that seems to be shared by SPN’s version of the Thule Society, a group of Nazi necromancers.  In fact, the spell we see performed by a leader of the Thule Society seems to make him into something of an immortal shadow so that he can escape the Golem.  (The fact that this guy hasn’t aged since the 40s also reminds me of Cuthbert Sinclair/Albertus Magnus from Blade Runners.  Another shady guy who didn’t age, was involved with a secret society, and was really good at casting spells.) 

In EHH, Aaron says, “The Thules are still out there, hidden, active” and several times during the episode the Winchesters are told that they can kill one or two of them, but they can’t kill them all.  The shadow in the 7th shot is very reminiscent of the shadow we saw watching Sam and Amelia’s house in episode 8x1.  We are pretty darn sure this shadow is the guy stalking Aaron’s grandfather, and we were told by TPTB that the other shadow was actually Don.  Maybe so.  Still, it is interesting that they were shot in such a similar manner.

I’ve included the map from LARP and the Real Girl because in medieval geography, ultima Thule was thought to be a land beyond the borders of the known world and we can see that the Shadow Orc territory stretches off to the northern reaches of the Moondoor map.  Thule can also mean any far off land or even an unattainable goal or “the place where the sun goes to rest”.

Thule is also mentioned in an Edgar Allen Poe poem entitled “Dream-Land”

By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named Night,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule –
From a wild weird clime, that lieth, sublime,
Out of Space – out of Time.

On Supernatural, the Thule Society, the Judah Initiative and The Men of Letters all share ties in the past that came together again in Everybody Hates Hitler.  And this is a case where there are members of each group still alive and active after the episode ends, with plenty of threats for future interaction mixed in all along the line.

So, who knows?  Are the Thule Society sneaking around SPN?  Or perhaps another ancient mystical group from beyond the borders of the known world, wise in the ways of magic?  Someone out of space and/or out of time?  Time travel is popping up a lot in some rather subtle ways, too.  So perhaps these shadows have something to do with that.  Or they’re shadow selves of our principle characters.  I don’t know.

Carrying on…….

o k ok i love 8x13 but i mean it’ s suCH  a problematic ep. ………….. i mean like…… it has so man y prob l mes:

  • why does dean call aaron gingerbread. was aaron eating a gingerbread the first time dean saw him??? does dean like gingerbreads and that’s why he’s calling him that?????
  • wha t  is this ‘’’’’eye magic’’’’ they had at the quad that they speak of. idk i think i need 2 see this with  my ow N eyes. for science purposes. 
  • where is dean seeing this guy for the first time and being like ‘wow this guy is looking at me…. actually he’s kinda cute maybe if we wrap this thing up early i can get his number’????
  • where is the second time dean sees him and dean is like ‘fuck it’s that cute guy again fuc K he’s looking at me again fuck keep it smooth winchester. ur workin. get it together. walk away. just walk away. if u see him again later then u can speak to him.. .. because that will be like 3 times and that is prob like some sort of sign from the universe that u hAV E to go speak to him’
  • whe re is dean getting flustered when he looks at aaron for too long and bumps into multiple other people when he’s walking across the quad????
  • where is aaron preparing to just tail dean normally but then seeing dean (and the bright beacon of bisexuality that he is) and bein like… ‘hm…. maybe i could get this guy with a different angle….. a gay kind of angle….  i can flirt with him while tailing him at the same time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ ????
  • wh e re is dean getting all blushy before going to the bar just thinking about the cute guy he’d seen at the quad??? hoping that he’ll be at the bar??? imagining what they could do if they met up once the case is finished with???? getting flustered thinking about how this guy is interested in him????
  • g imme all the dean getting flustered over cut e bo ys pls
  • fu ck nazi necromancers jus t gimme 43 minutes of guys flirting with dean thank u xoxo

This disturbing moment when in a span of one week SPN introduces two new characters of similar facial features and not enough characteristic elements for my mind to remember their faces well enough in order to distinguish between them. 

Cue: me seeing pictures of Necromancer Eckhart before watching 8x13 and wondering why grandpa Winchester turns up one week later as a Nazi. XD


Supernatural 12x05 “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” Sneak Peek - EVERYBODY STILL HATES HITLER – After learning that the soul of Adolf Hitler has been trapped in a 1930’s gold pocket watch, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must act quickly to prevent a group of Nazi necromancers from resurrecting the Füror.

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x05 - “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”

So yeah.  It’s been an emotional week, and it took longer than usual to get this together.  Sorry about that.  Have some things. 

  1. I liked Ellie a lot.  She’s smart and awkward and hurting and just trying to figure things out.  Her reactions to basically everything were perfect, because holy shit she is entitled to all the meltdowns.  She’s been attacked, kidnapped, found out that Nazi zombies want her because she’s related to one of the Worst People Ever, she sees firsthand just how scary the Winchesters actually are (”shoot them in the head and set them on fire” and hey let’s execute this kid are particular favorite moments), etc. and came out of it more or less okay. 

    Also, the Winchesters are largely alive and not being eaten by Hitler’s new dogs because of her.  That first fight in the warehouse did not go well, and only ended because she fled.  Later, Ellie is the one who helps ensure their victory in the hangar.  Dean might kill Hitler, but Ellie’s the one who gives him an opening to get that party started.  

    TL;DR, Ellie is a badass.  I think she’s going to be an awesome doctor.
  2. I think a lot of us were expecting more Aaron time than just a Transatlantic telephone call.  Like, it’s nice they got in touch when the brothers twigged that the Thule were involved, and I like that we have some sense of what Aaron’s been up to (quitting school to hunt semi-immortal Nazis), but wow.  Just a tiny bit underwhelming.
  3. THAT BEING SAID, Wanek and Co. had a little ship party in that antique shop, Dean ate cake (he’s got a finished plate covered in chocolate frosting in the second diner scene), and Aaron Bass spent his phone call surrounded by pink and purple light, having just come out of a club (Das Murmeltier) named after an animal (the marmot) on the list of mammal species in which same-sex mates have been documented.  YEAH.

    Also, Dean absolutely checks out that pie Sam brings in.  Like, seriously considers it.  Because he’s still totally into pie even when it’s not his priority.
  4. So much of this episode is uncomfortably on point.  Like, it would have been screamingly funny in places if Trump hadn’t just won the White House two days prior.  

    Instead, we’re watching an episode of SPN drenched in things that resonate with the moment in an uncomfortable way: the idea that destabilization creates fertile ground for the rise of fascism, authoritarianism vs. personal identity and expression, the way those same authoritarian forces long for a return to those kinds of regimes, rank fucking misogyny, the shock some of those who buy into those concepts feel when confronted with the reality of how fucking terrifying their figureheads actually are, etc.

    It’s hard to punch the air and giggle about Dean killing Hitler when people are painting swastikas on schools and the existence of people like Mrs. Lloyd is harder to ignore than it was last week. 
  5. I am not sure what to make of Ellie and Marv as familiar names from previous characters.

    Marv is terrible in some of the same ways Metatron is: he’s in a fairly skeevy line of business, profiting from some of humanity’s worst impulses.

    Ellie, meanwhile, is both an Ellie (our previous one being the ranch hand from 8x14) and an Eleanor (like Dr. Visyak in S6).  The first is a woman who did a self-destructive thing in order to save someone she loves, while the former is a woman who isn’t what she seems, is an ally, and is ultimately killed in terribly unfortunate, fucked-up ways.  Ellie Grant is neither of these.  She’s a person who gets pulled into the action through an accident of her birth.
  6. This is the second time in two weeks that Sam has been in a position to support a woman whose peril resembles his own.  Last week it was someone with powers that made her believe she was evil.  This week it’s being born of a bloodline that affiliates one with a great evil.  

    I’m officially starting to worry about what the writers are planning to do to Sam.  Poor Sam.  

    Like, we can all agree that John Winchester wasn’t a Nazi necromancer who asked an underling to murder his sons for being inconvenient, but can we also agree that Dean and Sam by turns shared some of the kinds of experiences the Christoph did?  

    I don’t like this kid much, but I sympathize with him as someone brought up in something terrible, and hope he breaks with his past.

Bonus Thing: I liked some of the wordplay a lot.  The tool/Thule thing was subtle, and “Deutschnozzles” is among the best portmanteaus of 2016.  

Bonus Thing #2: So the old guard Thule are getting wiped out thanks to Aaron and his golem (and now the Winchesters), but a) they’re surely not all gone given that Aaron said that many of them are hiding in Germany, and b) Christoph’s existence suggest that there may be a new generation of Thule heirs being brought up.  Uncomfortably on point. 

Bonus Thing #3: Grenade launcher moment is so perfect.  THAT.  THAT IS THE ONE WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. 


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1/2 I understand not waning your favorite showrunners and writers to leave a show and wondering how it will affect everything, but everyone worrying about the brodependency and destiel: you don't get this kind of continuous progress on these storylines unless *everyone* is in agreement and on board, and on the same page on some level. They've been telling a cohesive story for years now, and you don't achieve without everyone in agreement on certain things.

2/2 Robbie Thompson by himself did not keep destiel going. Carver by himself did not keep destiel going. A slew of other writers, set directors, directors, costume designers, etc, keep these arcs/plots/stories flowing and moving. No one is going to suddenly drop two solid seasons worth of progress and years worth of subtext just because Carver and Thompson are gone, because that would imply that they were solely responsible for every bit of the destiel storyline. And that’s not how it works.

Yes. This.

And do you know who’s responsible for some of the most destiel things that have happened? Dabb and Singer.

Yes, yes. We know the Unforgivable Sin that Singer committed (or at least had a major hand in the commission of, and the subsequent falling out with fandom in the horrendous aftermath…) but as far as destiel and the brodependency go? Yeah. The entire writing, directing, editing… every department… they’re all on the same page. If they weren’t, we’d be seeing a really uneven, disjointed, incoherent mess of a narrative. And we really, really aren’t.

S11 especially has been honing on two main narrative points: You can’t outrun your past (wrestle your demons! Sam’s quote from 11.01: “What happened to us? Hunting things – were good at that, sure we’re great at that. But that’s only half of the bumper sticker, man.” They are literally revisiting the past and getting a chance to undo past mistakes, to make different choices, i.e. breaking the codependency through better understanding and effective communication, which is my stupid tag for this whole deal.) And the second main narrative focus of the season is love (in all its forms, negative, positive, romantic, familial, obsessive, supportive… just all of it.) And frankly, if ANY of the writers weren’t onboard with the direction the story’s been going (and it’s been going this way for the last four years or so), they’ve had plenty of opportunity to, you know, STOP writing for the show. You don’t write a rich, consistently layered narrative if you’re being forced to write something you fundamentally disagree with, you know? Well, I suppose you could, but it would be soulless and flat. And this show is not soulless.

*under a cut for length, you’re welcome people who Do Not Care about this stuff :P*

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Thoughts on 12x05

Just got around to watching the new episode before bed (I know I’m a little late to the party) and wow… Uh… I know they filmed this a while back but all the talk of resurrecting the Fuhrer being perfect in the current economic climate, and said Fuhrer exclaiming ‘imagine what I can do with Twitter!’ is just hitting a little too close to home at the moment eh?

The whole characterisation of him as a petulant child rather than a very intense serious figure just adds to the overall feeling that clearly SPN are out of fucks to give and are throwing clear political parallels in left right and center at this point xD

On a happier note though I’m getting the warm and fuzzies just imagining the next conversation Dean has with Cas.

“Hey, hey Cas, guess what? I killed Hitler.”


In fact Dean is a complete puppy throughout most of this episode, it’s nice to see him more upbeat, and frankly… enjoying himself and enjoying his job. It’s almost as if he’s comforted with a clear good/evil line for once, like he’s relishing in the fact that he gets to play the hero for once. 

I mean if we look back to Pacman Fever Charlie’s game was very similar to what Dean and Sam have just been through - fighting Nazi Necromancers (I think they might have been actual zombies in Charlie’s game but the two share similarities) to save the patients, or Ellie in this case. 

Basically Dean’s having a whale of a time and taking a lot of glee in potentially getting to use the grenade launcher to take out Nazis. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be in this episode, but hey, we’ve got plenty of time. 

One thing I was looking out for is how violent Dean was getting, as from experience it is generally this and lack of appetite that is always used to suggest something is very wrong with Dean. But I felt that they never go there - I mean, we’ve got Sam and Dean in a full out brawl, shooting people in the head etc. but their force never comes off as excessive. neither has to step in and stop the other when they believe they’re getting too rough, or getting too much enjoyment out of this.

Then Dean suggests they go get pie at the end of the episode.

I don’t know how much is conscious effort on the writers’ part, but we’re continuing down a path where Dean has yet to fall into old habits, the bad coping habits. Nothing to suggest he hasn’t slept, no excessive drinking…

I’m sure a lot of people have already torn apart the comment about sublimation being kinda Dean’s thing in relation to his habit of projecting his own insecurities onto others among other things - but it’s again worth noting as something Dean uses as a distraction in this particular episode. He has trouble expressing himself about how he feels about Mary leaving, so he takes satisfaction and security out of a relatively easy hunt where he gets to actually kill the bad guys. It’s not what he really wants, but it’s enough to channel some of the hurt and frustration into something good.

I’m no pro at psychology though, so don’t take my word for it xD

There’s more to say on this episode for sure but for now I don’t have the time or brain power to delve deeper into it >> time for bed!! Good night all :D