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remember when we shut down milo yiasjkfkdfjkl from speaking tonight


‘Rosen Auf Den Weg Gestreut / Embrace the Fascists’ is a song by Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird from the album Partisans & Parasites (2009), based on a 1931 poem by Kurt Tucholsky (1890–1935), a German-Jewish journalist, satirist and writer.

English lyrics:

You have to treat them nice and gentle
Do nothing rash, they’re sensitive
You must be somewhat sentimental
Respectful of the way they live
Don’t let your dogs attack them on the street
Embrace the fascists where you may meet

If they should call for hate or violence
Just let them talk, it is their right
And keep your protestations silent
You wouldn’t want to start a fight
For fighting is what they do best
Embrace the fascists and you’ll be blessed

And if they fire their guns upon you
Is life so precious in your eyes?
You would be sheep with wolves around you
Why not be gladly victimized?
And if you feel inside your guts
The Nazi dagger’s blade
Embrace the fascists that you have made


“Punch a Nazi” (ft. Rucka Rucka Ali) - Social Justice: The Musical (Chris Ray Gun, NSFW)

This one goes out to a certain SJW. You know who you are.


Damn Youth - No Mercy to Nazi Sympathy (EP) (2016)



Translating to ‘Swing Kids’ or ‘Swing Youth’ the Swingjugend were a group of teenagers between the ages of 14-18, that opposed Nazi Germany and the Hitler Youth. Their name acts as a parody of the numerous youth groups that flourished before the National Socialists. They also referred to themselves as Swings or Swingheinis (“Swingity”); the members were called “Swing-Boy”, “Swing-Girl” or “Old-Hot-Boy”. Throughout Germany, many young people were encouraged to join the fascist Hitler Youth movement. As swing music and Jazz music was offensive to Nazi ideology, because it was often performed by blacks (Negroes) and a number of Jewish musicians, the leaders formed their own group, focusing on American and British swing and jazz.  They organized dance festivals and contests and invited jazz bands. These events were occasions to mock the Nazis, the military and the Hitler Youth, and they even chanted “Swing Heil!”, mocking the Nazi “Sieg Heil!”


Raining Stars- LORD OF THE LOST, feat. FORMALIN

Aside from the violence/unhappy ending, this video is aesthetic heaven 💘