nazi impression

Hey remember that DC/Marvel crossover where Red Skull literally straight-up told the Joker he was a Nazi and the Joker immediately decided to break up their partnership and beat him to death? (He didn’t succeed but he did end up sacrificing his life to make sure Skull also died, so partial credit at least.)

I just think it’s interesting that DC in 1996 managed to do what @marvelentertainment in 2017 hasn’t even got the imagination to do, let alone the courage.

Just a little post in honor of Free Comic Books Day. 

[From Batman & Captain America, 1996.]

I made another (took me long enough) this time from Ultimis’ perspective upon arriving in the cellar in Call of the Dead.

I went into an empty bay in my work shop (with no working lights. It’s actually that dark lmao) to get the echo. I also played around with sound effects and the characters interacting with each other rather.. er… physically.

Let me know what you guys think! I love doing this!

anonymous asked:

Yeah i'm sorta pacifist and when i see the people in the 'let's punch/kill nazis' i get the impression that there is something distinctly wrong with these people. Generally, people who praise and salivate over the opportunity to hurt and kill people tend not to be remotely decent people.

I’m not going to pretend to be a saint, because yes, if I’m honest, the idea of a Nazi getting their face smashed in is very appealing. The thing is, if we allow that to happen, it’s a slippery slope downwards, and we saw that happen very quickly when “Nazi” suddenly became “someone that doesn’t completely agree with all of my political stances.”

It’s like everything. The idea of anyone that’s wronged me, my family or my friends getting beaten up? Great. Seriously engineering it so it’ll happen? Totally wrong.

We have to stick to our principles, especially when it’s difficult.