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Someone brought the Nazi iconography in Meta’s Die Walkure series to my attention so I’ve taken down that post; I promise that it was an oversight and I clocked it as just another Meta military-style series rather than an intentional inclusion of that line of content. I want to offer my sincerest apologies to anyone who I may have upset or made feel unsafe though my carelessness, and make it clear that I am fundamentally opposed to Nazi and fascist ideologies; they have no place on this blog. I am very sorry.

And if anyone is preparing to come in my ask box all “keep your politics off your fashion blog” or whatever, save your breath and unfollow. Now. I have zero tolerance for your Nazi inclusive attitudes and you are not welcome on this blog or in my social circles.

The thing that apologists of characters like Grant Ward or Kylo Ren do not seem to be able to process is that:

Even if you start from the idea that these characters were abused and victims of indoctrination (something that was canon for Ward and something that was not canon for Kylo Ren)…

Even if you accept the weak justification that HYDRA and the First Order are not literally Nazis, the former being founded by a character meant to be the most Nazi of all Nazis, the latter committing actual genocide in their destruction of five planets, and both organizations relying heavily on Nazi imagery, design, and iconography…

There is a point where a person is accountable for their own actions.  

Grant Ward and Kylo Ren are adults.  Not children.  And just because someone may have had a bad childhood - something that I will emphasize again has not been canonically established in the case of Kylo Ren - that is not an excuse for assault, murder, torture, rape in Grant Ward’s case, and so on.

Grant Ward and Kylo Ren have both been portrayed as being aware of their actions and having autonomy of choice.  We see both characters acknowledging the possibility of other decisions.  We see them considering those decisions and choosing otherwise.  They are in full possession of their decision making abilities.  

Grant Ward and Kylo Ren are not Bucky Barnes, who continued to fight his conditioning whenever possible and was forced back into a subservient state when this was discovered.  They are not Rip Hunter, who was literally rewritten by someone with direct access to his mind, his emotional connections to past and present warped and obliterated.

Unlike Bucky Barnes, there is no one actively interfering when Grant Ward and Kylo Ren take the time to consider the decisions that they’re making.  No one is shoving them back into any terrifying science fiction machine.  Unlike Rip Hunter, both characters are aware of and still retain their emotional connections to characters like Thomas, Daisy, Han and Leia.  They have consciously chosen to reject them.

Grant Ward and Kylo Ren are tragic characters in a way.  But they aren’t tragic for “dying without anyone getting a chance to know who he really is” (in Ward’s case) or “for being rejected despite being mentally ill and an abuse victim.”

Grant Ward and Kylo Ren have proven who they are many times over.  They’re not being rejected for mental illness and abuse.

They’re being rejected because they have committed murder, torture, betrayal, rape (Ward), ordered a massacre and assisted a genocide (Kylo) and so on.

The tragedy of Grant Ward and Kylo Ren is that both characters could have chosen to be other than what they are, and have repeatedly decided to be monsters instead.

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You know what's gonna happen don't you? In 10-20 years when Trump is super fucking discredited, people in the left are gonna always bring up the fact that Jared and Ivanka are Jewish, I mean I keep seeing right wing assholes push the idea that Milo (long hard to spell fake Greek last name) is "Jewish" as a reason why he just CANT be a Nazi, so in 10 years when the alt-right is dead everyone will make sure to mention he's Jewish, like the right always does with Marx and Trotsky

Yes, this is a major risk. People are going to be “counting noses” in the Trump Admin / movement for years, when it comes to payback. It has already begun.

Milo Yiannopoulos’ mother’s mother was Jewish; that means that halachically both his mother and him are Jews, though they both were raised Catholic. There is no Jewish observance or culture in his upbringing. Now - TO BE CLEAR - the children of Jews are Jews and are deserving of a welcome as such. Anyone from an interfaith background should bear that in mind for the next few sentences:

Milo has rejected Judaism. Explicitly. Violently. He only ever mentions his background in order to misappropriate innocence and Jew-wash his antisemitism. There were plenty of Nazi troops who had the same degree of ancestry as he did. He describes himself as a “warrior for Christ,” trafficks in Nazi memes and iconography, and says Krystallnacht made him happy because Jews are vipers and the synagogue of Satan.

We would have welcomed him. But he doesn’t want us. He seeks our destruction.

None of that matters, they will indeed just count him as a Jew to clear his name and use him against us.

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I'm kinda inclined to agree with that anon on most of that but you definitely don't complain as much as they were making you out to be. That being said, as a Jew I can't stand when people just throw the word "Nazi" around so easily. It trivializes the actual pain and suffering caused during the Holocaust by more than you can imagine.

im talking about the actual, literal nazis that infest this website. if you havent seen any you probably dont interact with a lot of other blogs because ive seen at least a hundred different blogs that have some sort of specifically nazi iconography in it. when i say “nazi” i mean actual, no holds barred nazis that are on here. aside from that, i dont fucking care if you agree with the rest of that ask because its pure bullshit and no, i wont be satisfied until this website gets better or a better one shows up in regards to lgbt issues because, frankly, if this is “the most lgbt-friendly website on the internet” we need more.


Militarization of Pepe the Frog & Kekistan

When the figure of Pepe the frog transformed into a hate symbol, it also became known as “Kek” also drawing from the Egyptian frog deity of doom. “Kekistan” refers to the subculture of Kek meme producers who are antiestablishment, anti-Semitic, Neo-nazi, white supremest, and anti-feminist. This selection of Pepe images reused historic Nazi imagery and Trump iconography such as the MAGA hat & his hair.

Tonight in For Honor

So, this is a letter to anyone playing For Honor that I happen across while I’m playing. 

1. If you’ve got an offensive emblem, I’m going to report you.

2. If your emblem is a swastika, or any other form of Nazi iconography, I will report you, make it my mission to see you lose the match, and hunt you down as much as I possibly can in game. Just like I did tonight. 

As long as you all keep those things in mind, we’ll have fun and there won’t be any issues. After all, this game is called For Honor, and there is no honor in being a jerk like the above points.

One thing I wonder is, why aren’t Jews offended by Wolfenstein? I mean, it’s painfully obvious that the Nazis you’re seeing in the game aren’t actually related to the NSDAP that systematically murdered millions during its time in power, but rather a typical science fiction/fantasy “evil empire” with Nazi iconography pasted over it and some vague references to racial politics.

I dunno, but if someone made a game with Omar Mateen as some sort of master anti-gay space wizard I’d be kinda skeeved out, because it’s taking a very real crime that was perpetrated against my tribe and turning it into fantasy.

I’m sure for many, the idea of a violent revenge fantasy will override what I’m saying (and I’m not necessarily in too much of a place to judge, I fucking loved IS Defense in part because of that) but doesn’t turning the Nazis into cartoon bad guys kind of trivialize their real, historical actions?

here’s another post about the ugly fucking dove because people are STILL being disgusting about it lmao

how many times do we need to say that it’s not about the dove??? it’s not.about the dove. it’s not about the dovr it’s not about the fucking dove

nobody thinks that the icon was purposely created with the intention of resembling nazi imagery. and had the creator of the icon been like “oh hey i didn’t even realize it could be potentially read in that way, i’m sorry and i’ll change its position!” this whole thing would be over

nobody cares about the fucking DOVE

what we’re upset about is that we have goyim arguing with us about what is or is not antisemitic because a few of their jewish friends said the icon is okay. we’re upset that the other side of the ace discourse is literally MOCKING us for expressing that we feel uncomfortable and unsafe because of how that side of the discourse is treating jewish people, especially ones that they disagree with.

i’m upset because i’ve had to explain this a million times and still every time we mention the antisemitism we’ve experienced within ace discourse we get pages of “IT’S A FUCKING DOVE!!! HERE IS ANOTHER BIRD DOES IT OFFEND YOU???” because you people are purposely refusing to listen to what we’re saying.

when multiple members of an oppressed group tell you something is offensive and/or makes them uncomfortable, that’s it. that’s the end. it doesn’t matter if other people in that group say it’s okay. there are plenty of jewish people i know who are fine with hearing and telling graphic disgusting holocaust jokes, does that mean it’s suddenly an okay thing to do? no.

we don’t call you antisemites because you made an icon that unintentionally resembled nazi iconography. we call you antisemites because you refuse to listen to us, you mock us, you accuse us of lying and of being paranoid, and you have done everything in your power to spread that icon to as many people as you can.

that icon makes me feel sick and unsafe as a jewish person not because it resembles the iron eagle but because it represents that group of people on the other side of the ace discourse that has made it perfectly clear that they don’t give a shit about jewish people unless those jewish people agree with them about unrelated topics.

you are antisemites. your behavior is antisemitic. stop mocking jewish people for feeling unsafe just because they disagree with you about who is inherently lgbt for fucks sake


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I'm not a Nazi. I have Jewish friends and a Jewish family member. I make posts about military history, etymology, and family history. I am in no way anti-Semitic and I'm sorry some of you in the Jewish community have mistaken me as such.

your blog is filled with pictures of nazis and nazi iconography? your bio literally says “pro-german empire”? i’d like to believe you if you say you’re not antisemitic but you need to explain those things.

No, Hydra and the Empire/First Order Are Not Interchangeable

Every time I mention on Twitter that the enthusiasm with which fandom has embraced Hydra as fun/funny/cool really creeps me out, I promptly get a small flood of people either demanding to know why I am trying to censor Star Wars fans, or using what I said about Hydra to castigate people who cosplay the Empire/First Order/Whoever.

No, and no. 

This is the difference, or at least the difference as relevant to this conversation:

Is there any risk that someone who glimpses your 501st or Kylo Ren costume from a block away might be survivor of the Jedi massacre or someone who was drafted during the Clone War? 

That would be a no.

Hydra, on the other hand, is a fictional entity situated firmly–in both narrative and popular perception–in an actual real-life genocide within living memory.

For me, this renders certain issues fairly black-and-white. For instance:

I don’t think it is ever okay to publicly cosplay in an outfit that is reasonably mistakable from any distance for a Nazi uniform, or which employs symbols easily mistakable for Nazi iconography. Period. 

As far as the rest of Hydra fandom: I don’t think that shit is funny, but I also recognize that it exists in a much grayer area than what I’m talking about above. I don’t think “Hail Hydra” memes involving Sesame Street characters are cute, and I will not respond positively if you tweet them at me or whisper “Hail Hydra” to me at a convention. OTOH, I found Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra pretty charming. Like most humans, I am a creature of not entirely consistent passions. *shrug*


  • Yes, I am aware that the swastika was a Buddhist and Hindu symbol before it was a Nazi symbol. Yes, I am aware that there are subtle differences between those versions. Yes, I agree that it is totally unfair that genocidal fascists can appropriate and permanently ruin someone else’s perfectly innocent religious symbol. My heart goes out to you. Don’t wear swastikas.
  • And yes, if you are in the United States, you have the legal right to go outside in not only a Hydra costume or a Buddhist swastika, but full Nazi regalia, should you so choose. That does not make it an acceptable thing to do. There are plenty of things that are perfectly legal and also total dick moves.

  • If you are about to argue that Hydra isn’t really a Nazi thing, or it’s not that Nazi, or it’s more of a Nazi thing in the movies than the comics, please take a minute to consider whether “there is a medium in which they are maybe a little less actually Nazis but still kind of actually Nazis” is actually the hill you want to fight and die on. (No.)
  • There is probably an interesting and lively conversation to be had about the implications, ethics, and history of fandom focused around fantasy fascists. This is not that conversation.

Hey, staff, instead of making me block the Nazi blogs you keep recommending me so that I don’t have to see a fucking Swastika on my dash every day, why don’t you stop recommending Nazi blogs. If I talk about anti-semitism on this site, it’s like you literally said “Oh, anti-semitism? Here are some anti-semites you might enjoy having threaten to finish the job for Hitler!” 

Fix your recommendation algorithms or stop them altogether. I’m going to quit this site if I keep having Nazi iconography shoved in my face.


A grumpy Jew