nazi donald duck

Side eyeing all the people that keep saying Donald Duck was a Nazi. If they watched the dang propaganda cartoon they would realize it was a nightmare as well as talking about how suppressed Nazi Germany was at the time. So that doesn’t make it a-okay for people to keep comparing Donald and his family to Trump. Donald Duck has so much love in his heart, why must you slander his image?

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I mean, seriously. Donald Duck wakes up from the nightmare, and is so relieved to *not* be a nazi that he proceeds to make out with the Statue of Liberty. I get how it's a painful cartoon to watch (surreal, too, hearing him shout out "Heil Hitler!" 30 times), but the ending of it makes it awfully clear that Donald is not nor would ever want to be a nazi. People really should see a text through all the way to the end before they start making assertions about it.

This is the original poster of the short:

If that alone doesn’t say what side Donald Duck is on… I don’t know what else would.

“Throughout my life, Disney has made me who I am today. It’s the whole reason I dream, stay optimistic, and am even alive. My boyfriend is latched onto the idea that Walt was a follower of the Nazis during WWII and lets it cloud his openness for Disney and his ability to enjoy it. I’m almost afraid that he only tolerates my love for it because of it. I can only hope that one day he’ll understand and see why it’s such a huge part of me…”

Screenshot from the Walt Disney anti-Nazi propaganda short ’Der Fuehrer’s Face’.