nazi costume

Anyone imagining that they would be a super chill school administrator needs to consider hosting a school-related Halloween event where a bunch of teenagers show up dressed in:

 - Nazi uniforms
 - Mohammed costume, carrying oversized cartoon-style bomb
 - blackface
 - two dudes each wearing tall cubical costumes, standing next to each other then falling down. “We’re the twin towers on 9/11!”
 - crude Native American costume (white guy)
 - crude Native American costume (ndn guy)
 - crude Native American costume (white guy who’s like, 1/16 Cherokee)
 - white sheet (I’m a ghost!)
 - white sheet (I’m a KKK Grand Wizard!)
 - black body suit with painted skeleton (I’m a spooky skeleton!)
 - black body suit with painted skeleton (I’m a Haitian Voodoo Practitioner!)
 - cheap witch costume
 - Official Wiccan witch costume (our religion is not a joke!)
 - anime cosplay (the worst!)

They’re all taking photos of each other and uploading them with the most offensive captions they can think up, and tagging them with the school name.

You’re already getting texts from Concerned Parents.

You have a meeting with the board tomorrow.

What do you do, hot shot?


PoW: Hello son, how are you tonight?
H: Fine daddy. What happened?
PoW: Not much, you know, I was wondering if by any instance you read DM?
H: Another article?
PoW: Yes. A great one. You should check and get back at me as soon as possible.
H: Yes sir.
(30 min and three shots later)
H: Dad…. I read.
PoW: You did? Astonished! Camilla can’t stop laughing.
H: Sorry dad, it will never happen again. I will never embarrass our family again.
PoW: That’s what you said after the Nazi costume, the intercalation with the paparazzi, although, this one you had a reason. Also you said that after Vegas… And now this?
H: … Sorry dad 😢
PoW: Hopefully you learned the lesson…
H: Dad, I will have a few engagements then I thought about traveling…
PoW: No! You gonna work. Your brother will be a full time royal and also yourself.
H: OK dad…(mumbling) whatever
PoW: What did you just say?
H: Nothing Sir.
PoW: You’d better. Goodnight!


Zack Davies is a Welsh man who was recently charged with attempting to behead someone in a supermarket. Davies appears to have a fascination with genocide, destruction and violence, spending hundreds of pounds on Nazi memorabilia and costumes and fantasising about killing people. Shortly before the attempted murder, he told police: “I got very fascinated by Jihadi John and was inspired by him. I even had a (Jihadi John) mask.”  On the day of the attack on the victim, Dr Bhambra, at the store in Mold, Davies said he had thought about wearing the mask and attacking his mother’s boyfriend while shouting out: “Allahu Akbar”. 

Davies, admitted to wounding dentist Dr Bhambra with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, but he denies attempted murder. In court he told his barrister that he was supporting White Power and he did it to avenge Lee Rigby’s death.

So. Weird request time. Yes I have just come back from an extended vacation, and now I have a question. Does anyone know where i can get a good quality but low cost Nazi (SS black or navy blue would be awesome) costume replica, so trousers, belt, gun holster, jacket, shirt, cap boots, swastika, everything. I would like to make it clear that it's for COSTUME AND COSPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. I do not support the Nazis or anything they did.

I know, weird

“Hydra Bob is so cute! he’s a precious cinnamon roll!” no, hes a Nazi. i fucking hate marvel fans and their constant pro-Hydra shit. theyre just Nazis in costumes.