nazi children


@62-watermelons :’) Look how gross they are someone kill me…. bases off this x   also hux took the time to actually get dressed. AGH I can just imagine like pre-relationship kylux and them totally doing this also having the excuse ‘I have no one else to go with so I’ll go with you’ but in reality they hard core crushin’ on each other ALSO IF THERE ARE ANY WRITERS OUT THERE do a modern AU! thing for this please and send it to me I live for these two


“How does one mourn for six million people who died? How many candles does one light? How many prayers does one recite? Do we know how to remember the victims, their solitude, their helplessness? They left us without a trace, and we are their trace.” -Elie Wiesel.

The Holocaust is a scar in our history. 6 Million Jews were murdered by the evil Nazis. Women, men and children as one. Between the victims there were also war prisoners, Homosexuals, Disabled people etc. – Those who didn’t match the Nazis’ rotten ideology. Those who were considered too inferior to live.

All of us are different. We shall accept the differences between us and treat each other with respect. We shall avoid hate, judgment and stereotypes. Fill your heart with love to the people around you, live in peace and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. We shall all remember the terrors of the Holocaust, and take it with us in our hearts as each day goes, and never let anything like this happen again. Never again.

International Holocaust Remembers Day 2017.



I don’t like them when I see the film (actually I still don’t like them) because they are just a bunch of spoiled nazi-ish children, but somehow all the fanart/fanfic packaged them into an extreme love-hate-competition relationship and I really have no defense against it


I am never going to let them live that down
  • Me: What about more female superheroes?
  • Them: No, they don't sell merch.
  • Me: And Nazi Cap does?
  • -
  • Me: Pls let Cap have a boyfriend!
  • Them: Think of the children!
  • Me: Nazi Cap thinks of the children.
  • -
  • Me: More ethnic minorities a superheroes pls
  • Them: Yeah, but that's such a niche interest, we won't make enough money
  • Me: Nazi. Cap.
  • -
  • Me: Wouldn't it be amazing if Bucky became Steve's boyfriend?
  • Them: That doesn't make sense at all, they are bros, nothing proves that Cap is bi!
  • Me: But Cap being Hydra makes sense and was foreshadowed for a long time. Sure.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Oh you know *Cue thirty seven gun shots and a certain sparkly creature hitting the wall screaming as his blood gushes out of every hole the bullets leave* A REAL FUCKING VAMPIRE!!

Take a good hard look, this ladies and gentlemen is what real vampires look like! No sparkles, just honest to unholy goodness, blood, gore, predatory, monsterous, arcane, nazi killing undead children of the night!
When Francis Coppola created  Bram Stoker’s Dracula he had no idea his work would go on to inspire this, I hope where old Franky is he knows about Hellsing and is bloody proud that he unintentionally helped with the concept.

So yeah, I am hellsing thrash, judge me all you want but I’ll just be here with my real vampires thank you very much!

Why is that whenever the German government does something and some other foreign government doesn’t like, their first go to is call them nazis. Why do politicians, people who are voted into their place and who have the well being of millions of people upon their back, always retort to the “uhh nazi” card