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Getting rid of nazis on your blog

Hey, if you’re sick of nazis on your Tumblr but you keep on having to block new ones, Tumblr’s most recent experimental feature can probably really help you out. It’s called Reblog Graphs and you can test it here

Basically, what it does is show you a network of how your post was reblogged and who were big influencers in getting lots of reblogs. That’s useful in general but extra usefull if you want to know who to block to get rid of shit on your dash. 

For example, this post that I wrote got a lot of notes and when I use Reblog Graphs is generates this graph:

I’m the yellow dot and all the other dots are reblogs, the bigger the dot, the most reblogs originated from that reblog. Next, I can click on the dots and see who they are and what content they added. For example:

When @thatdiabolicalfeminist reblogged my post the result was a lot of supportive reblogs, helpful feedback and conversations that I want to have. 

But check out the other cluster: 

When wogbeginatcalais reblogged my post the result was a stream of hateful comments by white supremacist, nazi blogs and nazi trolls. Not stuff I want and one reblog started all of it. 

I had blocked a lot of white supremacist blogs when the hate started, but according to Reblog Graph I missed out on quite a lot of the most important blogs that were causing my post to be noticed by these shits in the first place. By blocking key nazi dots in this chain, I can now more effectively stop nazi shits from finding my posts. Good to know!

That’s all. Happy Tumblring. 

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when-not-where  asked:

Do you wanna explain the story of Tumblr user Pizza for the younger bloggers?

oh jesus christ. jesus fucking christ. there was some rich Discoursing on this one. 

so tumblr user pizza was an incredibly popular user who was mostly known for shitposting, being #Relatable, and having the much-coveted url they also frequently responded to any post that mentioned pizza as if someone was talking about/to them. here are some examples of popular posts that they made or contributed to

i’ve discussed how much i hate the term “tumblr famous,” but let’s face it–pizza was “tumblr famous.” i have no idea how many followers they had, but it’s safe to say that the number was astronomically high (one source i read said 500k+ but i’m not sure how reliable that is).

in january 2014, some shit starting coming to light via call-out posts pertaining to pizza’s history of racism (a sentence i cannot believe i just typed. im talking about a call out post for racist pizza right now. why haven’t i deleted yet). 

basically, pizza was a white girl, but she had a “black people” tag and tags on her blog that utilized the n-word, like #n****stories and #n****fight. all of these tags contained racist stories or jokes which used black people as a punchline. here are some screenshots taken from those tags and a brief explanation of what happened immediately afterward. obviously, TW for racism and slurs.

pizza responded to the criticism by deleting the posts in the tags and apologizing, saying that she had created the tags over a year before and had learned and grown since then and wasn’t racist and was so embarrassed and thought the n-word was just a nickname and not a slur….blah blah blah. it’s incredibly difficult to find the original apology post (or the apology video she made) but that’s the gist.

people then fired back by pointing out:

  • she still had links to the tags in question prominently displayed on her blog until the call out post started circulated
  • she had just made a post linking someone to those tags three days before shit hit the fan (which is why shit hit the fan in the first place)
  • she had been called out before and told why those tags were racist and had ignored it

the apology was largely seen as inadequate, and she was criticized for focusing on how embarrassed she was by the whole thing, how it affected her, and for not acknowledging that what she did was racist. and there was much memeing.

so basically there was a lot of Discoursing on tumblr user pizza being Problematic and her popularity RAPIDLY declined. however, the final nail in her coffin came when her account was terminated in august 2014.

although a lot of people were thrilled to see her blog deleted, there was initially a lot of confusion about why she was terminated. there were rumors that she was terminated specifically because of her racism, and that she had been reported for violating community guidelines.

but as we can tell from the plethora of gross neo-nazi and white supremacist blogs that continue to exist unchecked by tumblr @staff, tumblr does jack shit about blogs that spew hate speech!!! 

no, tumblr user pizza was not deleted for racism. she was deleted for advertising and promoting a diet pill that was known to be a scam, which is a violation of a community guideline that the tumblr staff actually cares about. 

☕️  👀 

she went on to make another blog (larrytattoos i think???) 

but no one cared and so she faded into obscurity where she belongs.

Remember That Neo-Nazi From Last Week?

Tumblr pulled down his blog. His rampant anti-Semitism and racism had to be addressed. This (!) is how a social media platform should respond to people promoting hate speech and entertaining violence against other racial groups. Twitter should have done that with Trump’s profile long ago, especially because he’s also using the site to promote false and misleading information. That makes his profile as dangerous as the profile Tumblr took down. I thank the Tumblr staff for taking swift action as they always have. Consider this a warning issued to any blogger who promotes hate speech and calls for violence toward people on the basis of their religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

‘Ew i can’t belIEVE tumblr recommended me a shimadacest blog I’m DISGUSTED’

Tumblr recommends nazi blogs to jewish bloggers and shit on like a regular basis the site is poorly built sometimes chill karen

i know i’m being hyperbolic because there’s actual nazis and shit on this site but that dankmemesreasonforliving blog that tumblr keeps recommending me that’s nothing but the corniest of those “depression as a personal internet brand” memes is the worst

anonymous asked:

Spike, in sorry but I don't think that Tumblr is deleting u. There S actual nazis on this website (like, not SJW so-called nazis but actual swastica nazis) and Tumblr doesn't delete their blogs so why would staff delete u when ur just a run of the milk antisjw I'm skeptical

I know right?! It’s fucking strange and I genuinely don’t understand but tumblr claims it’s for harassment and have sent me paragraphs begging me to not come back..

  • Tumblr users: @staff there are a lot of nazi, pedophile, and white supremacist blogs on here and they're harassing people can you address that
  • Tumblr staff: ................
  • Tumblr users: I see you changed the format of comments if you have time for that do you have time to address these hate blogs that are still harassing users, a lot of those victims are minors
  • Tumblr staff: ................
  • Tumblr users: seriously a lot of minors are being targeted with hate speech and it's really harmful to them can you please do something to stop this
  • Tumblr staff: ................
  • John Green: one of my captions got changed
  • Tumblr staff: ok we'll make a huge website change for you so that nobody can change captions
  • Tumblr users: hey while you're doing that can you please deal with these hate blogs they're sending rape and death threats a lot of minors are feeling really threatened and fearing for their safety
  • Tumblr staff: ................
  • Tumblr users: *get frustrated that one rich white dude complaining is important enough for a huge change but the mental health and safety of minors being harassed by literal nazis/white supremacists/ pedophiles apparently isn't as important*
  • Tumblr users: hey since you agree cyber bullying is bad and you're addressing that for John Green and making it obvious you DO pay attention to our complaints can you stop ignoring us when we ask you to deal with the fucking nazis white supremacists and pedophiles that are harassing and threatening other users since you literally just said you take cyber bullying seriously
  • Tumblr staff: ...................................................................................
  • Recommended blogs: hey follow this nazi blog

Disguising how Tumblr takes down Leelah’s blog because her shitty ass parents told them too yet Tumblr doesn’t do shit about users who harass others or all the disgusting hate blogs on this site. There are literal Neo-Nazi blogs out there and Tumblr does nothing about those.

Fuck you, staff. For taking down the blog of a girl who killed herself at the command of the parents who caused her to commit suicide in the first place, and for not taking down legitimately harmful blogs.

And fuck Carla and Doug Alcorn for making their child feel like she was worthless to the point where she killed herself.

  • Tumblr: why are we losing users
  • Tumblr:
  • Tumblr: *doesn't respond to harassment blogs*
  • Tumblr: *never cares about the nonfunctional mobile app for their website*
  • Tumblr: *only updates the most useless appearance aspects*
  • Tumblr: *doesn't take care of blogs with underage porn*
  • Tumblr: *lets literal rapists/neo-nazis/pedophiles continue to blog and harrass users*
  • Tumblr: *practically eliminates chances of exposure for bloggers with a useless tagging system*
  • Tumblr: *eliminates mobile bloggers with their defunct mobile app*
  • Tumblr:
  • Tumblr:
  • Tumblr:
  • Tumblr: why are we losing users

Here’s the problem…well, here’s a problem with Tumblr - the slippery slope of suggestions. See, I love history, and followed a bunch of World War One blogs. Then Suggestions suggested World War Two blogs. Which is cool, it’s the more popular direct sequel, and it’s also interesting. But aparently if you like blogs about WWII, Tumblr thinks you’re a fucking Nazi, even though you think Nazis wouldn’t be hot on that shit since the war did not go well for them. The suggestions are just fucking “1488” “SS” “Down-with-ZOG” whatever the fuck to the point that it’s genuinely upsetting.

I’m not sure, but I think the Nazis must have Trojan-horsed me with what I assumed was an aesthetics blog. You know what I’m talking about, one of those gentle, unassuming blogs called european-beauty or whatever with pretty white girls with flower crowns and vaguely slavic dresses standing alone in fields of wheat. It’s not even sinister because it looks just like a Joanna Newsome cover.

They’re always going on about protecting white women but they always leave them alone in vast f i e l d s o f w h e a t

Nazi/Neo-Nazi blogs

That’s right. There are in fact tumblr users who think Hitler was right. No we aren’t talking about blogs that just post pictures of WWII stuff,we are talking blogs that admit to be Nazis,think the nazis were hot and support them despite the horrors they caused, and/or think the party was right.  

We don’t get it ether.  But at least we can compile a list of their urls so you can block them before they start trying to fill your inbox with lies and hate. 

Urls under the cut. 

Tw: Nazis,Racism,Anti-Semitics,Homophobia,Transphobia,Biphobia,and a whole lot more.

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Status Update, 4/30/15

1. No new harassment to this blog since yesterday.  Unknown how long this period of calm will last.

2. General request to all bloggers: Please DO NOT attempt to hoard neo-nazi blog urls.  Three reasons for this request:

First, hoarding the addresses makes the neo-nazis more difficult to block, as we will have to alert everyone when they inevitably create an even-more-disgusting-and-offensive address to replace the hoarded one.

Second, it puts the hoarder of the URL at risk if/when Tumblr gets off its collective ass and does something.

Third, it gives the Neo-Nazis deniability.  “It wasn’t me that did it, it was the current holder of the url!”

3. The advertiser database is growing; there are currently 28 known advertisers, at least 20 of which have partial or nearly complete contact information.  We ask that volunteers begin contacting these advertisers; a form letter is available for use here

4. A petition has been started for the stated goals of this blog–to get the Neo-Nazis off of Tumblr.  As of the posting of this status update, there were 782 signatures on it.  Please signal boost the petition.  

5. We ask that non-text submissions be sent to this operation’s email address, at

6. Please signal boost this post.

Progress Update

First and foremost: this blog is presently under heavy attack by the Neo-Nazis; at least a half a dozen attempts at submitting gore and harassing text to the inbox have been made.  First attempt blocking has been used, so it is unknown how many attempts have been made in actuality. 

However, this is likely a good thing, in a larger view.  This blog is being seen as a threat, and they are focusing on it.  All they are accomplishing is stiffening our resolve.

Second point: An email has been set up for this account: 

We are accepting submissions of advertiser material, form letters and we welcome having people forward the Tumblr email alerts of harassing messages to this address.  All we ask is that messages coming in in this fashion be tagged in the header with [Tumblr Message Alert] so that they can be filtered and sorted appropriately. 

Harassers, if you wish to do the same and give additional evidence in the legal cases against yourselves, feel free to do so.  A great deal can be ascertained by the detailed examination of an email header, and a number of the volunteers in this account’s Tumblr inbox have expressed their sincere desire in doing exactly so. 

Third point: The database has been set up and can be found here (link to Google Drive spreadsheet).  At the moment, it is set to view-only.  Volunteers interested in curating this database are highly desired.

At the moment, there are three sub-pages available: Advertisers, Neo-Nazi Blogs and Cyberbullying Record.  The latter two sub-pages are flagged with Content Trigger Warnings. 

Page Layouts:

Advertiser Information is laid out as follows, for people that wish to submit collated information for easy input to this page (Link to original post regarding request for Advertiser information):

[Advertiser Name], [Last Reported Ad], [Contact Email], [Facebook Page Link], [Twitter Account Link], [Tumblr Account Link], [Phone Number], [Notes]

Neo-Nazi Blogs page is laid out as follows (list of names courtesy of jewish-privilege‘s Block List and @hanslovinde’s PSA):

[Blog Name], [Known Aliases], [Presently Active Aliases], [Confirmed Text Harassment? Yes/No], [Confirmed Image Harassment? Yes/No], [Confirmed Video Harassment? Yes/No], [Confirmed Audio Harassment? Yes/No], [Harassment Notes], [Other Notes]

Cyberbullying Record page is laid out as follows:

[Date of Harassment], [Name Of Harassing Account At Time Of Harassment], [Victims of Harassment, with link to screenshot if available], [Notes]

Again, volunteers willing to help curate one or more pages of this database, please, we need your assistance. 

Fourth point: Screenshots of ads and of harassment are being stored in the same google drive account, and sorted by type and by month. 

Link to Advertiser Screenshot Folder

Link to Harassment Screenshot Folder (General Content TW)

For advertisement screenshot images, we request that screenshots be given the following file name format: [mm-dd-yy]_[ad company name]

For harassment screenshot images, we request that screenshots be given the following file name format: [mm-dd-yy]_[name of harassing blog]_[name of victim blog]

Submissions to are welcome.  Please flag the emails in the subject title with [Harassment-Screenshot] or [Advertiser Screenshot] as appropriate. 

To protect submitter identities, we will be removing meta-data from these images as best we can.

Fifth Point: Form Letters and Call Forms are still needed.  Please submit these either to the submit box for this blog, or to  For emails, we ask that the Subject line be tagged with Form Letter or Call Form, for ease of sorting.  Link to original post regarding request for Form Letters.

Upon submission, acceptance and editing, they will be posted at this document for general use.

Sixth and Final Point: Another Signal Boost for this post.  Please reblog and spread the word.  

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