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Who wants to volunteer to slap Enda because boy is he terrifyingly complacent about the whole thing

  • Maxis: So who are your three handsome escorts?
  • Richtofen: I’m afraid neither three speak a word of German. They’re friends of mine from other countries. This is the wonderful Russian stuntman, Nikolai Belinski; a very talented solider, Tank Dempsey; and Tank’s fighting assistant, Takeo Masaki. Gentlemen, this is an old friend, Dr. Ludwig Maxis of the Group 935.
  • Tank: [In German with a terrible accent]: Guten Tag.
  • Maxis: [in flawless German]: Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure; the friends of our cherished star, admired by all of us, this outright jewel of our culture, are naturally going to be under my personal protection for the duration of their stay.
  • Tank: [after a pause]: Danke.
  • Maxis: Dan…ke? Say it for me once please?
  • Nikolai: [mispronouncing the name]: Da-nke.
  • Maxis: I’m sorry, again?
  • Takeo [slightly annoyed]: Danke.
  • Maxis: Once more?
  • Tank: [obviously annoyed, leans forward and whispers]: Danke, you fuckin’ kraut.
I like to make fun of nazi bros

If I look at your profile to see what kind of nazi bastard with quirky screen name are you and look into your “Posts” to see how you glorifying white race and how everybody else is below us (because I am a white guy too), but then look into your “Likes” and see you liking photos and videos of interracial couples having sexy time … well … I guess somebody doesn’t want other people to know what they do in their free time. Or they forgot to turn off “Show Likes” in Settings. Probably both. 


Three main factions during the Second American Civil War-Battle for Berkeley:


*those who disagree with them, regardless of actual political affiliation or belief system, including but not limited to immigrants in limos, trump supporters, meme meisters, straight cishet males, libertarians, center-leftist… etc.

Of All the Gin Joints - Chapter One

When Killian Jones decided to move stateside after the war, he expected some amount of trouble. He was tending bar in Manhattan, after all, while his brother was scrounging with low-lifes just to keep them safe from the rising criminal enterprises. Yes, Killian Jones had counted on a lot of things after getting settled as a civilian. He just hadn’t counted on her.

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CW: descriptions of murders, violence, alcohol

                                            1 - A New Lead

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

16 October 1945 - 10:15 pm

The night was crisp, the air scented with autumn and the wind sharp, pricking Emma’s skin as she walked down fifth avenue… again. She had been up and down the blocks between fifth and first almost ten times now, looking for a tiny alleyway that would supposedly take her to some dinky hole-in-the-wall bar called Castle Harbour. It was the first real lead that she had gotten in months so no amount of chilly wind or hard to find bars was going to stop her from following it.

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Destiel Season 11 meta: 11x14 The Vessel [3]

This is part 3 of a 4 part meta series on significant Destiel scenes from season 11. Again please note, these are my interpretations, observations, metas, theories, and opinions. Some will be longer than others.

As a precursor, this particular post is part meta, part setup and preparation for the 4th and final meta on 11x18. Unfortunately, for some things I mention here you will have to read the last one to understand the connection. So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Unbeknownst to the boys, Lucifer has been possessing Castiel’s body for 4 episodes already. Although Dean has had his suspicions. (See this fabulous meta.) (There’s also a meta on Casifer grabbing the wrong shoulder and Dean noticing, becoming more suspicious of Cas’s behavior, but I couldn’t find it.) At the end of this episode, both brothers are aware that Cas is now Casifer.

I love the double entendre of the title. The Vessel refers to both the setting of this episode and Castiel’s body. I think we all kind of knew what this episode was going to be about. (Everyone’s been in Cas except Dean!) But I ask myself, Why a ship? Why not call the episode The Vessel and have it set in another location but still be about Casifer? The episode is about the race for the hand of God, but mostly it’s centered on Dean and Sam figuring out THE VESSEL IS NOT CAS. Obviously, we’re supposed to pay attention to both meanings implied by the title.

And this is undoubtedly true based on Tweets like these from the production designer Jerry Wanek: 

And episodes like 10x05 Fan Fiction where we literally see how set design, setting, props, subtext, and music are extremely important in telling the story. Things casual viewers wouldn’t pick up on.

With this established fact, why make the setting a ship? Well, I took it in the fandom sense. It literally represents the two warring ships or if you want, you can view it as the two warring bonds Dean is facing this season. The Bluefin symbolizes Destiel, or the Dean/Cas bond, while the German ship symbolizes Demara, or the Dean/Amara (gross) forced bond. We can clearly tell which one is good and which one is evil.

The Destiel ship is good because not only does Cas love Dean, but he is an angel and literally everything he does is for Dean. Whether his good intentions lead to regretful situations, he’s always had Dean in mind. His heart has always been in the right place. The Bluefin itself is an American sub that has good men looking to stop some Nazi bastards. Just look at their missiles:

The German destroyer, or the Demara ship, is evil because 1. It’s literally a Nazi run ship (the most evil people to ever exist; need I say more?) and 2. If it does represent Amara’s bond with Dean, we know that it is FORCED on him and he is FORCED to care about Amara. Sounds a little evil to me. 

Thanks to Lucifer, Dean boards the ship. At the very tail end of the episode, the Demara ship is on the Destiel ship’s ass. Delphine makes the decision to use the hand of God to wipe it out, taking down both ships.


This is so important to my 11x18 meta. Please remember this for the finale.

Although it saddens me because the Destiel ship was also wrecked. But after thinking about it I came up with a theory: This episode is where Dean discovers Cas is possessed by Lucifer. Lucifer is also the one who got Dean on and off the Bluefin (Destiel) ship. Basically, I’m blaming Lucifer for my ship sinking. 

It makes perfect sense considering the events occur in this order: 1. Dean is on the Bluefin, 2. The German ship shows up, 3. Delphine uses the hand of God to sink the Nazis, 4. Lucifer shows up and blips Dean away, 5. Dean learns Cas is now Casifer. 

Lucifer’s presence not only obliterated the Destiel ship, but Dean as well. You can see it on his face:

Oh Chuck that gets me right in the heart. Let’s just hope that Cas’s self-worth, feelings on being possessed by Luci, and his relationship with Dean are addressed and fixed in season 12. 

Another important, often overlooked, aspect of this episode I’d like to cover is the soundtrack. In the opening scene, we meet Delphine and her German lover. The song playing in the background is Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. It’s a love song about the “all-encompassing object arousing the transcendent emotions of the lover singing the song and the good and bad that the lover experienced…” (See link above)

Here are the translated lyrics: 

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
Not the good things people have done for me,
Nor the bad, it’s all the same for me

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
It’s paid for, wiped away, forgotten
I don’t care about the past

With all my memories, I lit up the fire
My troubles, my pleasures
I don’t need them anymore
Swept away my love stories and their troubles
Swept away for good
I’ll start from zero again

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
Not the good things people have done for me,
Nor the bad, it’s all the same for me

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
Because my life, my joys
Today they begin with you

Even without the background info, quite obviously this is a love song. We hear it twice this episode. 

The first time is in the very beginning when Delphine is with her Nazi lover and she ends up killing him for the hand of God. Through her eyes, the song means, yes, she has had bad experiences pretending to be in love with this man, but it was all worth it to finally possess the hand of God. Because of this, she regrets none of the torture she’s put herself through. She’s let go of her troubles because now that she has the hand, she can give it to the Allies to win the war and she can start her life anew, with a new lover. One she actually cares about. This is what the song means to her.

The second time is the very end after Sam and Dean have their talk about Cas and his time on the ship and it’s just Dean alone whom the song plays for. But why play a love song for Dean? Why use a love song in this scene if it doesn’t somehow apply to him? It makes no sense unless the song actually describes his circumstances with someone he loves. Couldn’t possibly be Amara because even though he is (forcefully) drawn to her, he knows it’s not romantic love he feels. And this song played just after Dean’s talk with Sam about Cas… And Dean looked utterly heartbroken… Also determined to save Cas…


If you would like further evidence that this song actually does apply to Castiel let’s look at the lyrics through Dean’s eyes. Like I’ve stated before, Cas has done good and bad things for Dean. Some examples being choosing Dean over his angel army or breaking the wall in Sam’s head, letting in his memories from the pit. I think Dean knows Cas has more than made up for his mistakes. Whatever bad Cas has done against Dean is “paid for, wiped away, forgotten.” Basically, Dean doesn’t care about what Cas, good or bad, had done to him. He just wants him back. 

His pleasures he’s all but forgotten. In the whole of season 11, we’ve seen Dean flirt with maybe two women and he slept with one off screen. The anti-shippers could chalk it up to his bond with Amara, but he’s a.) Not committed to her, b.) He’s fervently fighting the bond that he DOESN’T WANT, and c.) HE DOES NOT FEEL THE ROMANTIC LOVE CONNECTION SHE FEELS FOR HIM. (As he canonically told Casifer.) So what’s stopping him? Probably the handsome, blue eyed, black haired angel the writers have perfectly set up to be his love interest. 

Dean IS, though, the antithesis of “No, I regret nothing.” He does look like he regrets what Cas has become. What he let Cas become. Dean has the tendency to push responsibility onto himself even though he didn’t know. 

Was there something he could have done to prevent Cas from saying yes? Absolutely. Again, he could have reassured Cas somehow that he is valued and needed and not expendable. He knows this and regrets not doing this. Just like how he never got to finish his talk with Cas back in season 8 after he revealed he might kill himself. 

But Dean went with “This is Cas and he’s always fine” because it’s his default setting when it comes to Cas. (He already knows Cas is a “weird, dorky, little guy,” so that’s probably why he brushed off the strange behavior Casifer exhibited.)

If Cas isn’t fine, then Dean isn’t fine. Although Dean is getting better at expressing his feelings, he’s still emotionally constipated. 

Because if Cas isn’t fine then Dean will worry himself into a hole and mother hen him like he did in 11x03. And just like in 11x03, if Cas isn’t fine, Dean won’t stop until he is. 

Because if Cas isn’t fine, Dean becomes so distraught that he loses sleep. (See episode 11x19 The Chitters.) ((In which Dean meets a pair of hunter husbands and asks them “What’s it like settling down with a hunter?”))

None of that looks platonic to me at all. Even when Dean was worrying about Sam and the trials, he was able to fully function and get his usual 4 hours. So, his feelings for Cas? Brotherly, they are not. 

If the song is correct, then Dean’s life, his joys begin again with Cas. (HOPEFULLY in season 12.) 

From the macro-analysis, I’m moving on down to the micro. 

One very small- almost impossible to spot- detail is that Dean was faced with a beautiful woman and not once did he try to flirt with her. He has in the past flirted and picked up women while on the job and even while his life was in danger. But here, he completely drops the playboy persona for a professional one. In fact, he doesn’t give his opinion on it to Sam when he shows Dean her picture. This is because Sam didn’t comment on it, so Dean either didn’t notice it or didn’t think it important enough to remark upon. 

Then when he’s on the ship, one of the men says this: 

Shipmate: … Broad’s sittin’ pretty like the Queen of Sheba gettin’ room service in the ward room. And I can’t even gripe cuz have you seen that dame? The gams on her? [Whistles]

Dean: Yeah, yeah. She’s a hottie.

Not until someone actually stated how hot she was did Dean pay attention to it. When he actually met her, talked with her, and came to like her as a person, he still did not make a move until she started unbuttoning her shirt. Which, I mean, c’mon, I would have looked too. 

(Yes I do realize that she was doomed to die and no they couldn’t have had any kind of relationship, but things like that haven’t stopped Dean from simply flirting before.) Then he went right back into professionalism. Pretty strange behavior for Dean. Like he’s not even slightly interested, even in her looks. This just shows ASTRONOMICAL character development.

I’m not going to cover how Cas overpowers Lucifer to talk to Sam about saving Dean because that’s been analyzed to death.

I will, however, cover Dean’s reaction to Casifer.

Lucifer pops in and zaps Dean back to the bunker just as the Bluefin was going down. Sam then yells “That’s not Cas!” Dean looks both confused and pained by this information. Confused because who else could it be? And pained because he’s had suspicions before. 

Then Lucifer throws him across the room and uses his powers to pin Dean to the wall. Dean is looking… well, absolutely livid at this point. Angry that Lucifer is in Cas. Dean’s face goes from rage to terror as Lucifer starts to unwrap the towel around the hand of God. He’s seen what it can do and he knows how powerful it is. He thinks if Lucifer touches it, both he and Cas will die like Delphine.

Dean is completely helpless in this situation and all he can do is say no. The first little “no” he lets out is small, weak, and meant for himself. He’s replaying Delphine’s death in his head as Casifer touches the hand. He’s imagining the white light and seeing Cas’s body fall to the ground, dead. That’s what that little no signifies. 

When Lucifer actually lays his (Cas’s) hand on it, Dean gives a louder “no!” This one is meant for Lucifer. Remember that at this point Dean doesn’t know the hand of God is a one time thing. He thinks if Lucifer touches it, he’s going to kill Cas. But nothing happens, to Dean’s relief. 

(found on this post)

You can see the realization dawn on him and relief hits him like a bus. (That little smile, tho.)

Casifer: [Holding the hand of God] It’s kicked.

Dean: Well, who thought the hand of God woulda turned out to be a one-hitter.

This pisses Luci off and he goes after Dean, but is spirited away by Sam’s angel banishing sigil. Here are Dean’s reactions: 

(from this post)

(God, the man looks like he just figured out he really fucked up with the girl he likes and thinks there’s no way to fix it) I find it strange that Dean first looks sad and betrayed, like he’s trying to make sense of the situation, instead of looking relieved he wasn’t killed. Why would Cas do this? he’s probably asking himself. Why did he leave me again? 

His second reaction is I should have known. (In the second gif when he looks off to the side and closes his eyes.) 

His last reaction is relief Casifer didn’t get to him before Sam could banish him. He’s quite literally putting Cas before his own life. 

The very last scene of this episode takes place on a dock. There’s a really good post about it you should see which basically covers the setting of this scene. Sam and Dean have this conversation about Cas:

Sam: So…

Dean: So… Cas.

Sam: Yeah… What do we do?

Dean: What else? We hunt Lucifer, trap the bastard, and save Cas.

Sam: Like I said, Lucifer may be in control now, but Cas may not come back willingly. I mean he chose it. 

Dean: No, not possible.

Wow. The writers have laid out for us the striking difference between Sam’s love for Cas (platonic) and Dean’s love for Cas (romantic). 

Sam knows that Cas is a touchy subject for Dean. He opens with “So…” as a prompt to get Dean to address the situation. He takes the bait and they talk about Cas. 

When Sam asks, “What do we do,” he turns to and looks at Dean as if he has no say in what happens next. It’s all Dean’s decision. Your boyfriend, your move. Dean knows how mighty Lucifer is, yet he’s still willing to risk them both to save his boyfriend Cas. 

Sam can see just how far his big brother is willing to go for his angel, so he provides the objective (and quite logical) argument that maybe Cas won’t come back willingly. (Keep this in mind for 11x18) Dean shuts that idea right down with a “No, not possible.” It’s not possible Cas would choose to keep Lucifer in if he knows I want him out. He’ ll listen to me, I just have to find a way to tell him. 

Sam then changes the subject to Dean’s day on the Bluefin:

Sam: So how’d you get through today? I mean, what’d you do?

Dean: Nothing. Sam, they… [long pause] I was just a witness.

Sam: Do you wanna talk about it?

Dean: No, no. Story for another day. 

Except, Sam didn’t change the subject. Yes, it was implied that he was asking about the Bluefin, but the question he prompted Dean with (”How’d you get through today?”) was so vague that it could be applied to what happened today with Cas. The vagueness of the question is an outlet for Dean to talk about it without revealing too much emotion. (We aaaall know Dean doesn’t express emotion very well.) And Sam isn’t quite done talking about it with his brother. He is concerned and he’s well aware of how much Dean cares for Cas. 

This conversation, much like the title of the episode, is a double entendre. Sam is very sneakily asking Dean how he’s coping with the news on Cas. Dean’s answers also hold double meaning. 

“Nothing.” I was helpless against Lucifer’s powers.

“Sam, they… I was just a witness.” All I could do was stand by and watch as Lucifer used Cas’s body to touch the hand of God. I thought he was going to die and all I could do was witness it. 

Sam’s “do you wanna talk about it?” is genuine worry for his brother. He wants to know exactly how Dean feels about Casifer. 

“No, no. Story for another day.” I can’t relive that heartache so soon.  

Sam gets up and leaves Dean alone with his feelings. We get a very deliberate, in your face camera shot of Dean holding the hand of God.


At the same time, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien starts playing, and, well you know the rest. 

Thanks for reading, guys! Please message me if any of the images/gifs that aren’t credited are yours so I can give proper credit.

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