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Where Is Freud's Famous Couch?

In March of 1938, the Gestapo raided Sigmund Freud’s office and interrogated his daughter, Anna. Austria had recently been annexed to Germany. The Freuds were prominent intellectuals and known to descend from Reform Jews (though Freud himself was atheist). It was time to leave. On June 4th, 1938, Sigmund, his wife, and his daughter all left Austria for London with almost no baggage. It was more important to be alive than to bring the family furniture. Two months later, with a lot of luck, most of their possessions were able to be shipped to the UK – including Freud’s famous couch. Sigmund set up practice in Hampstead, London, carefully re-creating his Vienna consulting room, including the couch. It now sits in the Hampstead house, which has been converted into a museum.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for national security adviser, is courting Austrian neo-Nazis

  • Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for national security adviser in his future administration, recently met with Heinz-Christian Strache
  • Starch is the leader of the Austrian far-right Freedom Party founded by literal Nazis after World War II.
  • Strache announced the meeting with Flynn on Facebook 
  • At the same time, Strache announced his organization was allying with Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia.
  • The NY Times noted the “Euroskeptic, anti-elite, anti-foreigner, anti-Islam and anti-globalization” Freedom party has enjoyed a recent resurgence in Austria. Read more

reminder that there’s a austrian politican who is actually in a lead position right now
and he is as worse as donald trump
but somehow people are still voting for him
if he wins all refugees are getting sent back to their country (where war is still happening right now!!!)
he wants austria to be an christian country only and all other religions either get sent back or have to change
people are referring to him as the “new hitler”
can we please spread the fuck outta this because i don’t want someone to lead who is a dickhead like him

Massive event in support of the Third Reich of Nazi Germany in the sports Luna Park in Buenos Aires (Argentina) held on 10 April 1938. This was the largest meeting of its kind organized outside Germany and that day gathered about 15,000 Nazis Argentina to celebrate the “anschluss”, ie, the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany as a province but the March 12, 1938.

World War II (part I)

[ First of all, thanks, I’m doing my best, I just wish I had more time to spend drawing Roddy! And now.. well, let’s move to the answer. ]

[ During WWII Roderich went through a lot of abuse, both physical and psychological… and everything built up to the point of completely breaking him. ]

[ Everything started with the Anschluss, the Nazi propaganda term for the invasion and forced incorporation of Austria by Nazi Germany.
Even if presented as a plebiscite with freedom to choose if Austria agreed becoming part of Germany or not, the whole thing was heavily influenced and manipulated by Nazi propaganda and political pressure.
But, even if he had been basically forced to sign the Annexation, he still hoped for a better future, since he was still very weak and fragile after the events of WWI. ]

[ Things didn’t go that way. The Austrian culture and national identity was demolished, and Roderich became a nameless entity, just a part of a new wannabe Empire which marched at the rhythm of its own drum, destroying everything on its path. After many attempt at either fleeing or rebelling, he was “branded” and told that he should have been proud to be a useful tool for such a noble cause. ]

[ Soon it was clear that Austria was needed only for his soldiers, and to be used in the upcoming war. He was sent straight to the firing line, to further prove him that now he was as disposable as any other common soldier. ]

[ He had fought many wars before, and the battlefield was nothing new to him. He did know how to fight, and that was exactly what he did, day after day. Until, one unlucky day, a grenade exploded too close to him… not enough to kill him, but some fragments struck him in his face. ]

[ He was lucky enough to not suffer major injuries, but from that day on, his eyes would have never been the same as before. He was retired from the battlefield.
Since he had always been a troublesome individual, not prone to obey blindly to every order, and being now totally worthless on the battlefield, the government assigned him to a different job, where they could keep him under strict supervision. Which turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing. ]

[ …to be continued… ]

“After pressuring Austria to join with Germany, Hitler turned his sights on a German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia, called the Sudatenland. At a summit held in Munich in 1938, the allies agreed to allow Germany to annex the lands. In the fall of that year, Nazi vehicles paraded triumphantly through one of the district’s towns.”