This is the point.

White people tried to make justifications for Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Tried to overlook Tami Rice and John Crawford.

Tried to brush away the countless murders of black people by police over decades.

Tried to pretend the issue does not revolve around race. Tried to pretend that we “couldn’t know what happened” since there was no video of the incident and that “they should’ve just done what the cop told them.”

We, white people, can no longer sit there in happy bliss, pretending the Real Racists are the “people who always bring up race!!1!”

A man was just shot point blank in the face in his car by a police officer for no reason. It was caught on video.

This is the point where anyone who is not woke, cannot stay asleep any longer. This is the point where white people need to face a cruel, hard, unsettling reality that racism never went away, and not only that, but remained a key component of our culture.

We have Neo-Nazis and KKK members walking around the streets with their heads held high, shouting louder than ever in the face of those they hate. We have our police killing these people for any reason they can think of. We have countless people who refuse to acknowledge that there is any kind of race issue even happening.

This is the point where you wake the fuck up and realize what a fucking mess your precious Land of the Free really is.


July 19 2015 - The KKK went to Columbia, South Carolina to protest the removal of the confederate flag in front of the statehouse. They were easily outnumbered 10 to 1 by counter-protesters, forcing the police, who were there in large numbers to protect the racists to cut their demonstration short by an hour. Some of the racists who found themselves without police protection were taught a lesson, and a large number of confederate flags were stolen and disposed of. [video]/[video]/[video]/[video]/[video]

THIS is one of the best comments left by one of our fans:

“l I’m related to three different Nazis (one great-great uncle and some distant cousins). Can you imagine the outcry if I went around waving their flag around and said how "It’s not anti-Semitic, it’s my heritage!”? And the reaction would be completely justified. But in this case, it’s “just heritage”, a heritage that enslaved an entire group of people. Yes, it IS your heritage, but it is not something to be fucking proud of! People are so hypocritical sometimes, it’s infuriating.“ - Donna J.D.


Sir Nicholas Winton died today. He saved 669 children from the Nazi’s. His wife didn’t even know. This is what a real hero looks like.

Newly released video from 1933 shows Nazi-sympathiser and later British King Edward VIII having fun giving Nazi salutes together with the current British Queen Elizabeth II and the queen mother. Edward once gave a Nazi salute to Hitler himself and claimed he was “not a bad chap”. Gotta love royalty. [article]