nazca corporation


Takushi Hiyamuta (credited as Hiya!)

Kiss In The Dark

From the soundtrack to Metal Slug X for the Neo Geo, developed by Nazca Corporation and released in March 1999.

(Game music through the weekend, folks. It’s MagFest!)

Title Screen from R-Type Leo (Arcade).

Personally, I think this is one of the best in the series, even if it doesn’t seemed very loved! It plays very nicely (even if it doesn’t have the series’ iconic Force Pod), and has the gorgeous music and visuals typical of the guys that would later go on to make the Metal Slug games.



Allen “Demon Sergeant” O’Neil, General Morden’s right hand and “rival” boss in the series, here are the missions where you face him:

Mini-Boss of Mission 3: Iron Cavalrymen in Hell from  Metal Slug: Super  Vehicle-001.

Mini-Boss of Mission 6: I Wish to Believe in Love from  Metal Slug 2/X.

Mini-Boss (w/ Hairbuster Riberts)  of Mission 5: All About Love from Metal Slug 3.

Boss (w/ Rebel Gigant) of Mission 6 from Metal Slug 7/XX.

Note: Not adding the Fake Allen bosses from Metal Slug 4 and the one from 3D in this post.