Fanart of Stranger Things I made because these two are pure gold!
I didn’t know the Fabergé products really existed in the 80′s, but when I googled it and found this magazine ad of them I simply had to make this.

This print will be available at my table at Brazilian Comic Con, 7 - 10/12/2017.


VAMPIRE IN PARIS has officially launched on Kickstarter! 

Support a queer love story that features vampires, Paris and a whole lot of antics. Follow the story of Kara, who attempts to expose (read: woo) her coworker Selma. It definitely doesn’t backfire. 

@ghostering and I have been working nonstop for the past couple of months to get this kickstarter ready! Give it a read and hit that reblog button! We are both extremely passionate about this story and we would love to share it with the world! <3

Click the link for all the good details!

[LINK to KS]

Non puoi dire che il mondo fa schifo se ne apprezzi l'arte, che più mi ci perdo dentro e più ne divento parte.

Dutch Nazari - Falling Crumbs

Avevo gli occhi di chi dentro piange, di chi non ha altre mani da passare sulle guance.
—  Claver Gold

A VAMPIRE IN PARIS kickstarter comes with a bunch of exclusives! (i.e: postcards and keychains). Here are some sample pages from the comic and a preview of the goodies you’ll receive! Follow Kara as she tries to expose (woo) Selma. (it backfires)

Art by myself and writing by @ghostering !!!!


Mia madre m'ha mostrato che vuol dire essere forte. Che una luce brilla tanto più quanto più intorno è notte.

Mezzosangue - Tree