nazareth long

The ideals of purity and preservation have licensed a great deal of mischief in the past century, but they have never had much to do with lived culture. Ours may be an era of mass migration, but the global spread and hybridization of culture - through travel, trade or conquest - is hardly a recent development. Alexander’s empire molded both the states and the sculpture of Egypt and North India; the Mongols and then the Mughals shaped great swaths of Asia; the Bantu migrations populated half the African continent. Islamic states stretch from Morocco to Indonesia; Christianity reached Africa, Europe and Asia within a few centuries of the death of Jesus of Nazareth; Buddhism long ago migrated from India into much of East and Southeast Asia. Jews and people whose ancestors came from many parts of China have long lived in vast diasporas. The traders of the Silk Road changed the style of elite dress in Italy; someone buried Chinese pottery in 15th-century Swahili graves. I have heard it said that the bagpipes started out in Egypt and came to Scotland with the Roman infantry. None of this is modern.
—  Kwame Anthony Appiah, The Case for Contamination 

Acoustic guitar shopping in Toronto at Long & McQuade last week  Note the cute little Larrivée P-05 in photo #3 - I would have killed for one of these a few years ago, but no one had any in stock at the time.  And what I believe to be a Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy in photo #5.

Also that used Blues King at ~$1500 is a fairly good deal.