nazar eye

This is actually rather old art, from about the middle of 2016. In a spur of inspiration I made a dragon character based on/influenced by some mediterranean cultural elements found in my country of origin and the surrounding areas: the evil eye talisman.These talismans are sometimes referred to as nazars, are generally blue colored symbols, and are believe to ward off curses cast by malevolent glares and the sort.

His name is Nazar. :)

Art and character © RainbowFoxy

Solebox Berlin x New Balance 1500 
- Nazar Eye 

This shoe is not only among mine but among many a top NB list, and for well stated reasons. Firstly, you will have a hard time finding an NB1500 with such a high quality of materials, Secondly, your going to have a real hard timing finding any shoes matching the shape on these, and thirdly, how could you make these any more perfect? 
The turquoise detailing is just perfect and if you are lucky enough to have your actual Nazar Eye to go along with it (I am fortunate enough) then you have a perfect weapon for any sneaker frenzy! 

To be honest i don’t really know what to say about these, just that it is one of those shoes i will never be able to let go!

One of New Balance’s finest by far! 


When my REAL LIFE OTP is Better than Yours


Shoukoku no Altair Fashion Analysis

I live in an area where most of the shops are owned by Turkish people, and in nearly every shop I have noticed a nazar hung behind the counter. A nazar is an amulet used to guard against the Evil Eye. Anyone who has visited Turkey will know that these symbols are everywhere, so it is appropriate that they are featured in some of Mahmut’s outfits (including this one).

Then I began to wonder if Mahmut’s other accessories in this picture had real life counterparts. Kato Kotono must get her inspiration from somewhere, no? Here are my findings so far:

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The man at the bottom of the bottle followed me home. He told me the blue of the sky unnerved him, like he was trapped inside an evil eye. Are you then safest from bad thoughts or are you the bad thoughts themselves? We have been trapped, he says. All the good lingers in the rest of the universe, safe from us, in this nazar prison.
—  D.K. 

Nazar Köy (“evil eye village”) in İzmir

The art of handcrafting glass evil eye beads (“nazar boncuğu“ in Turkish) has deep roots, extending from the Mediterranean tradition of glass making dating back 3,000 years. Remnants of this ancient but dying art can be found in Nazar Köy.


Nazar boncukları (Evil eye beads)