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How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to a bilingual MC, who uses a word in another language when she can't think of the right one in the language she's speaking? (I do this a lot with French + English, and my friends who don't speak French always give me weird looks :( )


The language I picked was the language (Punjabi) I speak at home, but I didn’t know how to spell it in english but I tried my best!!! (Most of these are actually my own experience) (Also sorry I didn’t use several languages, i just like putting my own personal stuff in here sometimes) 404 did the non-Punjabi ones! ~ Admin 626

-He convinced you to play LOLOL with him!!!
-Big mistake
-He knew that he could get loud and angry when something happened, but…
-Did not expect you to get so loud!!!!
-You said it fairly often, and he knows it’s another language, but…. WHAT WERE YOU SAYING?
-He’s asked you constantly what it means but you….couldn’t…..think of the right words?
-”It means… um…. Well. It means… Oh my god? What are the words?
-Scared the hell out of him when you yelled “FUCKING HELL” out of nowhere one day and you had to explain that  you finally remembered what you were trying to say!!! Only this time, not in Swedish!!
-MC!!! BAD!!!
- lowkey google translates anything you can’t remember for you

-The two of you were coming home from a completely boring party you had to attend
-It was full of big, important business owners and directors and you just couldn’t stand it!!!
-”HOW in the WORLD do they run their businesses??”
-”I know! They’re such…. Um… uh, como se dice…pendejos??”
-”I agree, they did seem to be lacking in the knowledge department.”
- okay that wasn’t what i asked exactly but thanks
-This happens more than you’d like to admit, but it’s a good thing he can speak Spanish
-He’ll always understand you, whether you’re speaking in Spanish or not!!!
-”Jumin? Como se dice gato?” “MC, that’s a simple word. It’s cat. How could you forget?”
-”Do you want some… some.. Um… Vino?” “? Wine? Yes, MC, please.”
-YOU’RE SO GRATEFUL THAT HE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU where would you be if he didn’t translate for you???
-He notices when you’re quiet in public and realizes that you probably just can’t think of the correct word outside of Spanish, so he’ll answer you quietly just so you don’t get embarrassed what a cutie omg

-”Shit… what’s the word again….”
-??? So you ask him what word he’s thinking of. He didn’t figure you’d know but he told you anyway
-”I forgot the word for ‘safinat fadayiya’”
-????? Did he not realize you’ve been able to get into his house since the beginning
-Now the two of you speak Arabic around the others just to be jerks
-Not even Jumin knows Arabic
-You don’t say anything meaningful, either. It’s usually random sentences!
-So every time you forget a word, he’s got your back! So long as you you do the same for him
-Except if you forget a word at the gate, he’ll let you suffer and laugh at you
-Well!!!! Until you get angry enough at least. Then he’ll let you in and hide from your cute wrath

-He didn’t even know you could speak another language
-Honestly always thought that you were muttering or making words up
-That’s why he always gave you a weird look
-One day though, you were mid-conversation with him and blanked on the word
-”Do you want to go get…. Um. Get…crème glacée?”
-”….Get what?”
-”Crème glacée. You know… the uh, frozen milk stuff you like to eat!”
-”You..mean ice cream? You’re saying ice cream?”
-”YES! YES HEY!!! That thing! Thank you!”
-”What the hell was that? Made up words? What the fuck?”
-Saeran it….. Was….. French, sweetheart. Not made up
-??? He was really confused but took your word for it
-Tries to learn French secretly so he can help you next time instead of looking at you like you were crazy

- you’re actually lowkey worried about him???
- He’s so pretty!!!
- What if he gets jinxed and he becomes ugly because his looks are shown off so much??? Literally my grandma has said this to me and my cousin after she and i dressed up one time
- you always try to encourage him to wear sweats and other lowkey clothing so no one will be drawn to him! (of course only when you two are trying to do something in public together, you wouldnt try to get him to do that for anything job related)
- but he just doesn’t get it??? He never listens to you but you never really explain why bc you feel so embarrassed believing in this!!!
- but one day you two get into a terrible argument about this
- “I just don’t get it! Are you jealous of the other girls giving me attention?”
- You start tearing up because that’s so far from it, you completely trust him
- “Nazaar, okay?! I just don’t anything happening to you!!!”
- Zen is just like wtf did u just say, was that even human or are you just choking wtf
- “Oh god sorry, I didn’t mean to use Punjabi but I don’t know another word for it. It’s kinda like jinxing but it’s more intense? But basically by showing off your looks, other people might want something bad to happen to you and you might turn ugly!”
- but he understands it’s part of your ritual and he lets you do these little rituals to ward away the “nazaar” because it’s cute that you worry that much <3

- you’re helping out at the shop when you run out of cardamom to put in the chai! sUCH A TRAGEDY
- but you can’t remember what it’s called??? You can’t tell Jaehee???
- “MC, what’s wrong?
- “We’re out of that one spice!!!”
- you decide fuck it and you’re like “We’re out of leche!!!”
- Jaehee goes wide eyed because you can speak another language wtf
- She actually knew what you were saying because Jaehee knows Hindi and that overlaps with your language a lot
-yes Jaehee knows Hindi don’t question it okay
-You two start trash talking the customers in Hindi/Punjabi

- This boy got a cute owl figurine at a store!!!
-smh what a hipster *eye roll*
- He puts it in your room bc it’s so cute!!!
- but when you see it, you freak out???
- “wait what’s wrong with it MC???”
- “Nazaar lagna!”
- He just looks at you like ??? what did you say to him???
- What did you just say about his son
- “Oh sorry um, in my culture, owls are considered bad luck?”
- okay but what u did u just say MC udumbhoe
- “I just said you jinxed me, I mean it’s worse than a jinx but that’s the best way I can say it”
- He spends the rest of the night asking you to say other words in Punjabi cause it’s so pretty
-asks you to call him Daddy in your language (just kidding that’s Jumin)

Meeting with Ex- bf - this is what my hubby mentioned me!!!

Aaj meri biwi apne ex boy friend sey mil k Ayi. Woh x-bf uska shaadi sey pehle ka bf tha. . Pata nahi kyu mujhe acha lagta hai jab meri biwi aur ladko se milti hai aur maaze kerti hai. Woh kafi dfa anjaan ladko k aage nangi ho chuki hai aur apne jism ko pura nanga unhe ladko se kerwati hai. Phir wo ladke meri biwi ki nange jism ko ghoortey hai aur hawas ki nazaar sey dekhte hai. Meri biwi ko phir nanga kerke woh isko hath lagate hai jagah jagah aur uske buboo ko dabate aur uske nipples ko choostey hai. Meri biwi jo phir ek Randi ki terah behave kerti hai aur un ladko ko apni choot chatne ko kehti hai jo ki woh ladke uska kehna mante hai aur uski choot chatey hai. Itna he nahi meri biwi ek baar cinema hall mai akeli gyi aur gandi picture chal Rahi thi aur woh ek 40 saal k aadmi k kareeb bait gyi. Meri biwi ne shorts aur loose top pehna hua tha without bra. Us aadmi ne meri biwi k jhangoh p hath Rakha aur masalna shuru ker diya aur meri biwi garaam ho gyi ur usne apni top ko Utah k us aadmi ko apne bubee choosne ka ishara kiya bus phir kya tha us aadmi ne jam k meri biwi k bubee choosey aur uski choot mai bhi ungli ki. Aaj meri biwi apne bf sey kya kya kerwa k Ayi hai woh mujhe raat ko mere set chudtey hue bataigi. Mera maan bus yahi kerta hai ki meri biwi sey sab ladke maaze le aur woh ek biwi sey sabse badi Randi ban jaye. Mai yeh sab apni biwi ko likh k bhej raha hu aur gujarish ker raha hu ki woh zyaada s zyaada ladko se dosti kre aur apni jawaani k pure maaze le. Woh jitna gandi hogi mujhe uski choot ko chaatne mai utna he maaza aayega.

- Randi biwi ka haarami pari/dallaa

Ve Lahora...

Tere hijre ne saanu tarhfaya ve Lahora,
Teri galliyaan diyaan aun yaadaan ve.
Kiddan bhuliye tere rangeen nazaare,
Kiddan bhuliye o Sawn diyaan barsataan ve.

Firangiyaan di khed ne saanu vaandd hi ditaa,
Saanu mazab de naam te paarheyaa ve.
Hun vicharh gaiiyaan sakhiyaan saheliyaan,
Aakhaan’ch hanju vagan dil haareyaa ve.

Na sunne azaan Badshahi Masjid ‘cho,
Na Rehraas goonje Dera Sahib ton ve.
Hun tu taan ek yaad ban ke rehgeya,
Jag mereyaan dukhaan ton vaakib ve.

Murh aah jaan o haseen vele,
Hun sabh kujh lagge kharaab ve.
Azaadi de naam te dekh ki hoya,
Sadda vichharh geyaa Punjab ve.

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likhe jo khat tujhe woh teri yaad mein 
hazaaron rang ke nazaare ban gaye
savera jab hua to phool ban gaye
jo raat aayi to sitare ban gaye

In my memories of you, I remember
the letters I wrote 
which transformed into a thousand dazzling colours.
With the break of dawn, they blossomed into flowers;
with the hush of night, they turned into stars.

-Neeraj, ‘Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe’, tr. me