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headcanons on joshays arguing about what to name their kids

  •  okay this is kinda more like everyone else and joshaya lmao
  • josh and maya cannot decide on a name
  • like they don’t want something super weird and exotic/hipster trash (just because they are doesn’t mean they want a kid named kale)
  • but also don’t want something super boring and they want it to have meaning
  • ‘josh we are not naming our child julian after julian casablancas’
  • ‘okay then we aren’t naming our child keith haring’
  • ‘well obviously not haring, he/she is going to be a matthews’
  • ‘… please stop’
  • so pretty much a contest comes up between everyone
  • okay so amy tells josh to give their baby some super deep biblical name (like his)
  • and he doesn’t want to disappoint her bc amy is v emotional but both josh and maya aren’t super religious (maya especially)
  • riley suggests those super white™ names like that one picture of that white mom ‘taylee’ ‘mckarty’ ‘nayvie’ ‘maylee’ ‘lakynn’ (she realized when she has her own kids that those are horrible)
  • ‘i’m going to be the baby’s godmother i should have some say’
  • ‘do you even love me riley?’ 
  • ‘riley, ik you’re my niece and i love you but… idk if i trust you with my baby if you’re going to treat him/her like that’
  • lucas has some good suggestions but maya just interrupts with her cowboy nicknames that lucas just gives up telling them
  • farkle and smackle give them weird ass science names so no (plus why are they going to trust someone who’s names are farkle and smackle to help name their kid?)
  • zay just suggests ‘isaiah jr’ ‘after all he’s done for them’
  •  auggie says not to have a kid because he doesn’t want to be like josh and be an uncle before he’s legally an adult
  • shawn and katy suggest terrible names
  • they didn’t want cory and topanga’s reject names
  • so pretty much they just sit down and are like shit they all are horrible
  • they just give out random names and eventually get so bored they kinda just joke around
  • ‘john cena’
  • ‘madonna’
  • maya paints a picture of one of the ultrasound pictures but like super vibrant and colorful
  • and josh comes in and is like ‘it looks like a [x]’
  • maya is like ‘wtf’ but then looks again and totally agrees

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