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Monty au: "you are my daughters grade 2 teacher and I swear she's not normally this bad, I can make it up to you over dinner if you're up for it"

Thank you so much for the prompt! Sorry it took me so long to get around to it, I got my computer stolen when I had almost finished it and was stupid and hadn’t backed it up. The worst. Anyways enjoy! 

Miller could hear the snarls coming from the classroom as he walked down the hallway. Oh god, here we go again.

He opened the door, expecting the worst, but apparently his imagination was lacking, because it was even worse than that. Viola was crouched in the corner on all fours hissing at her teacher, Monty (No, Mr.Green, keep it professional Nate) the adorable one that Miller had a huge pathetic crush on. Of course.

“Viola!” Milled said as he rushed across the room to them. “Honey, what did we learn about using our human words?”

His admonishment did not have the intended effect, instead Viola raised up and hissed harder, causing a spray of spit to hit Monty who was crouched in front of her. Miller made to reach for her but was stopped when Monty placed his hand gently on his arm and shook his head minutely before dropping his gaze to his own arm where Miller could make out a distinct set of teeth marks. Oh for the love of god.

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