nayuru le cat

WIP of Volug (Fire Emblem)

It’s still way to go until its finished and I don’t even know if I make it grayscales or coloured, but the face looks already good.

I guess I leave the outlines as sketchy as they are since this somehow adds….uhm….more “life” into the lineart.

Can’t wait until my hand gets well. I really want to finish this one! >3<

(actually this drawing goes down to his knees, but only the face was detailed enough to show for now)



I’m so happy! I finnaly managed to colour that picture. 

Since months there was the sketch of it in my drawing folder but I never had time to finish it. Now it’s finally done~

har~ *me is happy* *and kinda proud of herself* xD

btw. I’m planning to do a second version of that drawing. you know what I mean if you know the second version of the sketch,haha xDD

anyway, I hope you like it^^

Artwork by Crescentia-Fortuna/ Nayuru-le-Cat

Princess of the Serenes

A coloured sketch of Leanne from Fire Emblem- Path of Radiance/ Radiant Dawn.

(I know, normaly you should be able to see at least a little bit of her wings, but I fugured it would be nicer to see more of the background. With the wings the drawing would be very white and boring.)

I hope you like it^^

Drawing by Crescentia-Fortuna/ Nayuru-le-Cat