Before time began and before spirits and life existed, the universe was in chaos. The three Golden Goddesses descended upon the chaos and began the creation of the world, each of them creating a different facet of the realm. Din created the material realm, Nayru gave the realm law and order, and Farore created all life forms that would follow the said order.

I’m Dee and I run an Etsy shop called Twilight Bathhouse !
The whole purpose of my store is to create fun, soothing, homemade bath products with scents inspired by characters from things that I love

The image above is a compiled list of every original scent that I have available so far that you can find and purchase in my store

These are all available in bath products such as:
•bath bombs
•salt soaks
•milk baths

I’m still expanding, of course! I’m hoping to make bubble bath an option in these and future scents, and I’ll keep you posted on that!

I’m really happy with how everything is progressing and I want to reach as many people as I can in the hopes they find these products as cool as I do

Sadly, I heard that Tumblr blocks any posts with external links from showing up in searches, so I won’t be linking my store in this post with the hopes that it can actually circulate

Reblogs are very much appreciated to spread the word, thanks ! ♥︎