(( mental breakdowns can only be solved with writing fics ))

[sequel to the sad!fic I posted] 7 December 2013 “Harry Styles Kendall Jenner spotted coming out of the hotel together” Niall rolled his eyes at the headline and threw my magazine so it hit the wall and all he wanted was too rip that thing to pieces and shout that Harry was his! Was he still though? It was 10:30 pm and Niall was in his boxers, watching some sitcom on the hotel tv. He didn’t know where the others were. He didn’t know where Harry was. The lock on the hotel door turned and Harry stepped in, shocked to see Niall - who has been ignoring all his texts and calls for the day- on the bed. Half naked at that. “Hey” Harry called out, closing the door gently behind him. “Hi” Niall mumbled, eyes fixed on the tv. Harry crawled on the bed and started to reach for Niall but he pushed Harry away with a crinkle on his nose. “You smell like perfume” Niall commented. It hit him then. It was Kendall’s perfume now wasn’t it? Niall ignored the pang he felt in his chest and crossed his arms, eyes downcast to look at his lap. Harry sighed, silently cursing himself for his stupidity and walked into the bathroom with a slam of the bathroom door. == Freshly showered and smelled off citrus fruit, Harry jumped on the bed. The TV was turned off and Niall was turned over but Harry knew he wasn’t sleeping. Harry slid his arms around Niall’s waist, burying his face in the crook of Niall’s neck. He felt Niall hold his breath. “I missed you” Harry muttered, placing kisses on Niall’s neck. “Sure” Niall muttered, not believing a word. Harry sighed. He felt so guilty. But that’s what their management asked them to do. They had to do it, it’s how the music industry works. Which was utter bullshit according to them all. “Niall. Can you look at me please” Harry pleaded, voice wavering. Niall turned around and was met with glassy green eyes. “You know I love you” Harry whispered. He didn’t know why he did, maybe it’s because it was something that was he and Niall that was supposed to know alone. Although they were the only two in the room. Niall blinked. Waiting for him to continue. “I’m sorry. That Mr Harley came to me and said I had to do it. I had to be seen out with Kendall Jenner. Niall, I love you and I love you only. Trust me on this please. You’re the only person I want to be with. We’ve been through so much together and you can’t let this tear us apart because as much as we don’t want it to happen, they will always ask me to go out with random girls to cover us up. You too. But you should know that while I’m out there, laughing with that girl, my mind is filled with you, Niall. I was stuck in a restaurant today, almost ordering for you. Because I know you like that sparkling fruit drink but then I stopped mid order because I remembered that it wasn’t you I was with, I was with someone else. And I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so so sorry” Harry had tears running down his cheeks and Niall was staring up at his boyfriend with tears pooling in his eyes too. “I love you, idiot” Niall muttered, wrapping his arms around Harry’s neck and burying his face in the crook of Harry’s neck, tears wetting the shirt Harry had on. Harry’s grip on Niall’s waist tightened as he buried his face in Niall’s hair and inhaling the familiar shampoo scent he missed all day. “I love you so much” Niall whispered, tears running down more rapidly. Harry pulled away to wipe away the tears on his cheeks. “I’m sorry too” Niall whispered but Harry shook his head with a small smile. “I love you, and only you” Harry said, staring into the blue eyes he’s been fascinated with ever since. He pressed his lips onto Niall’s and Niall moved his against Harry’s eagerly, missing this way too much. Even if for a day or two. They hate fighting. Harry moaned when he felt Niall’s tongue dart out to lick his bottom lip and into his mouth. But no, tonight Harry was going to show just how much Niall meant to him so he turned them over. Niall didn’t argue because the lazy kisses Harry was placing down his neck and down to his stomach and up to his lips again was too much. “I love you, and you only” I WAS LISTENING TO YOU AND I AND HALF A HEART AND ALMOST CRIED WRITING THIS SO YEAH.