After many years of Pokemon drawing boycott, I drew a pikachu (a pokmone in general) without a knife going through it or looking derpy. -_-

Fact- No I am not a pokemon fan, I stopped watching/paying attention to it after May left, true fact. Even back then I never really drew pokemon.

Done C:

These are old characters I made back when I was in 8th Grade, 2010. They were for this adventure book I was writing but never finished. I found the old pictures and I used the same style as it was back then C:

From left to right is:

Poppy, the sweet and gentle sheep who cares for all things nature. (Female)

Razen, the kind sheep who is always ready for adventure and never says no to a person in need. (Male)

Fodile, the tomboyish sheep who loves to have fun, be free, fight for what’s right and get dirty! (Female)

This picture is showing how Razen always talks to Poppy because she girly while Fodile is upset that Razen doesn’t notice her. If you haven’t guessed already, Razen likes Poppy, Fodile like Razen, Poppy likes either Razen or some other Sheep I didn’t put in here.

Working on a sketch. Doodled this up in 11 minutes or so

Oh gosh, I just noticed how I stopped drawing for like DAY o.o

I never knew I would stop sketching (paper or on the computer) for even an hour.

Well…………WHO DAFUQ IS DISSSS? Oh, it’s NayNay

First or second time trying to capture a different POV than the usually horizontal/vertical angles. Some artists know how to professionally do this with an easy grid of lines…. I have no idea how to, so please forgive me if it looks… off