nayeli alexanda photography

“ This part of my room says so much about me & how much things have changed but yet I’m still same old me.

It’s been crazy how much these past 3years have changed so much about me. Of course in a good way! I’ve always loved everything about performers, but never imagined myself up on stage. At the age of 16 I got the opportunity to join an amazing Indian dance academy, but honestly at that time I thought I was way to old to start something new. Especially something that was not my culture or anywhere close to it. But with motivation from my guru I ended up joining & honestly has been one of the best decisions I’ve made & now I can’t imagine myself not being dancer. 

Being a Mexican Bharatanatyam Dancer, was not an easy start. Adapting to a new culture is difficult at first but it has been worth every bit of it. 

So for anyone out there thinking you may be to old to start something new, it’s never too late! & for anyone who wants to be part or learn something new don’t just let it go. In the end you will not regret it.”

Nayeli Alexanda