I just wanted to thank everyone,

who follows this blog. 

You’re all such wonderful + beautiful people and I really love talking to you guys and i’m just really honored to be part of a blog where all of our followers are extremely lovely people and I know this is a silly and soppy unnecessary post but I just really wanted to thank you all for following this blog.

We appreciate you all so much and i love this fandom so much. So yeah.

Thank you so much. - x.

nayariverax replied to your post: I love your blog to deaath but I have to agree with the previous anon in regards to reblogging yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the feeling of loving a post so much you feel the need to do it but scrolling down my dashboard, it’s just a bit annoying to see the same post over and over and over and over again.

i think you should reblog your stuff, its your choice and i love having your gifs on m dash ^_^

taylorxswift13  asked:

me and you are gonna be the only people to defend jenna when the rest of the fandom heres gangnam style aren't we? ugh (reply privately)

Eh, i’ve already blocked 3 people who were beging negative about it in the jenna tag. The way I see it, sometimes you just need to loosen up and enjoy things! i mean we know she sings again the episode after this, we just got some nights that she sings the episode before and sounds amazing on, she sounds adorable on this, and we’ve actually gotten a decent chunk of jenna singing since the season started, AND HELLO SHE’S LEADING AT SECTIONALS, so i say let em hate if they want, it’s their loss, because they’re missing out chances to have fun. I’ve been just blocking everyone who’s got a negative attitude in her tag, like instead of enjoying what time she does get, hating what it is. i’m like you know, life is way too short for that.

/rant that is only semi related to your comment