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“Is something distracting you?” for Sith!Silvass and Sith!Rem :)

Rem scowled at the smirking Chiss directly across from him. Silvass twirled the saber in his hand, the red crystal glittering like blood and sending crimson highlights against the wall and the ceiling. Silvass wore no shirt and shoes, only a pair of training pants that left little to the imagination.

Damn him. He could see why Naya admired him, for his body and his mind. Rem felt the smugness radiating from Silvass, but his face remained calm like a placid lake. Rem wanted to wipe that small smirk from his lips.

“Is something distracting you?” Silvass taunted.

Rem growled as he circled around the room and held his saber in front of him. The movement kept him in the here and now, and not thinking how Silvass’s presence affected his body. “No,” he replied shortly.

“Ah,” was all Silvass said. Infuriating man, Rem thought. 

He Force-leaped at the Chiss, and hoped to catch Silvass off guard.

i've been meaning to do one for a while and whooo hey this is sorta kinda late? but it's still the 1st at some places. this is my follow forever. :3

2014 wasn’t a good year or a really bad year for me but these people, these amazing people have made it for me, making my dash pretty and great with graphics and metas and general awesomeness. 

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Naya Rivera shares why timing is everything in her new book

Naya Rivera writes about a number of personal subjects in her new book, “Sorry Not Sorry,” but says one of the hardest was the death of her “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose in 2013.

“The Cory chapter really choked me up. I had (co-star) Kevin (McHale) come over and help me edit and we both had our moment,” Rivera said in a recent interview.

For fans of “Glee,” which aired 2009-2015, “Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up” (TarcherPerigee) is definitely worth a read to revisit the show’s success from an insider’s perspective. Rivera, 29, shares how the cast dated, partied and basically had the ups and downs of twentysomethings who spend a lot of time together.

She also shares her story of starting in showbiz at a young age, relationship drama and finally getting it right with her now-husband, actor Ryan Dorsey.

Rivera talks about opening up, her love of writing and passing on her love of books to 1-year-old son, Josey.

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