naya rivera 8

remember when Naya Rivera dated Big Sean for like a month and then she dedicated her first and only single to calling out all of his exes (one of which was the girl bs was cheating on with Naya) and they got engaged a couple months later and a couple months after that she called off the engagement when he cheated on her surprise and then he stole from her (remember that tweet tho?) and he (allegedly) wrote a song about her called “I Don’t Fuck With You” and like two months after that she married someone else and used the same date, venue, and dress she was gonna use to marry him and then we all thought she got fired from glee but she didn’t and when she came back glee had her sing a song by Big Sean’s then girlfriend that he was also on which features the line “I got one less problem without you.” and we were all like this for a year and a half straight