naya river rp

Even in the worst moments, you're never alone.

The moment Lea had said she had cancer everything seemed to just stop and from then on it seemed like life was just going by as she stood still, not really doing much of anything other than what she had to. Though she hadn’t told the young singer, the second she found out Naya had called Ryan and gotten her contract with the show dropped by saying someone in her family was sick and she needed to be home so she could spend time with them before they passed, and she didn’t think she could manage the show on top of that. It wasn’t a lie, Lea was practically family to her along with everyone else on the show, she had just left out the name of the family member she was going to see… if Ryan thought it was someone blood related it was his fault, not her own. After she was done, she had called up Dianna and somehow convinced the blonde to check into her apartment every now and again to make sure it hadn’t burned down and then she booked her plain ticket. One way to New York City; a ticket that would probably never be coupled with a return one.

The flight was when it all started to get fuzzy. She remembered boarding and sitting in her seat and she remembered getting off the plain and collecting her luggage, but everything in between was a complete blur. She had no idea how long it was, though she knew how long it was supposed to be from her ticket, and she couldn’t possibly tell you the name of the person sitting next to her, let alone what they had looked like. It was bad, she knew it was, but she felt so completely detached from everything and she was sure it would remain like that until she finally saw Lea again. Which was why she had managed to con herself to the front of the line to get a taxi and had all but screamed at him to get her to the cancer center Lea had told her about the day before.

An hour and one really huge taxi bill later, Naya found herself walking into Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with her luggage in one hand and directions to the reception area where someone could take her to Lea in the other. She could feel her mood drop further the second she walked in the door, knowing that she was standing in a building full of people who could die at any moment didn’t really feel right at all, and she suddenly wondered if she could even look at Lea the same now that she knew about her illness. Swallowing thickly, she walked over to reception and asked the woman behind her if she could possibly take her up to where Lea was getting treatment, which the older woman said she would and then began to lead Naya through the halls quietly. As she walked, the actress looked around and managed to catch a glimpse of a few people there for treatment, some of which really looked better than others.

When they reached a closed door, she heard the receptionist knock twice before she slowly stuck her head in, while somehow leaving the door closed enough that Naya couldn’t see the young singer at all. Naya shifted in place, just wanting to get in there and wrap Lea up in her arms and tell her everything was going to be okay more than anything; hell, she wanted to do it more than she honestly wanted to breath in that moment. Once the staff member had announced that ‘Miss Sarfati had a visitor’, something that never failed to make Naya chuckle, she moved out of the way and walked back towards the reception, leaving her to go into the room on her own and face her friend. After giving herself the worlds quickest pep talk, Naya walked in and set her luggage down by the door before she rushed to the brunette’s side, pulling her into her arms while still being mindful of anything that could have been hooked up to her for treatment. “Hey, Lee.” Her words were whispered softly as she kept her arms around the other woman, practically refusing to let her go.

Seeing Momma Morris.

Naya got out of her car. Knowing Heather, she had a feeling Mrs. Morris didn’t know they were together. So as a result of this, she had to act like “buddy buddy Naya”. Naya had no right to be upset though, because she hadn’t even told her own mother, let alone the whole cast, but they had caught on. Naya walked to Heather’s door and knocked.