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Yup. Some of us can be pretty nasty. Nobodies and Anons. He needs to protect himself better. Next time I will defend him! *Stands up on his stool* -Nax

‘How in  the hell do you plan on  protecting him? Not even his own father can keep him out of trouble. Of course, his father isn’t around, so that might  not be the best analogy.

I’ll try again.

His own brother cannot keep him out of trouble.’


Vi har laddat upp lite gamla Visuals på våran Youtube kanal. Det här är en reklamfilm för våran klubb The Yellow House i Borlänge.

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Doesn't matter. I am me, and nobody else. I could make an account, but then I wouldn't be Anon. I am just that, an Anon Nobody. I'm okay with it, because I have a good friend. -Nax

‘That friend being my currently dormant other self, you mean. Dormant because of one of your brethren.’

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Yeah, well it takes skill! -Nax [I know! don't feel bad, you can't shake me]

‘I would have figured it’d take lack of coordination, to be precise. You’re a spectacular klutz, if that makes you feel any better.’

(Oh good. xD I was worried o-o)

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I guess you're just not as naturally talented as me. -Nax

‘Says the one who claimed to be a complete, clumsy fool just yesterday’.

(I don’t know if you saw the tags on the last one but asldk I am so sorry for his rudeness. Stupid alternate)