Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife! @strawnawyy
The most beautiful girl in the world, I love you so much my walnut! <3 
You’re like what? 420 years old?? haha just know you’re old now uwu
Thank you for being my best friend and existing,, <3 I see all your efforts and struggles and I’m proud of you. You’re a really good person and I hope that never changes about you, my love. 

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ragged rowhouses

a virtual tenement

in a cloud based slum

all the eager little acolytes

interconnected swiping tapping

rewriting insignificance into magnificence

overcooked porridge minds in mutable flesh

emoji motherfucker

fake that face to face

voluntarily exiled isolated

in your microtribalized imitation

of common community mutual intent

meme motherfucker

get that trending gif reposted

gotta be what you gotta be for a like

the world is a rotted husk burning down

but it’s cool it’s all good cuz we got robots

and a Wi-Fi hotspot under the drone’s gaze

Hey motherfucker

who have they told you

to be today to be righteous

golden good hot trending real

check the yourself yourself created

with careful calculated paranoid precision

are you speaking with your lips or your fingers

do you know

that reality isn’t virtual?

talk to text isn’t talking boofster

but do you have anything to say anyway?

are you thinking

about what you’re thinking

and have you ever owned your ideas?

opinions come from analysis not assimilation

can you remember

having beliefs that stood

without validation from some

mass gathering of invisible intellects?

do you feel right

with what you see in the mirror

do you sleep

with someone you know

or a stranger

incapable of existing independently?


this is the rabbit hole

just how far you gonna fall?

did you buy that false forever?


have you noticed

how often They say

that things could be worse

but how seldom They will continue

with ‘but things really should be better’ ?


I know I know

real reality sucks



OwO what’s this ? A fursona ?

Full name: Nawy

Gender: female

Species: Dog

Age: 420

Birthday: 3th of june

Sexuality: Bisexual

Languages spoken: French,english, a little bit spanish

Native language: French

Relationship Status: Single [and I want to stay like this thanks]

Personality: Shy,loner,kind and calm.

Likes: Drawing, video games[generaly Nintendo ones],sleeping,space and lasagnas

Dislikes: Spiders,stress,anxiety

Fears/phobias: Arachnophobia

Favourite colour: Blue

Taste in music: Everything in general

Little + : her glasses is optional. She doesn’t wear them often.

03. ROZDZIAŁ TRZECI: Zbłądzony anioł

Tytuł: Double Rainbow (Podwójna Tęcza)

Parring: Ziall

Motto: And wherever you go, so will I

‘Cause a double rainbow is hard to find

Autorka: SmileForIrish

Bohaterowie główni: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik,

Bohaterowie drugoplanowi: Greg Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson.

Opis: Mama wychowuje nas na uczciwych ludzi. Oddajemy pożyczone pieniądze, dotrzymujemy danego słowa i jesteśmy mili dla innych. Dlaczego więc wiecznie uśmiechnięty Irlandczyk trafia do więzienia o zaostrzonym rygorze? Sam tego nie wie. Zayn także chce się dowiedzieć.

Uwaga: Miłość męsko-męska. Mogą pojawić się sceny +18.

A/U – One Direction nie istnieje, chłopcy nie znają się.

Od autorki: Rozdział pojawia się po czterech miesiącach. Przepraszam, nawet nie zauważyłam, kiedy to minęło! Uświadomiłam sobie też ile czasu zmarnowałam, ale cii… Postaram się dodać dwie rzeczy jeszcze do końca kwietnia, jak się uda to trzy, ale tu zaznaczam: postaram się a nie obiecuję. Kocham Was bardzo mocno i… no przepraszam za to, w jakim miejscu urwałam. Kocham was!


Już trzeci dzień z rzędu Niall leżał na plecach i wpatrywał się w sufit. Zjadł tyle, co kot napłakał, pił tylko wodę i praktycznie nie reagował na nic. Zayn już naprawdę nie wiedział, co może zrobić, aby pomóc blondynowi. Codziennie musiał prowadzić go na zajęcia z psychologiem i odbierać go z nich, przez co praca jaką wkładał w naprawienie psychiki Irlandczyka, zawalała się każdego dnia od nowa. Tym razem jednak miał nadzieję, że będzie inaczej. W sumie mówił sobie to samo również wczoraj. Zawsze było tak samo. Po powrocie Niall milczał. Unikał też kontaktu wzrokowego z mulatem, a on bez słowa posmarował schodzące już na szczęście siniaki z jego ciała i wyszedł, wciąż nic nie mówiąc. Nie to, że nie chciał. Po prostu nie wiedział co. Spojrzał na skulonego chłopaka i ponownie przymknął powieki, gorączkowo myśląc nad czymś, co mógłby powiedzieć.

- Niall?

Zapytał po chwili, podchodząc do krat. Irlandczyk powoli podniósł wzrok, lokując błękitne tęczówki na jego postaci. Wyraźnie widać było w nich pytanie.

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Q’s been seriously injured because of his relationship with 007. He’s lying in his hospital bed, Bond sitting by his side, thinking that he can’t see Q like this anymore and of sacrificing their relationship for Q'safety. When he wakes up, Q can read Bond’s intentions and he’s definitely not letting this happen. “Don’t you leave me you selfish bastard” or something along these lines ! :D Basically Q knocks some sense back into him & J renew his vow to protect him, to be there for him ect. –Nawie

This went in an odd direction but was ridiculously fun. Jen.

Q was deathly white, barring the blotched purple-yellow-red bruises that scattered his exposed skin, the mottling from the twin fingerprints in the hollow of his throat and spreading cancerously outwards, a short trip to the split lip, the scrape high on his prominent cheekbone.

Bond looked at Q, and saw a boy who deserved so much better than him. Q could only ever be harmed. It was absurd to continue their relationship under the circumstances.

And so, Bond waited patiently for Q to wake, and inform him of the changes that would have to be made in both of their lives.

“… oh for fuck’s sake, I knew you would.”

Bond blinked. He hadn’t noticed Q had woken up. “Sorry?”

“Sitting there, looking…” Q broke off, looking confused and rather annoyed at the non-existent state of his voice. “Ow. Okay. Well – as I was saying. You’re there looking miserable in that self-flagellating way you have, and I’m not bloody doing this again. I’m tired.”

Q understood. Bond let out a small breath of relief; this would be a lot simpler if Q was already of like mind. “I know,” he said, a little earnestly. “This is best for both of…”

“James. Every time I get hurt you do this,” Q whined. “You did this when I got a bloody papercut in Q-branch. You’re not the reason for all problems and leaving is not going to help.”

Q broke off to cough a bit, and make melodramatic noises about the state of his throat. “Hurts,” he muttered, and stuck a tongue out at Bond as he smirked. “No. Fuck off. I’m cross with you now. Kiss me.”

“I can’t.”

“Of course you bloody can, please let’s skip the you’re-clearly-going-to-be-the-death-of-me bit and go back to the cuddling stage? I really need a cuddle,” Q pouted.

This was not going to plan.

It never seemed to go to plan, where Q was concerned.

“Q, I’m breaking up with you.”

Q rolled his eyes. “Yes, I know, now cuddle.”

It had to be said: there was almost nothing on earth cuter than Q on large quantities of painkillers.


“So help me, I’ll electrocute you,” Q told him firmly, and raised an imperious arm, summoning Bond closer.

Bond was essentially putty. He went closer, scooped Q into his arms, and tried to work out how to retrieve the break-up from the somewhat ridiculous situation he was now in.