nawtrly replied to your post: I’m quite possessive.

i don’t like sharing friends that no one else know unless i don’t mind that other person.

LOL that’s kinda me right there. For me, I think it’s because if I introduce that unknown person to the other person, I feel like the relationship and how we interact with each other will change.

nawtrly replied to your post: There’s only about a month and a half left before I end the school year as a junior, start summer, and become a senior.

i’m dying as we speak. months before i’m a FRESHMEN. the thought is so horrible i might just dye myself blue.

Hug yourself, which would mean you’re hugging me. :) all better? I know. Lol. Do it. You can start afresh as a blue college freshman. But, the thought of college is scary, too ;__;