List of KnB Tumblr Artists

Alphabetical list of KnB tumblr artists - this list is incomplete, so if you know any other artists or are one, please tell me so I can add them! It amazed me how many awesome artists there are on tumblr. 

I’ve also added some comments behind their name; if I haven’t commented, it’s because they draw multiple ships and/or characters. Note that some artists also draw for other fandoms; if they have specific knb tags, I’ve linked that, otherwise it’s noted as multifandom, though some are more multifandom than others. Please note that this is subject to change though; if you want you can message me and I’ll change it.

Fairly Really WHOA THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU long list, so click to read more. 

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From 28th June - 5th July we all celebrated the return of the D:Gray-Man anime through this countdown. Now that the 1st episode finally aired the countdown has officialy ended. During this week a lot of you postet art, fics, edits, and even songs! All in all we gattered around 300 entries, who would have ever thought of so many (*≧ω≦*)

The countdown couldn’t have been this successfull without the help of all of you, spreading the news or making amazing fanwork. A huge thank you to all the people who participated:

@above-the-clouds0 | @allen-fanfan | @ba-kanda | @bad-art-star | @badkerville | @badlydrawnallen | @badlydrawncrownclown | @badlydrawnearl | @badlydrawnnea | @badlydrawnnoahwisely | @badlydrawnshifu | @badlydrawntolroad | @blue-rand | @celesidria | @chanceoftsunderestorms | @clockwork-girl | @darkphoenix168 | @darlinggrim | @datflyingbaconbird | @dgraymans | @dianthawisteria | @envyhime | @finalboss-battery | @freecyfreecss | @fruityrumpusfactory | @girlwiththeairbendertattoo | @harmony283 | @helis55 | @hijirai | @ik2e4 | @judgementovernoahs | @junkeybird | @jyoujis | @kamuisyato | @knorao | @kxiten | @leenalies | @liketolaugh-dgm | @limesicle | @littleshiro2 | @m0rkl | @medievalharpy | @michireas | @mintybitterbread | @mouuikkai | @nai0101 | @nawanen | @noneedforaheart | @noodlebox-bird | @nouilleverte | @obl0ng | @kamelots | @priintaniere | @rielity | @rukaiki | @satelliteblue | @sayuri-iera | @spiccanart | @starisia | @starsbreadus | @startail13 | @the14thscion | @thesilversky99 | @thesparkofrevolution | @transjohnnygill | @turdbazooka | @vibgyoroygbiv | @wofwalker | @wolfinthemaze | @yluminary | @yshouldireblog | @yukimori-himeko | @yumekamelot | @yuukat

If someone still wants to participate, I will reblog new entries till the 15th!

Once again, I want to thank everyone for supporting this little project of mine and I look forward to spending more time in this awesome fandom - You are great!

– hallowcount

nawanen replied to your post: Whoop, whoop! Since I finished my cosplay so early…

ooo! What are you cosplaying? : o [i’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it before I don’t remember X( ]

I’m gonna cosplay godtier!Karkat at AnimagiC in roughly two weeks <3 I’m really excited because I finished it so early and I really like it and hope I’ll meet some other Homestucks because none of my friends are into it uvu