nawanen replied to your post: Whoop, whoop! Since I finished my cosplay so early…

ooo! What are you cosplaying? : o [i’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it before I don’t remember X( ]

I’m gonna cosplay godtier!Karkat at AnimagiC in roughly two weeks <3 I’m really excited because I finished it so early and I really like it and hope I’ll meet some other Homestucks because none of my friends are into it uvu

anonymous asked:

Hello~! Can you give me DGM blog recs please? I need more DGM in my dash~ Thanks in advance~! ^^

Hello, of course!

For starters, the badlydrawn dgm blogs are musts, here’s the complete list of them.

Here are some other cool fanartists: @panaseba, @renieule, @miyukiko@uzumakippsong, @hijirai, @dgmpains, @miryul, @kosyumi, @kokoko-sir, @yluminary, @lostgalaxy8, @nawanen, @turdbazooka, @mitarashi-00, @maridoodles, @fylavi, @boosify, @cookiecreation, @latroni, @coalas, @renindustria, @cundohoi, @kechooooo, @oyakorodesu

Then there are the dgm blogs @nea-chi and her side blogs @nea-writes and @nea-draws, @liketolaugh-dgm, @the14ths-song, @moiyashi @the14thscion, @m0rkl, @fydgrayman, @49thjunior, @the49thname, @incorrectdgm, @dgmhallow@isthenextchapterofdgmoutyet, @shitalmakarmadoes, @the14thnea, @sinneamon, @dgmdirectory, @johnniegill,

Then the blogs who have stuff from other fandoms: @madeoficeandfire, @hachisuzume, @chocoazelle, @ichaichalivinglegacy, @star-vault, @miraizaphiris, @brendachanblr, @bookman-junior, @a1y-puff, @wolfinthemaze, @natylogviniuk, @wofwalker, @stylistic-innocence, @walkerclown, @thesilversky99

Thank you for asking, have a nice day!