naw it's fine

  • <p> <b>Slytherin:</b> *is in an important meeting*<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> *calls"<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> "wait a moment this is an very important call I have to answer that."<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> "hey, are you free atm or did I interrupt something?<p/><b>Slytherin, while everybody stares at them for interrupting:</b> "now, I'm free. Why are you calling?"<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> "are you sure? I thought you had this meeting today.... But this thing happened and I thought if the meeting is already over... But I don't want to bother you..."<p/><b>Slytherin, while everybody is screaming at them because THE MEETING IS STILL GOING! :</b> "Naw it's fine. So tell me...who do I have to kill?"<p/></p>
My Queen

warnings: swearing, sexual references, possible triggers for sexual harassment
description: “God help anyone who disrespected the queen.”


“Hey, sweet cheeks!”
“Come over ‘here, baby!”
“Nice tits, hotness!”
“I could teach you nice and proper, babe!”
“Heyyyy, don’t be a bitch baby!!”

You nearly turned around and snarled at the group of men at the table in the corner of the club; the ones with beers in their left hands and whiskeys in their right. But you kept walking, your black heels clicking on the cement floor as you gripped your last tip tightly. You didn’t have to work at the club, or work at all; Joker had made that very clear to you. Yet you chose to, because if you and he had to get out fast you wanted money that wasnt tainted in blood. Of course, you didn’t tell J that, only that you liked to work, which you usually did.

And then there were the assholes who threw perverted glances your way, bloodshot eyes raking your scantily clad body as you passed by. However, most knew who you were, or more importantly, WHO’s you were. Yet somehow these bastards had no clue. You leaned on the bar as the bartender, Mark, gave you a raised eyebrow. “I can cover that table if you like, Y/N. Just cover the bar.”

“Naw, Marky, its fine. Nothin’ I can’t handle.” You replied, reaching over the high marble counter to your tip jar to slide the $10 in. “Just your neighborhood assholes.”

“I’m not worried about you, toots,” The heavy man stated, finishing the Bloody Mary he was making and sliding over to you. “We can’t afford to sell this place and move again, not after last time.”

You rolled your eyes, straightening up from your slouched position. “I’ll be fine.”

Turning towards the men, who openly stared from all the way across the room, you confidently strode over to their table, littered with cigarette butts and stained with the scent of sweat. “Hiya boys, can I refill those drinks for you?”

“Sure ya can, baby,” The one closest to you replied, a smirk on his sweaty face as he reached out to finger the small zipper on the side of your shorts. “If I can refill you.”

You almost slapped his hand away, but reminding yourself that you can’t assault the customers, you put on a fake grin and stared him down. “That’s against my policy, hun, but try Brittney over there. Maybe she’ll take you up on that offer.”

The one on the other side of you, his bald head shining in the neon lights, grinned openly as you felt a sticky hand slide up the side of your fishnetted thigh before settling on your ass, squeezing and groping. “Naw sweet cheeks, I want this hot ass of yours.”

You stood dumbfounded for a second before backing away. “Excuse me,” you said quickly, still moving backwards as their grins and laughs disappeared. You closed your eyes, knowing exactly why.

“Evening, gentlemen.” The raspy voice of your lover put you at ease, as did the smooth hand slipping around your waist from behind. “Hello dollface.”

“Hi J.” You muttered, heart sinking.

“Are these…customers…causing you trouble, my queen?” He rasped in your ear, gently pressing his red lips to the spot behind it that gave you shivers down your spine. “Are they…disrespecting you?”

You slowly, knowing what you would unleash with a simple gesture, nodded. A slow laugh unfurled from the man behind you, one that you knew well. “Ohhhh, my my my.” He wasnt behind you anymore, he was in front of you, back rippling under his white shirt and suspenders. You grabbed the back of his waistband, pressing your forehead against the muscle of his upper back, wanting to feel everything. “You boys…have been very bad. You’ve…disrespected…my dollface. My queen. Do you know what happens when you disrespect my queen?”

You guessed they had shaken their heads, because a laugh rumbled through him again and you grabbed the cool metal gun in his waistband, handing it to your lover as he chuckled. “You meet my wrath.”

Four quick shots and it was over, and you turned your head towards the bar with your eyes closed, relishing the feeling of the recoil and the blood you felt spatter your shoes. Opening your eyes, you saw Mark mouth at you from the bar, “I told you so.”

Maybe he did, but you would have done it anyway. Because you wouldnt admit it to anyone, but J knew.

He knew that you loved it.

Promise Me: Part 1 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

None of the words in this are in Spanish, I just made the title in Spanish for lack of a better title, haha sorry. But anyway, this is the beginning to this storyline, if you like it then I’ll post more. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Edit: So I changed the title from Prométeme to Promise Me cause i didn’t like it. Hope you enjoy, okay bye :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: Just cursing


Your sister Phillipa had been playing Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton for a couple of months now, but you had never had a chance to see her perform, since you had been in hitchhiking all throughout Europe. However, today you had the opportunity to finally see her show. It was quite possibly the best thing you’d ever seen, mostly because your sister did an amazing job. You’d always loved seeing your Philli perform, and you’d never been happier than you were watching her do what she loved.

Afterwards, you met up with her backstage and waited while she talked with a few of her cast-mates. You waited for her to finish a few feet away, and you felt someone walk behind you and accidently bumped into you, causing you to fall on the people around you. You had turned to ream out the person who had just pushed you, but their face stopped you from doing that as he wore an embarrassed smile.

“I’m so sorry, I was trying to walk by and I just tripped over my leg or something, I don’t even know.” He stammered.

You shook your head and smiled at him, his apology seeming genuine. “Its fine. You didn’t really hurt me.”

“Oh good.” His demeanor changed to a more confident one and he said, “Wouldn’t really want to hurt that, now would we?” He said, his hands gesturing to your body.

Your cheeks turned pink and you laughed. “I bet that works on all the girls, huh?”

“I wish.” He said with a smirk. “So did you enjoy the show?”

“Yeah I did, it was absolutely amazing! Did you?”

He looked at you with an amused grin. “Yeah, I enjoyed being in it.”

“Huh?” you asked.

His smile gets wider. “John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton at your service.” He said, bowing his head at you.

“Oh shit! Are you serious?” you shouted. A few curious heads turn to you and the man you’re talking to. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t recognize you!” You said as you lowered your voice.

All he does is laugh. He has a nice laugh, you think to yourself. “Naw its fine. I guess you were just sitting pretty far back.”

“I only sat in the middle rows.” You said. “I must’ve been too preoccupied staring at my sister.”

“Sister?” he asked.

“Yeah, Phillipa is my sister.” You answered.

“Holy shit, Pippa’s your sister! Of course she is.” He laughs. “That’s great.”

All of a sudden, Phillipa walks up from behind the guy you were talking to.

“You called, Anthony?” she said.

Oh so that’s his name, you thought.

He turned around. “I just found out that you have a sister.”

Phillipa chuckles. “Yeah, I’ve mentioned her before.”

“I was under the assumption that she was a younger sister.”

“Well, she is. She just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.”

“18?” he asked, turning his head to you.

You nodded your head. “Yup, I’m a baby.” You said, bringing your hands up under your chin like Shirley Temple, and giving him your biggest smile. He chuckled.

“Y/N, mom and dad wanted us to Face Time them after the show ended. We should probably go to your hotel room now.” Phillipa told you.

You nodded your head and as you were about to turn to say goodbye to Anthony, you saw him getting pulled away by some other people. He turned just as you did, and he smiled.

“Hey Y/N! How about when I get back, we all strip down to our socks?”

Some of the cast heard his comment and there was a chorus of Aye’s and Ooh’s all around. Your face turned red but you laughed. Phillipa linked her arm with yours gently and you both started walking towards her dressing room. Phillipa collected her things, and the both of you walked out of the room to a much less crowded hallway, since everyone was already starting to go home. Phillipa gave her goodbyes to the remaining cast mates and you offered yours as well, giving last-minute praise to those that were there. When you pushed the door open to leave the theater, Phillipa whispered, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“I love Anthony. He’s sweet and all, but he’s not good with girlfriends and he’s way older than you. I love you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. So, I’m asking you to please, choose any other guy but him.”

You turned to her. “He can’t be that bad.”

“Maybe, but I just want you to stay happy, okay? Promise me you won’t go after him?”

You nodded your head. Phillipa seemed like she was exaggerating (especially on the too old for you part, because 6 years was barely an age difference), but she was obviously just looking out for your wellbeing. You couldn’t very well just ignore her concern. 

So you uttered the three words that you would soon regret. “Yeah, I promise.”

The Boy in The Woods

Dipper resisted the urge to ask who, Wirt exactly got out. But Dipper had enough common sense to not ask. And, he really didn’t want to open that can of worms. So, Dipper decided to do the next best thing. Change the subject. “what direction, or, way are we going?”

Wirt paused “I think… I think it would be… would be best to go to… to go by the lake, that’s where I… I went last time,”

Dipper gave a relieved sigh. “Sounds simple enough, how long ‘till we get there?”

“Oh, we couldn’t be much… much further away-“ Wirt re-adjusted his cape coat “-it would take us weeks… maybe month… sorry, months”

“Month- months?!”

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I met an INFP today
  • INTP (me) goes to a lecture on Statistics
  • In the middle of the lecture, the lecturer gives everyone a 10 minute break
  • INFP: u have rly neat handwriting
  • INTP: ......really
  • INFP: yeah i keep looking at your notebook and mine is just-
  • *INTP's notes are basically scribbles and INFP's are small letters neatly arranged in each little box in her notebook*
  • INTP: ..nah man mine is like abstract art
  • INFP: naw it's fine tho
  • INTP: i guess,,
  • INFP: what major r u taking
  • INTP: im taking business info syst wbu
  • INFP: im taking psychology
  • INTP: u know abt this personality typing thing called MBTI
  • INTP: omg i am INTP
  • INFP: i am INFP


“I can’t plait hair… Sorry.” Annie chuckled faintly though didn’t stop playing with the pigtails, “Your hair is just soft… It’s nice to touch.”

                              ⊰ — ❡ — ⊱

                                                     That was definitely not something new. Mina got that all the time from others. “Do I have heard from the others. But, would you like me to teach you? It’s not that hard to do. I’m sure you’d like it. Unless you want me to braid yours?