“Through Gold and Iron Chains” - (KnB) - Part I

Alias: Akashi is a Navy Officer whose ship is attacked by pirates, Hanamiya is a bastard with a strange and irrational obsession and Kuroko is a huge mystery -and that’s the only way to refer to him as ‘big’- that Seijuro really has no time to solve if he wants to escape and save his and Kise’s lives. [Basically, why I shouldn’t be allowed to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”]


Happy Birthday, Kuroko Tetsuya!

Yes, this is my pathetically not-celebrative entry for Kuroko Tetsuya’s birthday -.-

I’m sorry, but this is all I had ready for today ^^”

Hope you like it!

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Through Gold and Iron Chains

Part I

Akashi did see it coming. Even more, he did warn everybody. He did tell the governor that route wasn’t safe, he did tell his superior not to bend to the man’s foolish request and, when they both had just ignored him, he had told his crew not to lower their guard. But did they listen to him?

No, they didn’t, and that was why he was watching his ship slowly sinking, violent flames desperately rising to the sky but inevitably dying as water engulfed the remnants of wood and flesh.

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